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Hi my long-time friend


I know you may be worried who is this person writing you after a long period of silence between us . Anyway Sorry for pestering you in case you do not know who is writing i am Awa TURKMANI i am originally from Damascus Syria in Asia i ran away from my country as a result of the crises which occurred in Syria ! With the help of the United Nations i travelled to Africa-Senegal there i was directed as a fugitive to the Mbour-Rufisque Senegal Orphanage home (Maison de l'orphelinat) under the care of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Senegal Chapter .

Although i could not write you due to the lock-down government policy all over the world in a wake a curb and fight the new global enemy called covid-19 .

As you can know We have been long-time friends for several months when i was still back then in Africa-Senegal suffering in the orphanage home / refugee camp to seek senegal assylum permit thank God today i am out of Africa-Senegal It is a pleasure to inform you about my success in obtaining my funds (€7,74 MILLION EURO my father left behind for me as inheritance in his WILL STATEMENT ) transferred to an account in Switzerland with the help of a new partner from United Kingdom who is an international businessman from London but works in Zurich Switzerland.

Presently I'm in London for an investment projects with my share of
the total sum. Meanwhile,I did not forget your past efforts and
attempts to assist me in transferring those funds back then in Senegal despite that it failed us somehow. So in this case i want you to contact the Reverend
Father for the gift I left for you in his position, his contact information address is:

Name: The Reverend James Jerry Sunday Ousene St Mary Catholic Church Senegal.

Email: ( )

Ask the reverend father to send you 317,000 Euros i left you in an ATM Credit card (Three hundred
and Seventeen thousand Euros) which I kept for your compensation already
in an ATM International Visa credit card for all the past efforts and trials to
help me in the case. I appreciated your efforts at that time very
much. So feel free to get in touch with the Reverend asking him where
to send you the Credit card containing 317,000 Euros, to enable you
withdraw 40,000 Euros daily in your country bank ATM machine at any bank that operates with ATM Vending machine in your country.

Please let me know immediately you receive it from him so we can share
the joys together after all my suffering as at that time back then in the Senegal orhanage home (Maison de l'orphelinat) under care of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) overseers of the populated refugee camps world-wide.

At this moment I am very
busy here because of the investment projects, including my new partner's project that I have at hand despite the corona-virus pandemic which has prompted the UK government to declare a State of Emergency .However the UK is also lifting up the lock-down gradually and people are now free to return back to work , places of worship and also schools and football clubs will resume soon .

Finally, remember that I had forwarded instructions to the Reverend back there in Senegal on your behalf to receive that parcel of ATM International Visa credit card, then please
contact the Reverend and he will send the credit card to you without
any delay. His contact as follows:

Name: Reverend James Jerry Sunday Ousene St Mary Catholic Church Senegal.

Best regards.
Awa Tukrmani now in London England UK
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