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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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Johnson Smith Adam - mingle2 and whatsapp

Wed Dec 04, 2019 3:01 pm

Form received 2019-12-04 13:45:17

What name did the scammer use?:
Johnson Smith Adam

How old did the scammer say they were?:

What site/app did you first meet the scammer on? Please provide a link if
Mingle2 and Whatsapp

Who made the first contact?:
They contacted me first.

If they asked you to leave the site/app and go elsewhere, where did they
take you?:

If they gave you a phone number, please add it here.:

How much money did they demand?:
Php 25,850

What steps, if any, have you already taken to block the scammer?:
Blocked and reported in Whatsapp
Blocked and reported fake account on Facebook
Changed Privacy Settings on Google account and others
Blocked searched using my name in Google search

Also, since the phone number is in UK, I already sent an email to their
Metropolitan Police,
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