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From a Survivor:

Olga ( )
Thu, 3 Oct 2019

I hope you all are well?
My name is Oly. For you will be unexpectedness Probably. my letter has entered you into bewilderment. We were not familiar with you to
todayEarlier we did not know each other. And today that day which. it is probable. will change our lives. Yes. probably. it big words. but I always I am
accustomed to think with optimism. I hope. that you present the man and all life you waited my letter:) Because I disinterested the girl and at me
kind and serious intentions
I will tell about myself pair of words. I thirty one year. I live in RU. Time goes. it never stops. Unfortunately. my years all pass. I have categorically
decided to stop attempts to find the man here. in Russia. In the past at me there were relations, and I always received disappointment in the man. I
have drawn a conclusion. that I have desires to have a family with the Russian man. Therefore I have decided to test the good luck and have
chosen this way to find man. Here we can find out not only an external cover. but also private world each other. You of the same opinion?
Presently a huge variety agencies of acquaintances which connect hearts of two people. To me have given contacts of several men suiting to me
which too are lonely. as well as. I have solved to the first to write to you. and I wait for your reaction to my letter. I attach to you the photos that you
represented me. If to you interestingly this acquaintance write to me about itself.
I respect sincerity and decency in people. If you polite, fair and present the man we can to begin with to be on friendly terms. And then we will see.
what relations between us will be fastened. Nevertheless. I is happy, that you have found time and have read my letter. Whether there Will be in the
future at us hours, whether days and years to solve only to us and to anybody more... please write to me at this email address !
I could not understand. what is exact your country of residing?
Best regards. Olga!

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