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Ask here if you're unsure whether or not you're dealing with a scammer, and we can help. This section is hidden from search engines.
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Is this a scam

Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:59 pm

I’m a little worried about a friend who says she has been seeing someone that wants her to move to America with him, he sent her this and said he has sent money?

Re: Is this a scam

Mon Oct 14, 2019 1:50 pm

It sure looks like it. Any time someone sends money to anyone they have not met in person, any time except the internet, it is a scam.

Can you Please post the scammer's details here?: We will check the information and let you know definitely.
If he fell for a scam, there may be hundreds of others who have been fooled by the scammer.

Email address.
Chat names (platform, i.e. skype, fb messenger, etc.)
Phone numbers.
Emails sent from the scammer, deleting the victim address?
Photos sent.
Any other information that others can search to find the scammer here?

Re: Is this a scam

Wed Oct 16, 2019 8:18 pm

My friend said that he hasn’t asked for money yet and has sent her money as per the consignment note, I’m just sceptical

Re: Is this a scam

Wed Oct 16, 2019 8:43 pm

If your friend sent money to someone they have never met in person face to face but only through the internet then they are being scammed.
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