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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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Tue Nov 23, 2021 3:47 pm

Form submitted On: 2020-10-27 20:24:03

What name did the scammer use?: Kelvin Chardin Jacole
What site/app did you first meet the scammer on?: tinder
What email address(es) did the scammer use?:
What phone number(s) did the scammer use?: +12094369691

Briefly explain what happened during the scam. :
Kelvin, 52, Owner bei Food and logistics Company, rich. looking for a serious relationship, divorced, 1 daughter 15.

This is what he writes at Tinder:
I am noz usualy a believer of online dating but hey i am giving it a shot. I Keep to my sekf a lot, i love nature, and everything encompasses. I am swedish-American. I can be a bit ignorant at times but I m told my heart is in the right place. I m looking for a serious relationship if that is even possible here. I am looking Forward to getting to know this woman. I wont ask you for Money so dont ask me for Money. i am not interested in one night stand and cat fishers, please dont ask.

He is planning on retiring and Setting in Berlin in 2022. Until then wants to spend half of the year in Berlin and half in the states. Has rented Apartment in Berlin but wants to buy a house. He wants to open a branch in Berlin. at the Moment they open a branch in the Turkey, where he ´had to fly because of some Problems appeared one day before we wanted to meet . Very intelligent, nice talking guy with a gentle heart, parents are dead and he ex wife has cheated him badly. We had a lot of Chats, also Video calls , which haven't been real and calls. Felt in love with me, wanted to spent his life with me. After some weeks in the Turkey he had an issue with his Laptop and asked me to help me with some transaction in his account. He made this to Show me that he had a lot of Money. After a few days he wanted me to make a new Transaction, as he had Extended his Limit, that was no possible. This charming man wanted from me to pay this from my account and wanted to give me the Money back in 11 days. He has stressed and pressed me a lot and became very rude when i told him that i will not do this. You have already some Chats with him where the bank account Details are visible. He has used by me the same Details. As the home page of his Company, the bank account are so well done, probably he will try it for a while as he had created a new identification. After the last call it was supposed to fly back and we wanted to meet, but of course he didn't contact me again.

The Name of the guy on the pictures is Antony Camargo, an American jewelry designer. Firstly he contacted me at Tinder, then Whatsapp and in the end hangouts

Did you send any money to the scammer? If so, how much?: He wanted me to pay for him a bill of about 4.000, but he didn't get any money from me

Phone: +12094369691
Number billable as geographic number
Country or destination United States
City or exchange location Groveland, CA
Original network provider* Clec, Llc - Ca
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