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I need your opinion - Who they are?

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I need your opinion - Who they are?

Unread postby Polar171 » Sat Jun 24, 2017 9:18 pm

Dear admins,
I'm new here and apologize in advance, if my report is a bit extensive or it could be offtopic.
Now let me turn to the subject.
Of course it looks like a movie but it happend nodays. My friend had an unfortunate incident.
Frank (let's call him Frank because I don't want any problems) moved to Germany where he obtained citizenship in the 70's. He made it his buisness to sell used cars. He had many American, Belgian, French, Polish and Russian partners. He was a family man and liked kayaking.
But things went south in 2016 when Frank got carried away by religious studies. He wasn't a member of a local faith community. He didn't joined a cult. But he was intrested in traditional religions and cults. He watched documentaries and chatted a lot. It's like he made a hobby collecting information about religions and cults.
One day, Frank said he met one «expert» that explained to him a lot. Even ordinary multi-level marketing company or political group could be a cult. Actually I don't know this «expert's» name but he had a big impact on Frank. He invited Frank to participate in anti cult movement (ACM).
My friend accepted the invitation with great enthusiasm and started a «rescue operation». He was surfing the Internet, texting or calling someone all the time. A significant part of his activities has been devoted to instruct about the dangers of cults, on the one hand; and to spread information about this or that person is associated with cult, on the other hand. He also encouraged the media to condemn such person. It seems to me that he had been recruited or got good money for that.
One woman, who was threatened by Frank that her daughter may be involved in a cult, even went to the police. Frank was invited to police station. But it did not stop him. Something other stopped him. And it was an anonymous email. As he said, it was from some kind of international organization that works for religious toleration, ethnic understanding and controls the activities of anti cult organizations. This could be the NSA project, but I didn't find any information.
They warned Frank that he carries out the harmful activities, which are damaging to international peace and security. And if he was forced to do this, if he is threatened or blackmailed, they are ready to protect him. But if he does goal-oriented work and it is damaging to the image of civilians, then they had had to take preventive and punitive measures. And they did it: the first problems began at work - accounts have been frozen, buyers began to repudiate transactions. the insurance company of his wife refused to extend a health insurance without explaining the reasons. The fence of their house vandalized with a word "Beginning". Now I can say that all events are connected. But it seemed to Frank that it was just coincidence and he continued his «hobby». Frank stopped only when his wife left him, took the two kids with her. After another quarrel caused by his new hobby, she received a record of a private conversation between Frank and unknown woman. I don't know what they talked about, Frank swore that there was no woman and there was no this conversation. But his wife left. As a result, Frank is all alone with firm's debts. He couldn't even go to the police, because they must have thought he is mad.
My question is, what is going on? Is this shadow organization funded by CIA, NSA? Or it was a scammer? And are we really safe?
P.S I hope you understood my German-English.
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Re: I need your opinion - Who they are?

Unread postby Wayne » Sat Jun 24, 2017 9:32 pm

Absolutely unrelated to what we do here, so I'm going to lock this thread.
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