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Unread postby Wayne » Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:16 pm

Audit file!!

Anthony Brooks <>

12 Feb at 16:41


My name is Anthony Brooks of Debt Management Office London U.K.

I am an independent external auditor for the World Bank handling the
Foreign Banks Debt Management Office.

I have in front of me an abandoned transfer file containing details to
an escrow account set up in your name. The file shows that you have
correctly made application to have your funds released to you. It is
also clearly noted on the file that the beneficiary could not handle
the financial commitment required of him. Due to this the funds were
pegged and abandoned.As an international independent external auditor
I think it is very absurd to abandon ones funds for this simple

To tell you the truth I do not believe this to be true and my reason
is simply because of the irregularities I noticed while compiling the
audit report on finance.

I have therefore decided to reach you to know if you actually
abandoned this File or not, I have perfected plans to have this funds
transferred to you within the shortest possible time, Upon your
confirmation I will give you further directives while asking you to
diligently fill the attached Form for verification of your unpaid fund
to you.

You should reach me directly on my E-Mail


Anthony Brooks
Debt Management Office.
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