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I need help for my mother please

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I need help for my mother please

Unread postby AnonbutLance » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:46 pm

I don't know if this is how its done or where to post it. I have looked around the forums but there is just so much info and I really need any help I can get. I have been trying to deal with the situation myself but it has been causing nothing but heartbreak and frustration. As my mother isn't looking for help since she still believes the individual, I decided to see what resources I could find online and stumbled here. I thought I would lay out the info I have managed to get from my mother and go from there.

My mother was scammed about a year back and we managed to convince her to stop contact with the scammer after losing at least hundreds of dollars. Fast forward a couple months from the last contact and she meets a man named Jesse Shawn on POF. He is an IT tech from Orlando, we live in Florida by the way. After talking for awhile she learned he had a daughter who was pregnant and lost the baby. After that, the daughter emptied his bank account and fled to Mexico with all of his money. I suspect somewhere in there was the first time she sent him money.

A month or so after that he calls her saying he has to go on a top secret mission to Bulgaria. The next time she heard from him he was kidnapped and asking for iTunes gift cards to use to hack their servers. At this point, she is using all her disability and begging family and friends for money to help him.

The next time she heard from him and he had been caught again and knocked out. He and his comrades woke up in Nigeria. His boss was shot along with all his comrades.

This is where ths story gets a little fuzzy since I can only get so much out of her. Somehow he escaped but was arrested. The kidnappers had taken all of his documents and the only way to get out of jail was to pay off the judge. I believe she sent him money for this as well. Then the lawyers needed more and more money. It was at this time that she seemed to be getting money from them and transferring it somewhere else.

Today, after all this I hear from her asking for 500 dollars. The lawyer's cars were bombed and if he can't get the money by Thursday he will be killed. Her level of panic is at an all time high I just don't know where to go from there. Up until this point, I thought I could talk sense into her myself but nothing I do seems to budge her at all. Any help and advice would be great. Sorry for such a long post.
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Re: I need help for my mother please

Unread postby Big Al » Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:30 am

It sounds like a pretty typical scam to me. The problem with these Romance type scams is that after getting out of one scam the victims often walk right back into another one. The more time she has been in contact with the scammer the more she will believe he is real and will eventually be joining her. If she is handling money for the scammer then she is risking jail time by helping them. I wouldn't give her any money because she will just send it to the Scammer and be back for more. You might contact anyone she is getting money from and tell them she is being scammed and not to give her any money. She has to figure out that she really is being scammed before she'll listen to anyone. Confronting her will just drive her closer to the scammer. Better to just be a supportive person in her life that will not lend her money because you do not believe her Boyfriend is anything but a Scammer.
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Re: I need help for my mother please

Unread postby firefly » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:14 pm


Do you have any details of the scammer that can be used for a proper research? Email address, phone number, pictures he is using. That might help. If we can show your mother something to prove that she is not communicating with the person in the images she received, she might understand what is going on. It will be hard to accept it, after being a victim for such a long time, but it is a better chance as having nothing. Not to mention that the scammer might play the same game with other victims in the same time and the details you share may save someone else dealing with a similar problem.

Not all the scammers are the same and not all the sob stories they are using are the same. A variation of the one you are talking about can be seen here: ... 11&t=63121.

Another version of sob stories used in a romance scam and changing the victim in accomplice - money mule - can be seen here: ... 11&t=63138 ... =21&t=1861 - this is the type of people hiding behind stolen pictures used in romance scams.

Show your mother those links - maybe she will see a similar pattern. Ask her to search in Google quotes from the messages she received from that person, especially that part of messages she believes is very personal - she will find the same text, word by word, reported online in association with other scams.
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