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Hello my dear !
I am glad to see your letter. How are you today?
I hope all is well. Because everything is just wonderful with me!
My love, I am so happy that we write to each other and that I have met such a good person.
I received from you a letter and life filled with meaning for me. I begin to understand that my life is not meaningful without you,
since i love you I always dreamed of meeting such a person and living with him all my life.
I already imagine the future. I spoke with my parents about the fact that probably I can leave for you, they were only happy for me,
Mother and father blessed me so that I would be happy.
They know that this is my happiness. I was very afraid that my father would not approve my decision, but fortunately for me everything happened opposite.
Today I have been thinking only about you for a long time, about how we will meet with you.
I imagined how you meet me at the airport, how we look for each other with our eyes. We find and rush into each other’s arms.
Oh, God, how I want to be with you, how I want to come to you.
I have some good news for you! My mother has one very good friend who works as a chief accountant,
in one of our travel agencies of our city. Mom told me that she would definitely talk to her, we go to her and find out about
how to get a quick visa and passport. What documents are needed for this and how much will it all cost.
And in the next letter I will definitely write to you about everything that I know!
My dear, I want to say that I, with every minute, every second, with every breath of your body and my body, I love you even more.
So much and to the pain in my soul did not love anyone so much as you, my dear. You drive me crazy, I know it, I want it and I like it.
What a pity that you are not there, sorry to fall asleep without you, not to hear the beating of your heart, not to feel on your body,
I know your gentle and strong hands for sure; you are so far away and so close you are with me in my dreams, in my thoughts, but you are not around.
I will never answer you, why you, what pulls me towards you, but I know for sure that I adore you,
I just don't have enough of your letters. I want to feel you, give you my tenderness.
My favorite . You are a very honest name in my soul. You are the one I wait for and dream about.
Insanely, oh how they love the only ones in a single life.
Every day - should bring me closer to you. Do you understand? This fate gave you to me. God forbid-force.
Just the strength to live up to our meeting.
So sad from the thought that you are far away. Near but so far away. I love, but you still do not. Love and loneliness overwhelm me.
And all because of you. Thoughts about you exhausted the soul, exhausted and dried. Love, poems and songs are all for you. Forces sometimes leave me completely.
How to live without you?
For some reason, I wanted to cry. These are tears of joy and sorrow. The heart is breaking, bursting with pain and wounds.
How much should a person experience before he finds his love, his happiness? I cannot find an answer to any question today. It hurts so much.
From inside your name is breaking out ! So I live. Please send me your new photo.
Your Ekaterina


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