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Unread postby Wayne » Fri Dec 06, 2019 1:33 am

No More Upfront Payment In 2019 Budget

Dr.Evon Dippor <>

5 Dec at 18:33

Attn:Fund Beneficiay

I am Dr.Evon Dippor the new Audit/Account Director General with the
Nigerian Budget and Fiscal Planning Commission (NBFPC).

I am using this great opportunity to inform you our
honorablebeneficiary that your long awaited fund has finally been
approved and appropriated in our 2019 Budget for mmediate RELEASE. I
came across Some files among which is your own whose funds of
$35.5Million are still not Yet paid .

It has come to my notice that you have spent so much money for the
release of your fund over the years yet nothing has come out of it.

I want to show you the only way that will enable you get your fund
without any upfront charge or payment. It is the only thing that you
will do and you will get the result which all the thousands of dollars
you have spent have not given you.

All the past directors and officials you have been dealing with knows
this but because of GREED, they will not tell you. They would rather
prefer you sending money for one document, levy, fees or charge so
that they will get something out of you every time.

By this I mean "Waiver option A4". This option allows you to apply and
get all fees, charges, duties, levies and taxes that you are supposed
to pay on your fund waived aside for you until you receive your fund
in your nominated bank account. You can only pay any money when you
have confirmed the transfer of your fund successfully inside your
account with your bank.

If you are interested in getting your fund without any more upfront
payment, kindly get back to me so that I can inform you on how you can
apply and get your waiver issued to you.

Thanks as I wait for your immediate response.

Dr.Evon Dippor.

NB: Please Sir/Ma, if you have previously received this our payment
notification, kindly ignore this message. But if not, your urgent
response is highly needed so that we can attend to your file
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