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I think my son is being scammed - please help

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I think my son is being scammed - please help

Unread postby Ibetiger » Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:35 pm

Good afternoon,

I have a 22 yr old college student who recently met a girl on Tinder.

My son just graduated from a local community college and this person he met via Tinder claims to be a student at the same community College - John Tyler Community College.

My son claims he has gone out with this girl locally and she told him she was from the Phillipeans.

However, they talk a lot on the phone via facebook messenger (I've asked him to ask her for a local number - don't know if he will b/c he is a bit defensive over this). She has made the claim that her ex is abusive, so she acts very insecurely.

She has 2 facebook accounts from what I can see one under what she claims is her real name:

Sukany Kongcharoen

The other she claims is a nick name:

Woonsen VT ... nref=story

as you can see some of the same photos but home is also listed as Bangkok. She claims she goes to Thailand for modeling and acting jobs. Ok, then why are you attending a community college Chesterfield County outside of Richmond VA? And none of the photos on either of these pages are in Virginia.

My son has been talking to her for about 5 weeks now, and since then has started saving money for a trip to Thailand - which he mentioned to me as a photography trip. But I think is to go see her.

Since starting talking to her he has been spending insane amounts of time in the bathroom - and being we only have one in our home it is frustrating as he will spend over an hour in there - beyond showering. Of course he has his cell phone with him and this was not an issue 2 months ago - this has been new behavior for him.

He will mostly shut his door and talk to her for hours - I have gotten up in the morning and they have been on the phone, etc. He also did receive a call a week ago from Bankok and when he answered no one would respond - I think whoever is calling him messed up.

Now that I have been asking questions, she has gotten upset. He told me last night that she was trying to break up with him b/c I hate her. After I started questioning him when he changed his relationship status to engaged with her yesterday. For me there are so many red flags - like she hadn't liked or commented on any of his FB posts but yet he has liked her's. If he has commented at all they have been deleted. The biggest one that concerns me is the message thread for a post on the Woonsen VT account where she posted a selfie of my son that he probably sent her. Look for the video she did of herself in a mall on March 8. It is the message thread under that.

She claims she quit using the page under her real name due to her ex who stalks her, etc.

But if this girl was really in the states why is all her posts presumably in Bankok?

Anyway, no matter what I say he defends her and has a reason for it - I know it is what she has fed him. The odd part is he claims he has met up 10 times with some girl who is here in town. I have never met this person. Is it possible for there to be someone in the states helping with the scam (or is he just lying b/c deep down he knows this is wrong?)

I saw the Sky Ivy video on your site and man this girl really resembles her! But hard to say if these are stolen photos, photoshoped, etc. The photos on her 'real page' some do look photoshoped.

If you guys have any insight on this that would be great. I would need definate proof if this is a scam for him. So far nothing I have said or my mother has said convinces him - but he does seem to doubt her, willing to investigate but still defends her.

Thank you!
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Re: I think my son is being scammed - please help

Unread postby Ibetiger » Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:40 pm

just to add she has several FB accounts under the Woonsen name - but of course, she told him her ex created them. . .
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Re: I think my son is being scammed - please help

Unread postby firefly » Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:48 pm

There is not much we can do in such cases. Both those profiles shows no sign that she was even once in USA. Is there any email address or phone number "she" used with your son? If you feel insecure of posting those details here, please use my email address (you can find it under every post I made on the forum).

Checking those FB profiles will not help, as long as you can not be 100% sure which one of those profiles the "girl" uses with your son.
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