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Ask here if you're unsure whether or not you're dealing with a scammer, and we can help. This section is hidden from search engines.
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Need Help Pls. My family got scamed

Fri Nov 15, 2019 5:35 pm

I am the son of the family (25 years old) i am the only one who know this is a scam my family dont weak up.

First of all sorry for my english is not ma main language. I expose the situation ( 2 diferents that happen)

1) My parent ( a busnises man, is anoying he pick this bait) was told that he take a heritage of gold ( kilograms of gold). He always waiting and waiting and the person who suposed has to send the gold never come ( every day one excuse). He put more than 10.000€ in this operation and the gold never come. Now he want to go to the place to take the gold in person and bring it to our country. He is so blind. i say to him is a Scam and he dont believe. This is a heritage of one person who knows he go to die from cancer.... the tipical 419 as i can see. He send money to pay hotels, bribes, but the gold never come.

2) Another one from Ghana (my parent too and a friend, the friend put the money for that). He say he go to send 2 bank check for a total value of 15 millions (7.5 million each one) he do trhough barclays bank in london and Union Bank.
My parent and his friend go with the bankchecks to a attorney and he say the checks are ok. Also the same mecanish he send money to Hotels, Bribes etc etc but the black guy never come. Always say he go to travel to MAdrid but he never come. And this last days he is ill so another excuse... excuses, excuses and more excuses....

Please i am in the correct right? this is totally and 100% a Scam (419) my father start to open his eyes but he is so idiot.... he have money to live without problems he has 2 bussines but i am scared that this affect him emotionally.

I need help about:

1) What to do know when he realise this is a scam hoe to procced.

2) What about all information he give to te scamers? what to do??

3) Also there is one guy of the interpoll in this case i think is also a scammers but everybody say to me he is not. i am confused. You know somethinf about intepol guys?

Please help me i just want to finish that and continue with my family like always


Re: Need Help Pls. My family got scamed

Fri Nov 15, 2019 6:16 pm

You are entirely right, both are scams.

If you read ... =6&t=24589 - how the scam works you will see what type of scam each one is. Ask your father to read that topic, it might help him realize what he is dealing with.

The first one is a dying widow / inheritance scam.

The second one seems to be in a more advanced stage, since the fake "Interpol" is involved. Usually that's a recovery scam happening after the victim lost already an important amount of money, with a fake authority figure pretending to be real and offering guarantees that the bogus business in real or that there are money to earn from it.

By the look of it, both frauds happens for quite a while now and your father is already at that stage when he believes everything these scammers say.

It is imperative to contact your local police and report the fraud. Also important is to contact the bank - those money were transferred to various bank accounts the fraudster used.

If your father is not willing to do it in person you can do it - the law enforcement and the bank can assist in explaining to your father that he is a victim of a fraud.

If your father runs a business, he will have a financial consultant or a lawyer assisting him with the business - that person can also explain why this is a fraud and why your father will lose all his money while moving forward and accepting all the demands the scammer made.

You can also ask your father to share the details of the scam with us - my email address is below. We will research the details provided and will share with him the result of our investigation. We cannot act on his behalf - he is the only one who can decide to accept the reality or not.

These are some of the options that can be used in this case. Please let us know which one will work for your father.

Re: Need Help Pls. My family got scamed

Fri Nov 15, 2019 9:50 pm

Quote of the previous post removed. Please use the Reply button instead of the Quote button. FF

Hey ty for your answer.

Tomorrow with my father i will read all this and i hope he realise this is a scam (he is startign to open eyes)

I need to know how to proceed i suggest to him the next steps:

1) Dont try to recover money, money is loose keep on with your life
2) Block all contact you have with this people, delete nomber phones emails etc etc
3) Go to police and say to them what happened with all information you can
4) talk with bank (he is very proud maybe he dont want to do this he know the people of the bank) and delete all accounts you make movements to this people

How you see that? is te correct way? i dont want a shit about revenge or so just wana continue with our life and that my father forgot all this ( i am sure this affects him very bad emotionally)

Any help or advice you can give to me is welcome. I will try to give info about all that

ty very much

Re: Need Help Pls. My family got scamed

Fri Nov 15, 2019 10:01 pm

Here : ... =6&t=26504 are the steps to follow.

My suggestion will be to save everything received from scammers and give it to the police while reporting the fraud. With the case number obtained from the police report the fraud to the bank.

Your father need to change his email address to avoid getting on a "suckers list" - former victims the scammers target again and again with other types of scams. If he used his phone number to communicate with the scammers, he need to change that phone number as well.

Reporting the case is not about revenge - it about saving other potential victims that might be hooked in the same scam and have no idea they are defrauded. Without reporting there is no crime. If no reported crime, the scammers will move forward to the next victim, doing to that person what they have done to your father.

Re: Need Help Pls. My family got scamed

Fri Nov 15, 2019 10:08 pm

Quote removed. FF.

ty v much i will update he want to meet with them ( he go today to meet to them more than 300 kilometers and noone appears, but they told my father wait 2 days and they will have a metting) what you think about that? i am scared my father could be in risk

Re: Need Help Pls. My family got scamed

Fri Nov 15, 2019 10:12 pm

I really hope your father will contact the police before going to another meeting.

Re: Need Help Pls. My family got scamed

Sat Nov 16, 2019 4:14 pm

Hey ty my father finally come back to day and dont go to the meting he trusted me thanks to god.

This night i wana talk with him cause i think he still believe some lies ( i am sure he think the interpool guy is trusted) how i can proceed in the correct way. First of all i wanna him to read this forum.

ty and god thanks!

Re: Need Help Pls. My family got scamed

Sat Nov 16, 2019 4:23 pm

The idea is really simple. Anyone that he has never met in person face to face but only through the internet who asks him for money no matter what the reason will be a scam 100% of the time.

The fake interpol is just another part of the scam. They promise they can get his money back from the scammer for a price. But like all the others, it is just an empty lie to steal more of his money.

I am glad to read that he no longer plans to go to the meeting.

Re: Need Help Pls. My family got scamed

Sun Nov 17, 2019 1:16 am

firefly wrote:I really hope your father will contact the police before going to another meeting.

Nah my father is over. He comeback ok he didnt go to the meting. The first thing he do when he come back is call one of this guys... that he think is legal one... is over i am so fustrated wana fk him and pucnh his face...

Re: Need Help Pls. My family got scamed

Sun Nov 17, 2019 2:11 am

I understand your frustration.

Keep in mind he was already spending a lot of money and time in these frauds and he want to believe it is real. At this stage, even if a part of him tells him that something is not right, he will move ahead because of all the time and money already invested. For each doubt he might have, the fraudsters will just use another excuse and turn him back to them.

Is there any real person close to him he can trust? A lawyer, a financial adviser maybe? If he doesn't believe you, maybe if someone he trusts tell him is a fraud and explain the things to him he might understand.
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