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AirBnB scam

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AirBnB scam

Unread postby Friendofaclosecall » Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:08 am

This is a warning. A friend of mine is looking for a flat. She found one on a website and contacted the advertiser. He said he's now going to hand everything over to his air bnb account and they will accept payment after which the keys will be sent three days later to my friend's registered address.

These air bnb email required my friend to put money on a bank account. But why account was in Spain. The advertiser/ landlord had stated he was moving to Denmark. It sounded odd. So my friend contacted me and spoke to air bnb who told her this was a scam.

The website they told her to go to began with this ( I've deleted the last part of the link which shows my friend's address) http:/ /

I did a whois search and found the the website is registered in Panama as was the email address that was being used to ask for payment through air bnb.

My friend was lucky but please be aware of this kind of scam too. If anyone has any questions I'm happy to go into details without compromising the privacy of my friend.

This is the advert for the property which leads to the scam. If anyone else contacts the guy to try and rent the place please let me know your experience https:/ /
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Re: AirBnB scam

Unread postby Big Al » Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:23 pm

Can you post any of the E-mails your friend received? Please remove any of your friends identifying information. We only want the information of the scammer posted. This topic will be moved to our 419 section after the details are checked out. Right now it is behind a login.
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