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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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Sun Oct 06, 2019 11:49 am

Form received 2019-10-05 19:26:05

What name did the scammer use?:

How old did the scammer say they were?:

What site/app did you first meet the scammer on? Please provide a link if
possible.: //

Who made the first contact?:
They contacted me first.

If they asked you to leave the site/app and go elsewhere, where did they
take you?:
Contattato tramite Contacted by e-mail (

Any other social media profile links used by the scammer.:
Sergente sarahteresa / Sergeant sarateresa

Scammer's email address if you have it.:

Scammer's Skype name.:
Sarah Teresa

Scammer's skype ID:

How much money did they demand?:
376 euro

Name you were told to send the money to.:
Mr George Williams dakar senegal

What country/city were you told to send the money to?:

How were you to send the money ?:

What steps, if any, have you already taken to block the scammer?:
Ho fatto bloccare il pacco con i soldi (19.200.000 udì) in dogana a Dakar
Dove per essere recuperato devi spendere ancora 350 euro.
Poi sempre se la ragazza se dice che e una ragazza o un uomo sparirà nel
Con i soldi cioè 19.200.000 udì soldi americani e tu li hai pagato
Il via libera

I had the package with the money (19.200.000 heard) blocked in Dakar
Where to be recovered you still have to spend 350 euros.
Then always if the girl says that a girl or a man will disappear in the
With money that is 19.200.000 he heard American money and you paid for it
The green light

Are there any other details you wish to share? Anything you say may help
prevent someone else from being scammed.:
Vero nome della ragazza shalon Scott e si fa chiamare Sarah Teresa
( e una persona che dopo 2 giorni
Ti chiede i soldi

Real name of the shalon girl Scott and calls herself Sarah Teresa
( and a person who after 2 days
He asks for money





Stolen images are also reported here:

Sun Oct 06, 2019 6:00 pm

Ciao cara,
Spero che tutto vada bene per te e come ti stai godendo la giornata laggiù nel tuo paese? Sembri carino e gentile da quello che ho visto sul tuo profilo. Grazie per avermi scritto come avevo richiesto. Mi chiamo SGT. Sarah Teresa, ho 29 anni, sono single. Sono un'infermiera di terapia intensiva in United States Military / Nasa, di Los Angeles, Stati Uniti, ma attualmente sono in Afghanistan per la lotta al terrorismo e al mantenimento della pace. Ho davvero bisogno di una persona sincera solidale e premurosa per stabilire una relazione vera che possa portare a cose buone nella vita o qualcos'altro con te, è un piacere incontrarti.

Mi piacerebbe conoscerti. Sono una persona amorevole, onesta e premurosa con un buon senso dell'umorismo nonostante la mia professione. Mi piace leggere, lavorare, viaggiare, conoscere nuove persone e conoscere il loro stile di vita, mi piace guardare le onde del mare e la bellezza delle montagne e tutto ciò che la natura ha da offrire. Per favore, dimmi di più su di te, è molto bello conoscere ed essere tuo amico, ti auguro tutto il meglio, grazie perché aspetto ancora di leggere da te.

Voglio che siamo vicini, perché ho bisogno di qualcuno con cui condividere idee qui. Credo che saremo i migliori amici. Sarò anche felice di venire nel tuo paese durante il mio congedo molto presto. Ti terrò aggiornato mentre procediamo nella nostra chat. Prendersi cura di voi stessi.

I migliori saluti
Sergente Sarah Teresa.


Hi dear,
I hope everything goes well for you and how are you enjoying the day down there in your country? You look nice and kind from what I saw on your profile. Thanks for writing to me as I requested. My name is SGT. Sarah Teresa, I'm 29, I'm single. I am an intensive care nurse in the United States Military / Nasa, Los Angeles, United States, but I am currently in Afghanistan to fight terrorism and maintain peace. I really need a sincere sympathetic and caring person to establish a real relationship that can lead to good things in life or something else with you, it's a pleasure to meet you.
I'd like to meet you. I am a loving, honest and caring person with a good sense of humor despite my profession. I like reading, working, traveling, meeting new people and learning about their lifestyle, I like watching the waves of the sea and the beauty of the mountains and all that nature has to offer. Please tell me more about you, it's very nice to know and be your friend, I wish you all the best, thank you because I'm still waiting to read to you.
I want us to be close, because I need someone to share ideas here. I believe we will be the best friends. I will also be happy to come to your country during my leave very soon. I will keep you updated as we proceed in our chat. Take care of yourself.
Best regards
Sergeant Sarah Teresa.


Return-Path: <>
Received: from AM0PR10MB2865.EURPRD10.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM ([fe80::9458:159c:3ea6:ca11]) by AM0PR10MB2865.EURPRD10.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM ([fe80::9458:159c:3ea6:ca11%3]) with mapi id 15.20.2327.023;
Sun, 6 Oct 2019
From: Sarah Teresa <>
Subject: THANK YOU




Mon Oct 07, 2019 9:40 pm

Hello Darling,

I hope all is well with you, and how are you enjoying your day over there in your country? You look cute and gentle from what i saw on your profile. Thanks for writing me like i demanded. My name is SGT. Sarah Teresa, I’m 29 years single. I'm an ICU Nurse in United State Military/Nasa, from Los Angeles, United State but i am presently in Afghanistan for the fight against terrorism and peace keeping. I really need a supportive, caring sincere person to establish a true relationship that may lead into good things in life or something else with you, it's my pleasure meeting you.

I will like to get acquainted with you. I am loving, honest and caring person with a good sense of humor despite my profession. I enjoy reading, working, traveling, meeting new people and knowing their way of life, I enjoy watching the sea waves and the beauty of the mountains and everything that nature has to offer. Please tell me more about yourself, it is very nice to know and be your friend, wishing you all the best, thank you as i still wait to read from you.

I want us to be close, because i need someone to be sharing ideas with here. I believe we will be best of friends. I will also be happy to come over to your country during my leave very soon. I shall keep you updated as we proceed in our chatting. Take good care of yourself.

Best Regards
Sergeant Sarah Teresa.

Wed Oct 09, 2019 9:29 pm

Shifts from a Military "I will come and meet you" scam to a "trunk box" scam.

Hello Beloved,
Thanks for your reply, I am happy to know you. Regarding what I said in my previous message, I know you might be wondering what i want to tell you. My dear, I want you to read this with full understanding without single doubt because it's true. Like you know, Afghanistan has been under Terrorist insurgency for some years now. We are being attacked by terrorists constantly. Something happened couple of weeks ago, and I have been looking for someone who will see things from my own point, someone whom I can have confidence on.

I'm opening up this to you because i really needed to confide one someone because i cannot do this alone and I believe you’re the right person for this. During one of our rescue mission we came across a safe box that contain huge amount of money that belongs to the militant supporters of the over thrown government of Afghanistan, which we believed was money meant for buying weapons and ammunition for terrorist attacks.

The amount of the money in the safe box is $19,200.000 Dollars and it was agreed by the 6 Army officers present on that rescue mission that the money will be shared among us which we did. Out of the total fund my share was $3.2 Million Dollars three million two hundred thousand united states dollars. I am seeking your assistance to evacuate my share of this money out of this country Afghanistan to your country until i come over to meet with you. I have decided to use my own share of the money to build an orphanage home, a charity organization to benefit the less privileged who were affected in one way or the other.

This is a very urgent issue because my assignment here will be over soonest and I need to send this money out from here, that was why i decided to contact you immediately I saw your profile. You look nice and decent. Though, I know it's too early, but we must act as a matter of urgency due to my limited time here. I really need your assistance so that I will come over to meet you directly from here before going to see my parents. I will be coming over to your home so that we'll plan on how to use the money for the organization and more. I hope my explanation is very clear, but if you need further clarification just let me know and I will explain further.

It’s clear to me that you might be scared of this proposal. But I want to let you know that I have made a solid arrangement with a delivery company here and they've promised to secure the delivery to any of my choosing destination. My colleagues also used the same delivery company and their own were successful. I want you to assure me that if this money is being delivered to you, that you're going to be trustworthy to keep it until i come to meet you face to face. This delivery is going to be handled legally and there will not be any form of risk involve in the process and the money will be parked or hidden safely in a box and will be delivered to you in your home address as a package from me.

You may wonder why I am so soon revealing myself to you without formal introduction. Well, i will say that my mind convinced me that you are the true person to help me on this and i have no other option than to confide on you despite the short period of time. Trust doesn't matter how long you've known the person. People can still betray long age relationship and trust. I have decided to compensate you with 30% of the total money once the money is delivered to you, while the rest balance shall be invested on the Organization like i mentioned earlier. We can run the Organization together if you wish to be part of it.

One passionate appeal I will make to you is not to discuss this matter to a third party, if you do not want to be assist me, please kindly delete this message from your email box to avoid any leakage of this information and it will be dangerous to me based on my position here. I want to let you know that here in the military zone we are not allow to make use of mobile phones, we only make use of radio message and email communication so please let us continue communicating through email for the mean time OK. Conclusively, I wish you could send me a reply immediately in regards to this proposal, your urgent reply will be highly appreciated.

I Wait to receive your acceptable reply as soon as you read this letter.

Best Regards
With love and hug
Sergeant Sarah Teresa.

Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:32 pm

Hello Darling,
I want to say a very big thank you for your acceptance to assist me on this. I salute your courage. I also want to reassure you that you will never regret this and your concern. Like i said before, I have made an arrangement on how to move the money down to you through a delivery company here. I will secure the money inside many items like winter jackets, clothes, Blankets. I will secure it and make sure even scanner will not identify the real content as money. I will verify it with our scanner here in the camp to make sure everything will be perfectly once you follow my instructions.

You are the only person I told this and i believe my secret will be safe with you. I have given you all my trust because i have already believed you by the grace of God who appointed you to me, so if you chose to cheat on me in the end, it’s up to you. I do not want you to see this as what will bring problem to you, rather, i want you to trust and believe me when i say that there is nothing to worry about, honestly i have made every necessary arrangement that will lead to safe delivery to you without any form of problem or risk.

I really need to speak with you, I can not call you on phone because we are only using Government radio message at Army camp here for communication for security reason. Do not worry okay? We share meet very soon in person. The delivery is by Flight so it will be fast, you will receive the package under 72 Hours from the date of departure from here. Am a Woman that does things in accordance to the directives of my conscience, i chose you to be my partner and also help me in receiving the fund because my conscience has been bearing me witness that you are the rightful person for me and I know you will not disappoint me.

I'm not permitted to send package down to any of my friends nor relatives since am still in the military camp outside USA, if I eventually send out any thing to the USA it will be suspicious and i will be query and persecuted for the action, so i chose you because i know you are the ideal person and as foreigner who is not a USA citizen. Please put away any form of fear or doubt and make up your mind to help and participate on this, i promise you will not regret anything.

I pray that God will give you the grace to make up your mind because I’m serious with this. One more thing, I want to let you know that there is no complication on this matter, if you follow my instruction every thing will go smooth and well in the process of receiving the fund, therefore, you should try and keep this as a top secret between you and I to avoid making room for enemy because if you and i should agree on one thing with our heart with seriousness then we must surely achieve success at the end.

I want to remind you once again that every arrangement towards this project is intact between both of us and on no account should you let the security company that will be delivering to you to know the content, remember that the consignment will be delivered as an official Package to the delivery company but it’s registered as a (FAMILY VALUABLES) they believe to be the content, so you should not let them know that the content is money please i beg of you.

I want you to send your contact information to me so that i can forward to the delivery company to enable them proceed to your country for the final delivery of the package to your country and to your door step.

Send your below information to me urgently for the delivery process:

Your full names: ........
Delivery Full address: ..
Your Occupation..........
Name of your airport: ..............
City: ...................
Country: ................
Telephone number: ........... (very important)

I also wish to let you know that my official assignment here is over and i waiting for my leave approval letter, I will come over to meet you one on one in your country immediately you receive the package and after that we shall decide on how to carry on with our lives, but for now please i will appreciate us to be more focus on this issue of you receiving the money and safe guard it.

I await your immediate response.

Yours Faithfully
Sergeant Sarah Teresa.
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