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Unread postby Wayne » Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:05 pm


Innocent Colins Ike <>

12 Feb at 14:53

Honorable Beneficiary

We write in regards to your delayed Contract/Inheritance Funds in the
sum of Eight Million ,Five Hundred United States Dollars
(US$8,500,000.00) which you are yet to receive as a result of your
inability to raise the required fee to conclude your Transaction. The
United Nations/IMF has decided to prefer a solution that will make it
easier for all the Beneficiaries to receive their Funds.We understood
that some Fees are required in order process and Transfer of your
Funds into your Account.We are also aware that most Beneficiaries do
not have these required fees.

We have therefore deliberated with the Bank in charge of this payment
to allow Beneficiaries the privilege of receiving their Funds in two
(2) or three (3) instalments. In this case, Beneficiaries will no
longer be required to pay the fee at once but part of it depending on
the number of instalments such Beneficiary will like his/her Funds to
be released to him/her.Write the Bank and request that you want your
fund to be transferred to your account by instalments payment, so that
once the first payments enters into your account you can then use
money from there to facilitate the transfer of the remaining balance,
once the first instalments enters into you.

The Polaris Bank Plc which is now authorized by United Nation/IMF be
in charge of your Payment has agreed to give the Beneficiaries the
option of receiving their Funds at once, in two or three
installments.This will help the beneficiaries to pay part of the fee
and receive part of their Funds with which such beneficiary can upset
the remaining fee and receive his/her complete Funds.

To break this down:

Four Hundred Dollars ($400) fee will facilitate the release of One
Million United States Dollars (US$1,000,000.00) only. Seven Hundred
Dollars ($700) fee will facilitate the release of Two Million United
States Dollars US$2,000,000.00) only.One Thousand, Six Hundred Dollars
($1,600) fee which is the total fee will facilitate the release of
your Full Contract/inheritance Funds in the sum of Eight Million, Five
Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$8,500,000.00).

However,Feel free to inform us how much you can raise. should you or
cannot afford any of the above Mentioned instalment so as for us to
talk to the Bank to know how much out of your Funds they could release
to you with the amount you can come up with.This is the best the
United Nations/IMF can do for you and you are advised to take
advantage of this opportunity.

Mr Innocent Colins Ike
Executive Director incharge of Foreign payments
Polaris Bank PLc
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