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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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Wed Oct 16, 2019 12:13 am

From: <> on behalf of <>
Sent: 27. september 2019

Hello my dear, xxx!
I have just read your letter.
I am pleased that we will be together soon!!!
Today we are one step closer to our meeting, and I am very glad!
I do not have work today, as my holiday has already started!
I am sure that these holidays will be the best holidays in my life.
Now I come to work to get all the documents from my boss that I need at the embassy.
Boss wished me a good holiday.
We have very cheerful staff and my colleagues wished me a good holiday too.
I am very happy! I'm glad we'll be together soon, just you and me!
I'm sure this holiday is the best vacation in my life, because this vacation we spend together.
xxx, I look forward to our meeting!
Yesterday, I had a visit to my Parents and told her that I'm going to have a trip to you.
My mom asked me to be very careful. She worries about me!
you have no idea how I feel at this moment! My feelings cannot be described in words!
our meeting was the best thing that ever happened to me!
my family is happy for me! my parents approves of my choice!
She asked me to write her a letter as soon as I will come to your country.
I was promised to send photos with you to my mom.
xxx, I trust you, I do not doubt the sincerity of your feelings.
Tomorrow I will arrive in Moscow.
I promise I'll write a letter to you every day and tell you how things with the paperwork are going .
Moscow is so big city, I don't have friends there!
I'll be alone in Moscow.
I am sure that our feelings will help us to be together.
Yesterday, before going to sleep, I thought a lot about you!
I have prepared all the documents.
Today I will buy a new laptop.
So that we could write letters to each other, while until I will be in Moscow.
I think you know that I really need a laptop, so that I could write you a letter and report on all the news.
I was unable to get international calls service on my mobile phone, as it is a very long process,
and I really did not have time to do it.
I think that if it will be necessary, I can find a way to make a call to you from Moscow.
My dear, I accidentally deleted some of your emails and ask you to write all the information again.
xxx, I need:
Your full name.
Your home address and city.
Phone number.
I will write it into my notebook.
Now I have to leave the computer, because I still have to do a lot of important things!
Soon I will go to the station to buy a train ticket to Moscow. The train from Krasnodar to Moscow will take a long time. so don't lose me, because I can't pee from the train.
I leave my kiss on your lips!
Most importantly, please don't leave me without letters!
In Moscow, I will not be easy, because I don't know anybody there!
I will write to you immediately as soon as I can!
Our meeting will make us the most happy!
I'm waiting for our meeting with huge impatience!
Affectionately, Svetlana .

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Wed Oct 16, 2019 12:21 am

From: <> on behalf of <>
Sent: 1. october 2019

Good day xxx!
I had good enough arrival in Moscow! I am mostly tired
From such big city, but has already got used. As soon as I have arrived
To Moscow, I at once have gone to search for rent room. I to find the most good
rent room. One day of residing will cost to me 12 dollars.
the landlady in the apartment is very kind and polite. I'm in a flat
And while I shall live.
Tomorrow in the morning I'm go and submit
Necessary documents. I understand, that I should make much
And probably I shall spend many forces, but for the sake of our love
To be afraid of it !!! Russian women are very hardy. I also hardy
The woman, therefore I shall conquer all !!! I very much would like like, that process
Visas were as soon as possible. I want to come to you, My xxx!
My love does not know a limit and I want to present only to you to one
All my love. Do you understand? ONLY to YOU ​​!!!!!!
My desire and dream will be fulfilled in that we had a happy life.
I want to spend other part of life only with you. You the worthy person.
xxx, tomorrow I will inform you my day. I shall write to you
As at me will pass the first day at reception of the visa.
Moscow is the big city. It is the center of Russia. A standard of living higher,
Than in our city.
And you know, what the metro in Moscow is the biggest and the most beautiful in the world?
It really very big metro !!!!
I such yet did not see.
Well my xxx, I shall go a dream to gain strength. I shall write to you tomorrow.
With love, yours Sveta

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Wed Oct 16, 2019 12:37 am

From: <> on behalf of <>
Sent: 2. october 2019

Hello my dear, xxx!!!
I am writing to you from Moscow!
I hope you can understand that it was a really difficult days for me.
It was a very difficult task to get to Moscow.
I should say that I was able to rent a room.
I rented a room in the apartment.
Mistress of apartment is very good woman.
I will write you the address where I live now.
My address: city of Moscow, Malygin street, house 14, Building 1, apartment 56, postcode 129336.
xxx, today I visited the embassy in the morning and Sheremetyevo airport.
I decided that I should not waste time and immediately took up registration of my visa!
I filled out all documents for visa at the embassy.
I liked friendly people that work in the visa application center.
I saw the consul, he walked down hall and shook hands with all. He is a very serious and polite man.
Consultants helped me absolutely in everything, I gave all necessary documents.
Now I am looking forward to my visa.
I met a girl and asked her how long it takes to get a visa.
She said that now everything is done quickly, since a lot of people wishing to obtain a visa and the embassy works faster now.
The embassy told me that I should have 2 ticket.
Airline tickets are needed to obtain a visa.
The fact that my visa is a "Tourist", and I need to identify the exact date of my stay in your country!
It is a prerequisite for obtaining my visa!
I thought that the tickets can be ordered via the Internet, but the consultant said that there are very strict rules now.
Tickets should be original and should be delivered as soon as possible in order to design a visa did not take a lot of time!
Embassy officials have to see the date of my departure to your country and date of my return back to Russia.
Embassy officials explained to me that today in the world there are a lot of bad events.
Therefore, rules for visiting other countries have become stricter now.
I was very surprised with such rules, but it's necessary to get my visa.
Today I have personally visited Sheremetyevo airport and learned ticket prices.
The price of the cheapest one-way ticket is about $ 350.
I need to have $ 700 on two tickets.
xxx, I did not ask you for money, well as I have big expenses here in Moscow.
Now I have no money to buy tickets.
I paid at the Embassy visa and medical insurance, as well as many other documents.
I also paid for accommodation in a room.
I have a little money now, but I need the money to live in Moscow.
Can you help me to buy tickets?
I already told you that I should buy tickets in Russia, because the embassy should assure my tickets here.
My dear, we need to hurry up with the purchase of tickets.
I need to approve the dates of my stay in your country.
Also today I visited the bank, which is located near the house where I rent a room.
I needed to know how I can get money from you quickly,
as I was saying that the ticket prices are getting more expensive every day.

Employees of the bank told me that money transfer systems
"Moneygram" can help me to get your help quickly.
Have you ever heard about these international money transfer system?
My dear, after you pass me your help, an employee of the bank will report to you the secret code.
With this code, I can get your help here!
I hope you understand me, that I spent a lot of money and I really need your help.
We have really little time now, so I should give the tickets to the embassy as soon as possible.
My visa is in the process of registration now, and I'll arrive to you soon!
I hope that we'll be together soon.
Now I introduce our romantic evening by candlelight.
I will prepare a delicious dinner, you will discover wine... Ohhhh I dream about it!
I have never met a man like you! I've never been happy like now! Now you make me the happiest woman on earth!
You gave me a new life, you opened a new world for me that is filled with love!
My world has changed when I met you!I had no life before our meeting. My life was gray and empty!
I want at least a minute to see you, snuggle up to your chest, to hear the sound of your heart!
I will feel safe only when you will be next to me!
Now you are an integral part of my life!
I believe that we will be together soon! I live only with one dream now, as soon as possible to see you!
My feelings are growing every day! You deeply penetrated into my mind and my heart!
Please don't leave me alone in this city. Write me!!! I really need your support.
Moscow is Alien to me, and I do not like Moscow honestly.
This is a city where millions of people and all of them are in endless hurry.
I just feel safe with you by my side!
I'm always thinking about you! I miss you so much!
I tried to make Skype on my laptop, but I could not install this software.
I hope that i'll do it soon. I've never used Skype. But I think it does not take much to cope with it.
If I can not do it now, I hope you will help me to learn how to use Skype when i will arrive to you.
I did not have much time to have a walk in Moscow, because i was really busy today.
But I was able to make some photos for you.
I hope, you'll like it.
It: Bank address: 125009, Moscow, "Moneygram" SBERBANK, +7 (495)500-55-50. Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya str., 25.
Name Svetlana Aleksandrovna,
Surname Sokolova. I also should know 8 numbers of translation (Used by MoneyGram for tracking).
when you send the money, you must tell the 8 digit number,
then I with my passport and this number go to the Bank and can get the money.
Kisses to you, my dear, xxx!!!
I really hope for your support, and I'm dreaming about our meeting!
Your lovely, Svetlana !

Stolen pictures received with the message:



Wed Oct 16, 2019 12:44 am

From: <> on behalf of <>
Sent: 3. october 2019

Honey!!!! I got your letter! It is difficult to Express your emotions and feelings in a letter!
If I was there, it would be much easier for me to explain to you how much I wanted to meet you and how much I cherish you and our relationship!
You probably never faced such difficulties. I've never done this before either. Not for anyone! After all, to throw all,
to come alone to Moscow and go to all these difficulties consciously is very difficult! My friends and colleagues said I must be crazy!!!
I'm crazy! As soon as I met you and realized that you are my life and my love! You've taken all my heart and mind!!!
Not for a second can I forget about you, even when I'm not writing to you, I'm still mentally with you!
The thought that our meeting may never take place breaks my heart! I used to have a bad experience with a man!
We dated for 3 years and he tricked me! I don't want to feel the pain I did then. I believe you and I do now.
Yes, I understand that it is not easy to help me with the purchase of tickets. Maybe you still don't trust me, maybe you're afraid.,
like me to start a new relationship!!! But I'm not asking you for anything other than to make our meeting real!
After buying tickets, I can send you a copy of the tickets, so you know the date of my arrival!!! But how do I buy these tickets? I don't know!
I must submit the original tickets to the Embassy for a visa! I need a round-trip ticket to prove the date of arrival in your country.
and return back! This is a prerequisite for a tourist visa! I understand that it is not easy to help me with the purchase of tickets! But there are things,
much more important than the money for the tickets! This our with you feelings to each other! I hope you're sincere with me! Please don't betray
me and our feelings! I will come and prove to you that for you in my heart there is a lot of passion and tenderness!!!
You became for me the most expensive man for time of our with you communication! I write you this letter and tears flow down my cheeks!!!
That's how much I want to meet you! I went to the Embassy reception! I was given a period of 4 days, so I resolved the issue with buying tickets! if you can't help me with the tickets, then I have to go home. please don't break our dream, our meeting.if you can't help me with the tickets, then I have to go home. please don't break our dream, our meeting.
I can't do this alone! If only I had the opportunity to pay for everything myself, but I have no such opportunity!
Yes, it's humiliating that I'm asking you to help! But it is necessary for both of us! This is our happiness and our future, which is in our hands!
I've done everything that depends on me...I really want these difficulties to end as soon as possible, but without you I can not solve everything!
If you can't help me, then I can't come to you and we can't make our dream come true!
and for me it will be a shame and humiliation, because I told everyone what a wonderful man you are, with whom I am happy!!!
Everyone knows how I feel about you!!! My heart is in your hands! Please don't break it!!!
What else do I have to do to make you believe me and help us meet? I made a copy of my passport and will send it to you.
I was told by relatives and friends that I am a very trusting and honest girl...Why are you doing this to me? Why can't we be together?
After all, we need to do quite a bit for this! I want to scream in despair!!! I want to be with you! You want this?
Or are my feelings just a game to you? Write me the truth, I need to know! If you want us to be happy, let's make it a reality!
I look forward to your letter, my dear! I'll think of you all the time until you answer my letter!!! In my dreams I'm with you!!!
I hope our dreams are the same!!!!!

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