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deskfm MsIren Lukusa <>

17 Oct at 13:55

Dear Sir

My name is MYKE MOORE. I am the Purchasing Manager of a major Pharmaceutical Company in London-United Kingdom. I got your email address from a reliable portal in my desperate search for a trustworthy potential partner. I have a proposal that will be of mutual benefit to you and me. I would like you to supply LAMIVUDINE MEDICINAL HERBS to our company. Our company uses this medicinal herbs for the production of HIV antiviral drugs. This herb is very scarce and rare to find. If you are not able to, look for a capable trustworthy person to handle the business for our collective benefit.

Recently, through an error made by a courier company, I was privileged to know where the herb is sold and the price. 20 grams sachet of this herb is actually sold at the price of $800 by the farmer. But our company supplier sells it to our company at the price of $1,300 per sachet. This shows that the supplier makes a profit of $500 on each sachet and our company orders a minimum of 3000 sachets to a maximum of 5,000 sachets of this herb per order and this happens quarterly (every three months). One remarkable thing about this supply contract is that our company pays a 50% mobilization fee of the total amount to the supplier in advance for every order placed.

What I want you to do now is to take up this supply contract and it doesn't need any formal experience; and it does not matter whether it is your line of business or not. This is because I will be available to facilitate the business by guiding and telling you what to do at every point in time. In your own case, you will buy the herbs at the cost of $800 per sachet and supply to our company at the cost of $1,200 per sachet so you can beat the price of our regular supplier and still make a profit of $400 on each sachet. Our company need 3,000 sachets urgently because we are running out of stock. I shall give you all the necessary assistance and information you need including the contact details of the farmer where you can buy the sample that will be used for lab test once your application is accepted.

All I want from the business is 40% of the profit while you take 60% as the supplier.I hereby request you to restrict our communication and correspondence to Email: :/// only for the security of our conversation relating this offer.

If you are interested let me know so I can send you more details.

Yours sincerely,
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