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So, what exactly is this "Stupid Scammers" thing?

Fri Aug 12, 2022 12:57 pm

Way back in 2005 I discovered the baiting community purely by accident. If you're unaware what baiting is, imagine a group of people who, instead of deleting the scam emails they receive, play along and pretend to be interested. It's a great way to waste a scammer's time as well as have some fun along the way. Even though I've mostly moved on from there to concentrating on the victims of the scammers rather than the scammers themselves, I still like to go back to that fun side from time to time. One of the things that always made me laugh was the mistakes scammers make in their emails. As such, I started collecting them and have even published a few books full of them over the years. It could be a silly name like "Tunde Lemon" instead of "Tunde Lemo", a location that clearly doesn't exist, such as "Scatland" or a spelling mistake that changes the entire meaning of a sentence. Misspelling "paper sheet" as "papa shit" for example. Back in 2012, when we created ScamSurvivors, I also bought the domain name stupidscammers so we'd have a place to put all these funny scammer mistakes. As we're being seen for both sides of the coin lately - helping victims become survivors, and also the funny stuff with scammers - we made the decision to combine both sites. We hope you enjoy reading these silly scammer quotes, but also remind you that there's another, far more important side to this. If you receive an email from a scammer, share it with us on this forum. Doing so may help prevent someone else from losing everything to a scammer, which is far more rewarding than having a quick giggle over a scammer who thinks Labia is a country.
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