Do NOT tell your scammer he is posted here, or report their accounts as it puts others at risk! abusing stolen photos of Joan Laporta

This section deals specifically with online romance scams. abusing stolen photos of Joan Laporta

Unread postby MidnightM » Wed Mar 27, 2019 8:55 am


I am from Dallas Texas America but currently here in Syria for a peacekeeping mission
I am 48 years old man
I lost my wife when my only son was 3 years old, I lost my lovely wife on a car accident on her way back home

I just want to forget about the past because it make me feel so sad
My son is the only one I have in my life now
I really don't like talking about my past life because it make me cry
I work with the US Army for more than 22 years now, I am currently serving here in Syria I have been here in Syria for more than 9 months now, and I am looking forward to my retirement very soon
Have you meet any American soldier before?
I like a woman who is honest and have pure heart and spend much time with her family
If you are like that wow that will be very nice of you
Because I really want a perfect and sincere woman in my life
now i call
please send me a photo of you

i told you i was ones married but i lost my wife in a car crash
do yo have an idea of the military ?
i am in currently here in a military camp in syria
we are not permitted to make video calls here but i only took the risk to call just to earn your trust and get to see your beautiful face
i hope you understand this
i only want to earn your trust and get to see you
this is a risk i took for you
i am a military doctor and we are not permitted to send out our uniformed picture here while we are still in camp
until we are out of camp

We videocalled on Hangout. The same seconds of video kept turning up of Laporta sitting at a desk not talking. He had african accent as we spoke later without video.



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Unread postby MidnightM » Sun Mar 31, 2019 10:19 pm

And this is his storyscam:

I will sign my retirement 2 months from now my love
But I don't know if you can wait for me
I can take a vacation here in the camp but I need someone to help me to contact the commander first before I can take a vacation and come and meet you

Thank you for your understanding I really love you from the bottom of my heart, can you contact the commander as my wife so that I can take a vacation to come to meet you?

My love this is a very great idea you bring I love you so much
I think that this vacation will lead to my retirement
So you are the one who want to apply for my camp leave now

When they send me the Email I send it to you immediately okay my love
But they told me that you will be charged for a little money my, the money they will ask for will be the money you will pay for the documents for my camp leave approve my love, but I would have help myself but I don't have access to my bank account here in the camp, the sum they will ask you to pay will be 1000 Dollars my love
I understand your situation now my love, But don't worried about that, when they ask you to pay the money don't worry just pay to them, when I come to meet you I will have an access to my bank then I will pay you back okay my love

My love this is the Email okay
Write to them now
My love have you write to them
Honey if you write to them just let me know okay my love
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Re: abusing stolen photos of Joan

Unread postby MidnightM » Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:17 am

So I sent the mail and got some very strange answers:

Requesting vacation for Roland Morgan
I want to spend some time with my husband. He is in your service and I would greatly appreciate if he could have a few days leave.

Williams Anderson <>:

Dear Madam
We have seen your request and we need to let you know that the vacation process is of three type and we also need to let you know that the vacation process can be easily approved if you are willing to comply with the requirement , we have seen a reason for your vacation request and we need to tell you that three type of vacation we have and this vacation requires health and insurance cost you must pay before a document is signed and approved,

3 Months vacation leave cost $4850

2 Months Vacation leave cost $2850

1 Month vacation leave cost $1250

Please you have to choose your type of vacation leave cost so we can begin with the camp leave request ,thank you.

So I did. Got new reply:

Dear Madam
Please You will have to know that applying for the three months cost the sum $4850 and you are willing to make the payment for the vacation process to begin and also we will send a document after a payment for you to fill and sign in other for the approval to be successful,please when are you making this payment ,so we can send you the payment information, thank you.

I did not manage to answer before I got this:

Dear Madam
When can you make the payment ?

I asked for an invoice to pay:

Dear madam
we are very sorry,we dont work in such manner,you have to tell us an exact date then we can send you the payment information before the date and you make the payment, because other soldiers are also applying , once we get the list short listed ,then we no longer grant vacation to any soldier on a mission,thank you.

I had an excuse and replied: Sorry. I have to get back to you.

He got desperate and I told him I could pay as soon as the bank opened.

Dear madam, we thank you for your understanding ,please you will have to send us your phone number, because the vacation department ,would want to put a phone call to you and also we will send you the payment information on Sunday ,so you make the payment on Monday ,thank you

I am not giving anyone my phonenumber so I replied:
It would have to wait until I am back in town on the 25th. Sorry to bother you,

Dear madam Okay , you cant make phone calls when you at holidays ?

I said no. Only by email. And suddenly that was ok

Please madam,if you have to wait till on the 25th to make payment then your husband Comrade Roland Morgan wont be on the list, because the list shortlisted will be don on the 20th of April and this is why we ask for the exact date of your payment , please you need to know it will be a lot more easier if we get in touch with you by mail if you make payment on the Monday which is on the 15th, thank you.

Please madam make the payment on Monday and you let us know, thank you.

Dear Madam
You are to make the payment for the vacation request to this account information written below,

Account name: S Aisabokhae
Bank: Bank of America Account Number: 4880755xxxxxx
Routing Number: 026009593 SWIFT: BOFAUS3N
Bank Address: , Charlotte, North Carolina, 28255. USA
My Address: Prairie View, Texas 77446. USA

Please as soon as you complete the payment then you send a clear payment slip to us in other for us to confirm your payment on time,thank you.
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