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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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Re: Katya -

Wed Dec 04, 2019 10:33 pm

From: <>
Posted: Friday, November 8, 2019 6:31 PM

Hi my dear xxx!
I'm glad to see your answer. Your words fill my heart with happiness.
I like your dreams about us. I want them to become reality.
Why don't you send my pictures? I really want to see your photos.
I don't know how to write what's going on with me.
I already told you.
Yesterday I talked to my friend Vika and my mom about you. I said
them that I cannot live without you, and I want to see you in reality.
My mom said she was happy for me. She's glad I met
my dreams. I asked my mom if I should give you. She said I did
should give to you and be near you. Only on this food will be
I'm really happy. Just next to you. Because you are my favorite.
My love, I want to be with you. I don't want to wait.
I need you. I love you. I always think about you. I think
on you when I read your letters, when I'm at work, when I go
right down the street when I lie down and sleep. I'll be
together with you. I dream that happiness would be with us forever.
I don't need anything, nothing but your love and you
next to me. I will be in your arms forever. I will
kiss you, enjoy the passion and love. I just want to keep
your hand and walked along the street so we're just next to each other.
For me it is very important. I want to wake up in your arms,
I will wake from your kiss, I will see your happy eyes. I will
Massage yourself, prepare amazing dishes and enjoy all the time we
must spend together. I will lie on the beach with you and I will
kiss you. I want to see you. I love you.
My love, I send you my pictures and my kiss.

Yours and just your loving and caring Katya!

Stolen pictures received with the message:

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