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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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Wed Dec 04, 2019 7:37 pm

Email received:

please write to this boxHello.
How was your day? I wish all is prettygood.
I am sendingmye-mail and I hope that you areordinary man. It is not thefirstexperienceto find someone in Internet.
My lastconnectionsturned out to be perverts.
But I wish that onlineIcouldmeeta worthyperson. The manwho is searching for a realconnection and desires to start a family.
Forming a realrelationis mymainaim.
I decide for this even after all the failures. I will correspond a little about my life.
My name is Marina.
I live in Russia, after all I have been assuming more and more about turning my residency.
I'm afore 35 years old, I realize that it is too much, my years arepassing.
Hence, I do not have the possibility to fiddlestupid games.
I am an educated, caringwoman, as well as a nicehousewife. I am working in dentistry. I do not have any financial difficulties.
This is thesummary of my life. If our goalscoincide, you canrespond me. Correspond about youself!
When we are interested in each other, I assume we will havea chance. Now the choice is yours. this is my email I'm waiting ...
I will be waiting impatiently for your letter. Marina


Received: from [] (
Message-ID: <>
Reply-To: Marina <>
From: Marina <> <- spoofed / hacked email address
Subject: feelings

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Rostelecom
City: Moscow
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Stolen picture received with the message:


The scammers stole the picture from the real owner social profile.
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