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Scammers using similar names to

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Scammers using similar names to

Unread postby Big Al » Sat Jun 25, 2022 2:56 am

We're aware that there are other sites out there with similar names to ours. We have no control over their content, and there's not much we can do unless they're blatantly pretending to be us.
To make it perfectly clear, we are in no way affiliated with those sites. Any sites we run will always lead back to a page on so you can be sure it's a part of our umbrella.

We are a Victim Warning and Victim Support website and our services are 100% free of charge.
We cannot, and do not promise that we can recover stolen money from a scam.
Scammers are known to contact you online or on the phone, without any previous contact and promise they can recover stolen money from a scammer. Again, this is something that we would never promise, and we highly recommend you treat anyone claiming to be able to do so as suspicious.

Recently I was contacted by someone who claimed they were a victim of a recovery scam from "Scamsurvivor" . com.
They accused us of being the same entity and that they would be sure to expose us as being "Recovery Scammers".
We are not.
I asked that they send me the evidence of the recovery scam from the other website and they refused.
That is not a real surprise if indeed they lost money to someone similar to us and are suspecting us of wrong doing as an associate.

We have been aware of these sites for a while, and have been keeping a close eye on them and others due to their names being so close to ours. If you can provide evidence of a scam perpetrated by someone with a similar name to ours, please contact us.
The evidence you provide can help kill another website and help others keep from getting scammed.
Without that evidence we cannot do much to warn other victims.
"Look for the lies."
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The information you supply can help others from becoming Victims.
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