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Ask here if you're unsure whether or not you're dealing with a scammer, and we can help. This section is hidden from search engines.
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Surgeon in Syria on Peacekeeping

Mon Aug 21, 2017 3:31 am

I have met a gentleman from instagram who says he is a surgeon in Syria on peacekeeping. He is a widower with a 15 teen year son in New Zealand at boarding school. I sent $89 for the boys meals at school. And $210 for testing materials. The boy and his teacher were in a car accident and I have sent $500 for treatment and 700 for operation. Now he wants me to st. $2500 for blood. I don't want to send the $2500 but I am concerned about the hour. The gentleman I have been chatting with says he can't get to his money. He does not hac a way to sisal to the doctor himself. Communication has been between myself and the teachers daught through the 15 year old boys phone. How do I know if this is a scam and that there is not a 15 year boy really hurt

I have only started talking to the gentleman a month ago.

Please advise


Re: Surgeon in Syria on Peacekeeping

Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:12 am

Yes, it is a scam.
Our recommendation is that you stop all contact with the scammer.
Do not tell them you know they are a scammer.
Do not send them to our Scam Warning website.
since you have already sent them money then you need to be especially careful
of new contacts from people you do not know as they will try to scam you
again and again.
You should also file a police report.
There is even a scam that claims they have caught your scammer and want to
help you get your stolen money back.
If you sent money by Bank transfer you should contact your bank and get your account number changed.

Re: Surgeon in Syria on Peacekeeping

Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:27 am

Also, refer to these two topics. And please give us all of the scammer's exact details to help save others.
Internet romance scammers scam dozens of victims at the same time, and you can help to warn them by posting all of his information.
We need:
Email addresses used for everyone who wrote to you, phone numbers used by the scammer, all profiles of the scammer, any documents and pictures used by the scammer, and the emails that he sent to you deleting your own personal details from the emails.

What to do if you are a victim of a scam


The post-scam stage - waking up to reality

Re: Surgeon in Syria on Peacekeeping

Mon Aug 21, 2017 1:59 pm

If you are not sure how to post the information feel free to forward the scammers E-mails to me. My E-mail address is at the bottom of every post I make.
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