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Re- Very Imperative.
Idris <> Today at 20:06
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Re- Very Imperative.

Attn: Sir/Mam.

Congratulation! Congratulation!! Congratulation!!! This is to inform you that due to strict financial regulations and lots of certifications and transfer back-up documents required in moving funds out of this great country
Federal Republic of Nigeria, the surveillance and in everything considered for the successful release/transfer of
your approved inheritance funds amounted the sum of USD$10.5M has been resolved among 25 the foreign beneficiaries and bonded to our affiliate bankers in FRANCE (BYBLOS OFFSHORE BANK for onward remittance without having problem.

Reference to this development, and this has been deliberated upon and is among our set up priorities in our pursuit for change and good governance. You are advised without wasting to quickly open communication with Mr. Paul Chammas(Head of Group Operations) BYBLOS OFFSHORE BANK to ensure that they expedite action on the transfer process and keep us posted with every development so as to advise you if need be. Please it is important you follow this directive.

Here is the contacts information:
Contact Person: Mr. Paul Chammas(Head of Group Operations)
Private Banking Section
Tel/Fax +33760055376

Good luck and kind regards,
Ahh Ahmed Idris
The Accountant General of the Federation
Federal Republic of Nigeria.
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