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Unread postby Big Al » Fri Mar 22, 2019 12:05 am

Same phone number:

Hello beneficiary,

It has taken a total of one month since I arrived USA the retrieval
and delivery of your $4 Million Cash SEALED - Consignment hitherto in
the Security Vault at Dallas Fort/Worth International Airport here in
Dallas, Texas USA.

I have send all official communications to you as well as directive to
New Jersey (Diplomatic Control Headquarters) from where you should
obtain your United States Internally required Consignment Movement
Yellow Tag which is the ONLY item that will empower me to pick up your
consignment and proceed to your destination for final delivery.

All my mails and notices to you are being documented to show that I
really did my job while I was here.

I am still here in Dallas Texas. It will be in your best interest to
call me immediately for guide and directive on how to obtain your
required Consignment Movement Yellow Tag (CMYT) from Diplomatic
Control Headquarters in Camden, New Jersey.

MY number here in Dallas Texas remains: 940 603 6335

Awaiting your call.

Gen. Johnson Ebube.
(Presently in)
Dallas, TEXAS, USA.
940 603 6335

Return-Path: <>
Received: from ( [])
From: "Gen. Johnson EBUBE" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2019
Subject: Ref: Abandoned Cash in Dallas Texas-(Position Of Things Now)
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Unread postby Wayne » Fri May 31, 2019 6:27 pm

Cash Trunk Delivery:- ($5,000,000.00).
Central Bank Lagos District <> Today at 11:43
Central Bank Lagos District
Message body
Dear beneficiary,

Sequel to the presidential handover of power in my country yesterday,
it is clear that most government offices and appointments will
terminate and officials changed. This is the reason for this urgent message.

About 11 Trunks have been Packed, Sealed and placed at Security VAULT
at the Lagos Murtala Muhammed airport awaiting air-lifting to the
various countries of all concerned beneficiaries. These trunks are
hereinafter referred to as "CONSIGNMENT" while you are hereinafter
referred to as "BENEFICIARY"

Each Security Sealed Trunk Box contains Cash-Money valued at 5
MillionUnited Dollars in $100 bills as issued by the US treasury as
exchange to the Government of Nigeria via the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

You are one of the listed beneficiaries of these consignments with
Reference No: XXXCBN/NIG/300519/19 belongs to you for delivery to your
address in your country.

NOTE: that you earned this amount of money due to the Evidence present
here as one of the foreign beneficiaries who have been in contact /
dealing with some corrupt government officials from Nigeria in the past.

1. The MODE of delivering your consignment to you is "DIPLOMATIC
DELIVERY". This mode makes it easy to pass through several checks at
your local airport since Nigeria and your country have good diplomatic

2. All shipping & Insurance costs of this consignment have been FULLY
paid by the government here. You do not have to worry about anything.

3. A government appointed registered Diplomat" - from the Nigerian
Army has been commissioned to accompany your consignment to your door
step and ensure safe delivery to you.

Upon your timely reply to this email notice, I shall direct you to the
Army Diplomat for confirmation of time of departure as well as arrival
at your end.

At this point, you need to reply to my email re-confirming clearly:

1. Your FULL delivery address including your Names in FULL as it
appears on your ID card.

2. Your DIRECT telephone number for urgent contact.

All in your hands now. Time waits for no one. The earlier you
respond,the faster you are served.

Hon. Roger Iwendu
Central Bank of Nigeria,
Lagos District HQTRS.
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Unread postby Big Al » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:54 pm

Dear beneficiary customer,

With reference to our correspondences on your ATM (Debit) card, be
informed that the last foreign beneficiary (Mr. Joachim Ayissi) of
Republic of Cameroon has received his card as sent to you via UPS
Courier services having duly sent his mailing cost to us.

If you require his UPS tracking details I will forward same to you for
verification. All in your best interest.

Our dear institution shall never plead with you to receive what
rightfully belongs to you but will hereby inform you that your already
loaded Debit ATM MasterCard will be CANCELLED and and card account
closed if you fail to receive it within the next Seven (7) banking

Hoping that this notice meets your right desire and aspirations.

Be well informed.

Mr. Lawson Idowu,
Chief Risk / Settlement Officer,
First Bank Nig. Plc
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