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Unread postby Wayne » Wed May 06, 2020 10:59 pm



Wed, 6 May at 11:22

Greetings to you and your family, hope you are safe and protected from this Corona-Virus Pandemic (COVID-19) my name is Mr Warren Hoffman(email: warrenhoffman2020 AT HOTMAIL.COM)I am working with a financial Security Vault Company named Alpine Logistics Security Company, there is a consignment deposited in our vault that is under my department and control, this consignment was deposited by an Iranian citizen that is a Gold merchant with the Government of Sere-Lone and Ghana, the content of the deposit is a large quantity of Gold and Cash concealed as House hold items.

The value of the Gold is about( US$15-20 Million dollars) and undisclosed amount of cash concealed. The depositor of this consignment is late and there is no record of his next of kin or associate in our file to inherit or claim this consignment, I have not notified our company about the death of this IRANIAN MAN, if my company get to know about his death this consignment will be confiscated by my company. So, I see this as a golden opportunity for me, I decided to contact you for partnership for our mutual benefit.

I want to present you to our company as the associate of the late Iranian man to claim the consignment deposit every documents and security deposit code for this consignment is with me which I will release to you to make the claim, with your possession of this security code, you are 100% and legally an associate/next of kin of the late depositor and our company will deal with you without doubt.

This transaction required absolute TRUST & CONFIDENTIALITY, I HOPE I CAN TRUST YOU ON THIS DEAL????? And you will not betray me??????? And keep my involvement confidential, I have resolved that when you acknowledge this consignment, we will use it to establish a joint profitable venture which you may recommend and you will be in control of the investment for a considerable time frame, until I retire from the company. We shall share the ROI 50/50.

Again I hope I can trust you on this transaction and keep everything confidential, be 100% assured that every party will be protected and everything will be sealed forever.

If indeed I can trust you kindly send me your phone number and address for more details.

Respectfully yours
Mr. Warren Hoffman
email: warrenhoffman2020@HOTMAIL.COM
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