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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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Sat Oct 26, 2019 1:49 pm

From a survivor:

Salut my man!
Aminushoka Lady (

Hey hey my dear pen-friend. And | really hope that this mine notice will
find you in good conditions. Please, do not be surprised, that today I
address you. I may easy tell to you, why I write you it today. And for this
present only one reason. And this reason is that I am so lonely now. Using
this letter I wish to remove this loneliness. Because of it I hope that you
either not have love relations, and you can understand me in it. The
loneliness is the mostsad thing, that can happened to any person. Do you
agree with me? If you agreed with me, then reply as soon as possible. Here
is some information of me. My name is Amina. Hope you can see my foto with
this message. My age is 34 y.old. I am kind, nice, easy going lady. Sorry.
I forget to inform you that I am from country Georgia. I wish that I found
the right person for my aim. And that you this time are not married.Contact
me soon. Have a nice day. Aminushusenka,

Stolen image used:

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