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Scammers abusing stolen photos of Agnes Masogange

Scammers that pretend to be in a refugee camp, usually in Senegal.

Scammers abusing stolen photos of Agnes Masogange

Unread postby firefly » Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:30 am

Email address used:


Hello Can we be friends?
My name is Jenifer I am a simple and decent girl I'm interested in you for a good friendship please contact me with my email address (jenniferbahi@ for better introduction and for my photos and confidential discussion.

Screen name: jennifer / jenniferbah12345
2015, Logrono, Spain
Looking for anything with anyone
aged 28‑99, in Bahamas.
am an easy going person that cares for who love and cherish me like a babe i am

Pictures used - stolen images of Agnes Masogange, Tanzanian model:


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Unread postby Big Al » Fri Dec 25, 2015 3:49 pm

Skype ID:

Hello my dear,
Thanks for writing back to me,my name is Miss Jenifer Bahi. I'm 23 years old, from the Republic of Sudan a country in Northeastern Africa, 5.8 ft tall, 65.25 kg, fair in complexion,never married, I'm currently residing in refuge camp in Dakar Senegal, under the United Nation High Commission for Refugees(UNHCR) as a result of the civil war that was fought in my country,mean while i contacted you because my heart chooses you for this confidential issue. My Late Beloved father DR. Al OMAR BAHI was the holder of the (Global Cloths Manufacturing & Co Company Ltd), he was also the former political adviser on Petroleum to President Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir and also the standard carrier of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement, before the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother and my father in cold blood because he was in the front line administration of the government in power President Omar Hasan Ahmad Al-Bashir. Now i am writing to solicit your assistance,after the death and burial of my esteemed father and beloved mother Dr Mrs Zainab Omar Bahi, My mother was until death a lecturer at the university of Al-Zaiem Al-Azhari University (Khartoum North) and also the chairperson of Northern Women Group for Peace in the South is a Community-Based Organization established in the 1990s to respond to challenges facing displaced women in Northern and southern Sudan, I escape Conflict in Sudan with a Very Important document,a DEPOSIT CERTIFICATE of USD $5.3 Five Million three Hundred Thousand American Dollars, this money was deposited by my late be loved father when he was alive and identifying me as the next of kin been their only daughter and child. Meanwhile, I was saddle with the Problem of securing a trust worthy foreign personality or an organization to help in assisting me transfer the money over to his/her country with the intention of investing it in a good business under his/her care, directives and supervision because i have no knowledge of business or investment plus my status as a refugee who is living in a refugee camp presently. However, Please if you are so kind and faithful as to assist me,I shall send you all vital information's for your confirmation regarding the financial house where the fund was lodge. I am giving you this offers as mentioned with every confidence and trust on your acceptance to assist me as your own sister or friend to manage the money on my behalf until such a time when I am able to stand and regain my freedom on my own feet again, I will be happy to hear from you soon, God bless You as you consider my plead with tears and sorrow as i explain my self in a humble manner thank you, Please i will be happy to hear from you once you get my mail.
Yours anticipation,
Miss Jenifer Bahi

Return-Path: <>
Received: from SNT150-W76 ([]) by over TLS secured channel with Microsoft SMTPSVC(7.5.7601.23008);
Wed, 16 Dec 2015
From: jennifer Bahi <>
Subject: Thanks for your reply

Hello my dearest,
I hope you're doing fine today? i really appreciate your kind response, i want you to know that i'm really suffering in this refugee camp,living here is like one that is living in the prison,no good food or water,no good amenities for good living that's why i run to you for help and trusted you with my life and the funds,because i strongly believe and have hope that you will not disappoint me by abandoning me here in Senegal after receiving the money,it's took me a lot of courage to enclose this to you,but i did it because i have no choice,i can't help my self,i am helpless without you,that's why i beg you to come to my rescue,i have fasted and prayed that God will direct and provide to me a good person that will help me,a person that will not only cheat me and abandon me because a lot of criminal acts are going on in the internet. I only wants to tell you that trust is priceless because we cannot leave in this world without trusting some one,i know that it is dangerous to trust every person, but is more dangerous not to trust any one, that's why i'm extending my own trust to you with hope that you will not disappoint me. My dear i want you to know that this transfer was the major reason why i contacted you because this funds are my future and it's the reason why I'm still alive today because i know that it's not easy to get a help from someone more especially financially,so i decided to know the possibility of having access to the money because i will not like to be a stress or an expenses to anyone,but it's unfortunate that i cannot have access to the money now because of status as a refugee that is residing in a refugee camp according what the bank told me, that it's against the banking rule for me to access such an account, that i should look for partner that will be my beneficiary to represent me in handling the money,so that the money could be transferred to his account in his country on my behalf,that it's until then will i or anyone have access to the money. But it's my money and my inheritance from my late father just that i'm not free now,i am in refugee camp as a victim of war and my release requires some amount of money which i have none,that's why i wants to have access to the money so that i can have enough money to process my release,because i will need a certain amount of money for my refugee clearance,my international passport and order traveling expenses. I have my late father's statement of account and death certificate here with me which i will send to you,because when he deposited the money in a leading bank which he used my name as the next of kin been their only daughter and child,US$5.3M (Five Million Three Hundred Thousand united states dollar).So because of my status as a refugee residing in a refugee camp,that i can't access such an account of huge funds for now,i will like you to help and assist me transfer this money to your private account over there in your country and from it you can send some money for me to secure my release and traveling documents with air ticket to come over to meet with you in your based or home country. However in light of above having reveal my family secret to you confidentially i will like you to keep it to yourself and don't try to let anyone know about it for security reason because I'm afraid of loosing my life and the money if people gets to know much about it. Remember i am giving you all this information due to the trust and faith i deposed on you from today. I like honest and understanding person,truthful and in discriminating open minded person like my self and if you can keep this with you, i promise to do anything to make you happy if you will let me go out of this critical condition of mine to continue my studies because i only attended my first year as a Petrochemical engineer student at the University of Khartoum before the tragic incident.

Meanwhile, kindly send to me your full contact data as listed below to enable me introduce you to the bank for the transfer as my foreign partner.
(1) your Nationality/home address
(2) your full names
(3) your phone numbers
(4) your occupation / work
(5) your age
(6) your Identity card / pictures

You can get me through the priest phone ( 00221777935774) because i may not call you because i have no phone but you can get me through the priest phone,He is the priest of the church located in the camp where i receive and send e-mails to you, He is like a father to us here as his church assists united nations here in Senegal in taking care of refugees,he only gave me only limited access to communicate with you because it's against the rule here, I also attached to you my late father's death certificate,my refugee identity card as well, i want you to know that i am doing all this because i am too anxious to leave this camp as soon as possible.

Here is the contact information of the bank in Europe where the money was deposited by my late father is as follows.

Name of the bank.......ISLAMIC BANK OF BRITAIN PLC
Name of the bank manager......Mr Luis .Y. Azeem
Address of the bank.. Customer service center p.o box 12461 Birmingham b16 6aq
Bank Email
Bank Email
Bank Telephone.........+447977864840
Bank fax number........00448704716865

I will like you to contact this bank immediately on how to transfer the $ 5.3 million dollars deposited by my late father Dr. Al Omar Bahi of which am the next of kin to your account. I am doing this not because of the money but because i will not like to be an expenses or a stress to you because i knows that it's may cost some money, I have mapped out 40% of the total sum for your assistance and 20% for any expenses. Moreover i will need your assistance to manage the money in any investment of your choice on my behalf since am too young to handle such money,my greatest desire now is to come out of this camp and go back to my studies because i want to finish my education over their in your country, so do contact the bank first before opening an account so that we shall know what they have to say, thank you so much and may Almighty God bless you and direct your paths. i will be waiting to hear from you,
Faithfully yours


Dear : Mr Luis .Y. Azeem,
It is a great pleasure to write you sir in regards to the information pass across to me by one Miss Jenifer Bahi whose father’s name is late Dr. Al Omar Bahi and that the father has an account no 026834093 in your Bank. Miss Jenifer Bahi in several occasion has communicated with me over E-Mail to assist her receive a funds valued at $5.3 million dollars which her late father deposited with your Bank. I do here by demand that according to advise of Miss Jenifer Bahi that this bank should grant our request by transferring the said funds into my account in my country, I will appreciate if my request is urgently granted.

Hello my dear,,
I hope you're doing fine today ? i thank you so much for all you have done to make this transfer a successful one,pending my arrival to meet with you,it's a proof that you're a dependable and a good person because people like you are very few in the world,i really do appreciate you so much. I have never told any one about this money but you alone (since my parent's died) so please do keep it to yourself for safety,I promise from my heart (NEVER TO DISAPPOINT YOU ), Now regarding the requests the bank needs from us i have contacted a lawyer here and he agrees to help us, he is a registered lawyer in the United Nations and he is also a registered member in (Senegalese Bar Association),he will help in preparing the documents for us. Please i will like you to contact him through email or phone today and when you contact him, tell him that you are my foreign partner and you want him to prepare a power of attorney and also get the affidavit of support from high court here in Dakar-Senegal and that he will do it in your name to enable the transfer to your account in your country.

His contact information's are follows,

N° 36, Avenue Faidherbe,
bp 11443, Dakar Senegal.
Tel: +221 763842315
Fax:+221 33826 43 61
E-mail :
Country: Senegal-Dakar.
Do contact the lawyer as soon as possible for the preparation of those documents,i have already compose a mail below for you to send to him or you can write to him on your own and please do inform me on every communication that you're having with him so that i will know what is going on.Thanks a lot as i will be hoping to hear from you soon.

My Name is Mr.........., a foreign partner to the young lady Miss Jenifer Bahi, who has already contacted you concerning the documents, Therefore, ISLAMIC BANK OF BRITAIN PLC has urged the Foreign partner and Miss Jenifer Bahi daughter of (late) DR. Al Omar Bahi,to contact a recognized Senegalese lawyer for the preparation of the Power of Attorney and Affidavit of Oath from high court here in Dakar-Senegal. This is to enable the transfer of her (Late) Father's Account to my Account, in my Country,However, am foreign partner solemnly solicit for your assistance so that the document can lawfully be prepared in my name. Looking forward to favorable acceptance and my telephone number is +..... ................reply soon.
Thanks for your co-operations.
Yours Faithfully,

Sequel to your mail to my noble law-firm on how to prepare a power of Attorney and swear an Affidavit of Oath from the Federal high court here for you and your partner Miss Jennifer Bahi and to issuing you an Authorization letter and Affidavit of Oath that will enable you to stand on her behalf to transfer her money from (ISLAMIC BANK OF LONDON) to your account in your country or elsewhere.

Prior to my inquiries from the Bank and high court here in Dakar Senegal i was made to understand from the Bank that you have to prepare a documents, (power of Attorney) required by the Bank before the transfer of the money to your account.

1. A copy of Death Certificate of her late father
2. A Copy of His Deposit of Account.(WHICH SHE PROMISED TO SEND TO YOU) .....It's now remaining the other two documents. Which is power of Attorney and the Affidavit of Oath which will enable the Bank to deal with you on behalf of your partner. in view of above and from my Inquiries, it will cost the sum of 230 dollars for Authentication of the Power of Attorney, 220 dollars for swearing of the Affidavit of Oath at the Federal High Court here before it becomes valid, 200 dollars for notary stamping at the notary office (before the bank can accept it). and my legal processing fee of 100 dollars .Total of ($ usd 750 dollars only) to get everything done.


1.Receiver Name: JOHNSON OWEN
2.Receiver Address:N° 36, Avenue Faidherbe Dakar Senegal,
3.Text Question:
4. Text Answer:
5. MTCN (10 digit) number)
6.Amount Sent:



Yours sincerely in service,
(Principal Partner).(ESQ)

Attention.Mr. .

Sequel to your mail to my noble is the account information's to sent the money as follow/



(3)BANK ADDRESS : UBA Sénégal, Route des Almadies Zone 12 lot D


(5)IBAN NUMBER: SN153 01301 301070002829 41

(6)BANK CODE : SN153

(7)CODE GUICHET: 01303

(8)ACCOUNT NUMBER: 301070002829

(9) CLE RIB: 41

Mr. now you have the account informations i will be waiting to hear from you as soon as you transfer the $750 sent me the transfer payment slip and i will start the process of your documents.

Is reported as Dead.
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FAX: +448704716865
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Re: Scammers abusing stolen photos of Agnes Masogange

Unread postby Big Al » Thu Dec 31, 2015 6:54 pm

Hello my dear how are you doing today i hope you are fine and good?i want you to know that i speak with the lawyer with the priest phone to let him know what you said and he send his another account to me to send to you now,so please my dear am sending you the account information now and please try and send him the money with this account please and don't forget to let me know once you have done that so that i will inform him. Thank you so much as i put my hope and trust in you.





IBAN NUMBER: SN137 01003 083031910000 02
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 083031910000
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Unread postby Big Al » Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:52 pm

Dearest friend,
It been a along time we stopped communicating, but i have not forget your pass effort to help me when i was in refugee camp Dakar Senegal. I am very happy to inform you about my success in getting the fund transferred under the co-operation of a new partner from Paraguay. Presently I am in Paraguay for investment projects with my partner who finally help me to transfer the total sum. Meanwhile, I didn't forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring the funds, despite that it failed us some how. Now you will need to contact the new Rev Father Johnson Francis. whom used to be a God father to me when i was at the refugee camp in Dakar, his name is father Johnson Francis and his email address is this. ( Ask him to send you a certified bank draft of $250.000 which I prepared and kept for you as compensation/reward for all the past efforts and attempts to assist me in this matter. I appreciated your efforts at that time very much. though that everything was not successful as we plan, so feel free and get in touched with Rev father Johnson Francis and direct him where to send you the draft cheque. Please do let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share our joy and happiness after all the sufferings at that time. At this moment, I am very busy here because of the investment projects which I and my new husband are having at hand, finally, remember that I had forwarded instruction to Rev father Johnson Francis on your behalf to send the bank cheque to you as soon as you contact him. I am very sorry that i did not send the bank draft by myself, my husband did not give me chance to do anything after the transfer because he was in a hurry to take me to his country so that is why i did not send the cheque to you by myself. Therefore feel free to get in touch with him and he will send the cheque to you without delay. Please do not forget to contact the new Rev Fr Johnson Francis. and ask him to send to you the bank cheque which i gave to him for you. as i explain all your effort to him before my travel to Paraguay, because i may not have chance to be writing to you because am too busy now with my husband. all your communication should be with the Rev. father, as i will not like to have any problem with my husband because of distraction or over staying in the computer writing all the time to you about this bank draft. God be with you,
Yours friend Jenifer
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