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Unread postby Big Al » Sun Jan 26, 2020 1:05 am

Hi! My name is Emine. I have seen your profile at a wedding website, so I made up my mind to contact you. I have looked through the bulk of portals of this type that I confused all the titles I have seen online. If you are your own Master and you wish to travel to the realm of enjoyment and desire, if you are prepared to turn your habitual and monotonous life into a perfect love story, let me know! Please drop me a line immaidately! I would be happy to meet you in real life and get to know each other better. The matter is I am going to visit your country soon, it would be perfect to begin sending letters to each other today. You could become my first friend in your country then I cannot imagine my life without sex. We might as well send each other hot lines and exchange pictures, even very intimate and erotic ones! This is one of my photos. Soon you will be offered dozens of them and will use a chance to get to know me better. I am living with a feeble hope you will react to my letter and will not delete it without reading. I will be looking forward to your letter. Have the best time in your life.

If you are interested Please reply ONLY to my regular e-mail:

Take care. Always yours, Eminulenka


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Unread postby Big Al » Thu Jan 30, 2020 3:08 am


It is pleasant to me that you responded to my letter. You seemed to me
the normal man for whom it is necessary not only sex and naked photos.
I wanted to check how you will react. Understand me only correctly. I
was tired of that to me men who need only sex meet and want to speak
only about sex. Was tired that nobody wants to recognize me as the
woman at first. Therefore I want to clear at once it. I hope that you
understand it. Anyway to you to decide that with it to do. And at
first I will tell about myself more. Write me here, it is my original
mail and I will write you here. You read till the end and if I suit
you, answer. My name Emine. What is your name the correct? I from
Turkey. I live in the city - Mus. I like my city, here it is very

I am 28 years old. My height of 163 centimeters, weight of 52
kilograms. I have a usual work. I usual the seller in shop of food. I
very flexible and sports, love sport. I like to run and I do it often.
My hobby is a make-up. I like to do myself and another a make-up. I
have no addictions, I do not smoke and I do not use drugs, it is not
necessary for me. Sometimes happens that during rest in the company of
friends or holidays I afford a little wine. By the way, I love red dry
wine, and you what love? It was never married, children are not
present. Perhaps, then I will tell in more detail why so I am lonely

Also has to tell at once you that I know English very badly. I write
you now by means of the translator's online on the Internet. I hope,
what the translation turns out clear? I want to improve the English

I look for the serious man, for the serious relations. The man who
will be able to respect my principles is necessary for me. I do not
need the man for whom everything spins round sex. The adequate man is
necessary for me. Now presently there are a lot of men who think only
of sex and do not want to learn internal the world of another at all.
I hope that you not such. Of course, sex, is an integral part of the
relations, but all has to come over time. It is necessary to recognize
at first each other that there was a passion and feelings. Otherwise
sex it simply sex. And I want love. If all this suits you, tell,
please, all that you consider necessary: how you live where you work,
than are fond? Tell about yourself that I also represented whom I will
meet. Also I look forward to your following letter, and a photo!



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