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Back, safe and sound.

Unread postby Wayne » Tue May 21, 2024 8:58 pm

After a fortnight away we're back. I have to say we had an absolute blast! Places were visited, food was eaten (FF is particularly fond of carveries and crumpets, though not together obviously) and plenty of alcohol was imbibed. The weather was great, and the people of Wales didn't let us down. They were the friendliest of any holiday we've done, and most shop visits would end in us shooting the breeze with the people there for 10 or 15 minutes. Nothing in Wales is ever done in a rush. To tell you just how friendly the people were, BA got talking to the couple who were in the caravan next to us on the second week, and the next time they saw him they gave him a pin badge with the UK (possibly the Welsh one but I can't exactly recall) and USA flags entwined to show our camaraderie. We also spent quite a bit watching TV shows on the days we didn't go out, and it was great fun watching FF try to work out what was happening in Ashes To Ashes and failing. The only downside was the state of the public toilets by the bus station on the way home, which were apparently utterly shocking.

We've already booked our trip for next year. Similar area, but a different park this time. The only other change is that we're going to sort out a bus to a different pick up point not so far away from the airport for FF and BA, as being in the car is much more enjoyable than being on a packed bus. Next year will be the 10th holiday we'd have had together. That's not bad going.
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