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Subject: Assurance Letter, Guarantee Letter and statement of account

Dear sir,

I make all neccessary verifications nd enquiries on your behalf regarding the payments of your funds totally $50 million united states dollars from Fed-wire departments which i contacted Fed-wire department on your behalf and i did make a verifications via appropriate authorities and the officers in Fed-Wire Departments explain very well to me that your funds totally $50 million dollars have being approved and officially certified and ready for payments, all the supportive documents in making up from legality of this transactions is ready but the reasons for the required payments of $2,000 is genuine, the money is made for vetting of all the supportive documents, the meaning of Vetting is: A legal document in which a person provides evidence of certain facts and In jury trials this is called the closing address to the jury, or simply "the closing. ... In family law, arrears refers to spousal and/or child support that has not been paid (the .... This phrase has a number of different meanings

Early releases included documentation of equipment expenditures and However, there are many places where it means long incarceration or even .... According to statements by Assange in 2010, submitted documents are vetted by a group of people just to make sure that the full legal aspect of this transaction is 100% certified and approved for payments, now you see reasons with me that is important that you make the payments for the vetting of the supportive documents which the Fed-wire departments required before they will finally release your funds to you immidiately this vetting fee is paid by you, according to the Fed-wire department, within the duration of 24 hours after you make this payments full access to your $50 million dollars will be officially granted 100%.

As well understand that i am the executive director of the Bank (CIBC) FIRST CARRIBBEAN BANK CAYMAN ISLAND, i am the person that arranged your payments and i channel your payments through Bank of America just to make things easier for you, so i was able to get on your behalf the statement of your account with Bank of America attached to this important message for your perusal, i also contacted Mr. Bruce Holdens who is handling this matter for you and i ask him to provide guarrantee and assurance letter on your behalf proving that once you make the payments of the required fees $2,000 that they will release your fund which they did send me the copy of this documents atached to this important message for your perusal,Prospect they pronounce comes but on one occasion. Agent Bruce is simply “MAGIC”. He is such an extra-ordinary gentleman that I have never seen in the history of financial sector globally. For him to use such incredible and remarkable highly allied supremacy to stir this fund to Bank o
My dear friend, I want you to be firmly guaranteed, that you are unquestionably and beyond doubt in the exact hands.

I give you confidence to work with him and see him as a friend and a brother. Go ahead and propel him the requisite sum he needed for instantaneous onward crediting.I advise you to use Fax always (very necessary) when establishing and corresponding with/to him. It`s safe, fast and very confidential. This is to notify you of a new-fangled and instigation of your fund release order. A special Agent functioning with Fed Wire Department in United States of America has been allotted for the defrayal of your funds in a very flat and translucent means, where you will not have to make any unauthorized bill.This Agent is exceedingly esteemed with a very elevated position to make achievable and fetch your funds into United States through Bank of America, where he has a well-built and firm banking connections. Agent Bruce is vastly in charge of all the clearing of funds, and he is working with FED WIRE DEPARTMENT in United States of America.

Nevertheless, Agent Bruce has promised to exploit his connection to bring your funds into Bank of America, and support you immediately for transfer into your designated bank account of your choice. The Agent Bruce will use his well respected connection to shelter all the valuable pertinent and applicable papers before he instigate transfer in your favor. He works hand in hand with an Agency office that issues documentation for the release of funds.

You are hereby advised to launch contact with: Agent Bruce Holden`sE-mail:
Direct Office line (open 247) +18453452014 and +16467988517 Fax (open 247): + 1646 666 4412 his official email remains:, but he prefer communications through fax to his fax +16466664412, please incase if you do not have fax machine, you can use UPS fax or any cpmputer shop fax machine to handle this situtation okay.
Conversely, you are advice to send him a fax (only) for immediate response. This is a much classified business relationship, as E-MAIL is not mostly welcomed because of the hacked system globally. The institute has mapped out a fax reference for security orientation. It is a definite secure way of conducting situation that involved such gigantic capacity of funds.


Your`s in service

David Ritch
Tel: + 19168668057
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