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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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Mon Aug 19, 2019 11:30 pm

Good day!;)
What is your mood?
My name is Diana Tooming. My age is 32. I live in a city Tallinn.
I free from relationships. I looking for a serious relationship.
In a man for me important confidence in tomorrow
and, of course, know that you will always give a shoulder.
The main thing in life for me is family.
Also for me important in a relationship understanding each other and relax.
I will write a little about myself.
I I do not smoke or drink alcohol, in my free time I do sports,
read books, listen to music. I love spend time alone. I not interested noisy parties.
Probably you will ask a question how I have found you?
Your mailbox address gave me a dating agency.
Most likely, you ask where did they get your email address?
I do not know, how a dating site found your mailbox address.
After registering on the site, I filled out a questionnaire, what criteria in a man I am interested in to the agency selected a man who will suit me.
Agency provided your mailbox address. But I am registered in the demo version, that is, free, so I do not know anything about you.
I do not have your photo, I do not know in which country you live, in your city and what important, your age.
Nothing I do not know. Therefore, if you want to continue further communication, give me more information about yourself.
Later, when we get to know each other better, we can communicate via Skype.
I seek only friendship and love.
Write me to my mailbox address, if I interested you. please write to me at this email address !
I send you a photo after your reply ok? )
Good luck, Diana!

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Fri, 16 Aug 2019
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From: "Diаnа" <>
Subject: Hello, I'm quiet and modest fluff

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Fri Aug 30, 2019 8:05 pm

Heyyy... It's me, Diana from Estonia. Wow, i see you answered me... Well, thanks. To be honest, i didn’t think you would write me back. Not many people dare to answer strangers. But i'm pleased you found me interesting and answered to my offer to make friends, thanks.
Oh damn, i don’t even know if you are still waiting for my answer. So much time has passed and you probably already forgot about me. I see you wrote to me on 8/20/2019, but today it is already 30 August. Damn, if i could see your message earlier, then of course i would answer you right away. But for some reason your message was in my spam. I almost never watch messages there. But today i decided to clean my spam and unexpectedly saw you messages. Oh my god, i’m very ashamed i couldn’t see your answer before. And now i do not know if it will be too late for my answer. But i thought and decided to write to you in the hope you have not lost interest in me.
So your name is , right? Great name, i like :-) Nice to meet you Bradley. What about me, my name is Diana. Full name Diana Tooming. I'm from Estonia. Live in Tallinn. I'm 32 years old. I was married once, but i was divorced last year. So now i'm lonely and at the moment i'm in search of someone special for me.
As for the type of companion i prefer, it's pretty simple. Race, ethnicity, age, and physical appearance are not a problem at all. I'm interested in a good personality and sense of humor.
I'm not tall, my height is 169 cm, my weight is about 56 kg. By the sign of the zodiac i'm Aquarius. I was born on February 14, 1987. It probably looks funny, i was born on Valentine's Day. I have a slender figure. I work hard on my appearance. I almost every day run in the morning and also go to the aerobics room twice a week. I try to be slim to look beautiful.
By nationality i'm half Estonian, other half Finland. My mother was from Finland. My parents met and got married when my dad worked in Finland. He was a truck driver. But when i was 3 years old, he got into a car accident and was deprived of his job. And after my parents moved to live in my dad’s house in Tallinn. Unfortunately my parents are no longer alive. My dad died in 2016 he was 62, my mother died a year later at the age of 61.
By education, i have a higher chemical and biological education. In 2012 i graduated from Tallinn University. Simply put i'm a biologist. Now i work as a veterinarian-virologist at the equestrian hippodrome in Tallinn.
So this is a short story about me. Of course i could write more about myself, but would you be interested in this? I don’t even know if you want to write to me again at all. I know not many men would like to have an acquaintance with a divorced woman, but how do you feel about this? Bradley you can tell me the truth. I will understand your decision, if now when you learn i'm divorced, you do not want to have contact with me.
But let's do it. If you want to know more about me, then next time i will write in more detail about me. But if you do not write me anymore, then i will know i'm not interesting to you.
Ok, now i just to send you my letter. I do not know if i will hear from you again, but i will hope you will answer me. And i will be glad if you tell me about you.
Oops... i forgot to warn. You wrote to me on my mail But i will send you this message from my gmail. I hope you do not mind? No, i do not want to confuse you, just so better for me. I use gmail in my smartphone so it would be better for me if you will answer me here. So, come back to me, ok? I will be waiting for your reply. Diana.

I just got a photo for you. Here i'm with my cat. Her name is Lucy. So now you see my face. And i'm very worried if you like me. But don't flatter me. Tell the truth if I'm not so pretty.
If you don’t mind, there’s something else i forgot to tell you about me. I said i'm divorced. I don’t know if it will be interesting to you, but maybe you want to know why i got divorced?
This happened last year. I came home from work and found my husband in the room sleeping with my best friend. I was shocked by what i saw, but i forgave him for the first time.
But then after a while he again betrayed me with my other friend. I found them kissing at the door of our house. I could not forgive him again and on the same day i drove him away.
And since then i have no more family and no best friends. And worse, now i'm afraid to make friends again, because i'm afraid i will be betrayed again. But i hope you are not like that?
You know, i would really like to make friends with you, but i don’t know what you are inside. But let me tell you about the type of person i would like to find.
The kind of person i'm looking for must be very good. Responsible, honest, caring, beautiful, open and hardworking...
I'm looking for a man who in the first place could be my best friend. I need a friend with whom i could sincerely share my thoughts... a friend with whom i would not be bored... a friend with whom i could talk about everything without hesitation... and finally a friend with whom we could do everything than we want. I hesitate to tell you about this, but now i mean sex. No, please just don’t think about me wrong. I'm a decent woman, but i like sex and therefore i talk about it.
I have so many questions for you, but i don’t know where to start... for starters of course i would like to know more about you. What do you do, what are your interests, hobbies, profession, etc... Do you smoke, do you drink? To be honest, i do not like smokers and often drink men, so i ask you about this.
I do not know if you will write me back, but i will hope you have not lost interest in me. And if you write, please send me more of your photos, ok? I will be waiting for your reply. Diana.



Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:11 pm

Hello my dear . It's me, your friend Diana from Estonia. I do not know if you still remember me, but i hope you have not forgotten.
Oh damn it... It's already been more than two weeks since my last contact with you. And you probably think i forgot about you, right? i'm sorry. Sorry to take so much time to write to you again. NO, NO, NO i have not forgotten about you and do not even think so. Of course i remember you. But unfortunately i was very sick with the flu, so until now it has been difficult for me to find the time to write to you, sorry.
Oh damn it, this terrible flu... I myself can’t understand where i could get this terrible flu? At first i thought i just got a cold. But then i had severe cramps and i had to go to the hospital. i was in the hospital all this time and because of this couldn't write to you. But i still think about you and i would like to continue to communicate with you. I hope you do not mind? Oh my God, i don’t know what else to say. I'm really very sorry to keep you waiting so long time. But in my heart i will hope that during this time you have not lost interest in me.. And please, don't be mad at me and let's keep friends, ok?
Well, this will be short for now. I was only discharged from the hospital today. But i do not say Bye. I’ll write to you again tomorrow, ok? Still your friend Diana.

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Fri, 13 Sep 2019
From: Diana Tooming <>
Subject: Hello my dear


Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:32 pm

Hello my dear . Oh my god, i'm so happy you answered me. I was worried that you forgot about me and you won’t write me back. But now when i see you wrote to me, i feel joyful, thanks.
if you do not mind, i want to apologize again for my long silence. I know that silence is not good for starting a friendship. But i actually was very sick with the flu, and for this reason i could not write to you for so long. But now i'm fine. So i will be happy if we continue to get to know you.
So today is Sunday, September 15th. I wonder what you are doing right now, how are you spending your weekend? What about me, today i am sitting at home alone. But usually on weekends i like to walk in the park or meet friends in a cafe. But today it is cloudy here in Tallinn and it rains periodically. So today i prefer to sit at home and just watch TV.
there is one moment that i would like to tell you about. I mean about my reality. I know that now the internet is full of fake people. Newspapers, radio, television constantly warn us about fraud on the internet. But believe me, i'm not like that. I am a real woman and i never play on the feelings of others. And if you want, then one day i can even prove it to you. Skype, WhatsApp is not a problem at all. I have Skype and WhatsApp too. But now i do not want to rush this, because before i already had an unsuccessful experience of dating on the internet. It happened a little over 3 months ago. I met one man on a dating site. He also lives in Tallinn. At first we just talked inside a dating site, but then two days later he asked me for my phone number. I was naive then and sent him my phone number. And after i gave him my phone number, my life turned into a nightmare. At first he began to constantly call me on the phone and suggested that i have sex with him. Of course i refused him, but this fool did not calm down. Then he began to write a bunch of messages in my WhatsApp and on Skype. After that i had to change my phone number and delete all my credentials in order to get rid of it. But even after that, he did not calm down. Then he found my facebook page and there on my wall he wrote various vulgarities about me. In the end, i also had to delete my page from facebook. And only after i deleted all my social networks did this fool finally leave me alone. And after this incident, i will never register on facebook again and never give my phone number to people i’m not sure about. Therefore, for me now it is important to simply know you by correspondence. I want to be sure of you before i have closer contact with you, i hope you understand me?
i have one idea. If you don't mind, let's play the same game with you. The essence of the game, in each of my letters i will give you one digit of my phone number. Only 11 digits. The first 3 digits are the country code. This is +372. Next is my 8-digit phone number. Today i will write the first digit, it is "5". The first four digits of my number are +3725... and then another 7 digits. It turns out that after 7 correspondence you will find out my full number. Well, are you ready to play? I think that during this time of correspondence we will have time to get to know each other well, so i would like to play this game with you. And you, what do you think?
Ok... now i will continue to talk about me. Last time i told you about myself, but now let me tell you more. I think that if we want to make friends, then it is important to know about each other, am i right?
As i said, my name is Diana Tooming. I am 32 years old, i live in Tallinn, Estonia. Date of birth 02.14.1987. I was married once, but last year i got divorced. My ex-husband cheated on me with my best friend and that was the reason for the divorce. But i do not regret the divorce. Now i am free and may prefer to seek a man for my life.
I do not smoke cigarettes and almost do not drink alcohol. Although sometimes on holidays i can afford to drink white semi-sweet wine or light beer.
I like to go to the theatre. Like opera, drama... and you, do you like theater?
My favorite color is red, yellow, blue (i like bright colors)... my favorite flowers are red roses... my favorite season is spring and summer...
I am a religious woman and believe in god. I think that believing in God is important in life, because in our modern life we ​​cannot live without faith.
I like traveling, like sea, sun, sandy beaches. My favorite resort is Antalya and Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.
To my shortcomings, i find that i love sweets. I love chocolate and this is probably my biggest drawback right now.
On weekends, when i'm not busy, i like to watch movies or just listen to music. My favorite movie is "The Best of Me". This is a good movie, but with a terrible end. In this film, the protagonist is killed and he gives his heart to the son of his beloved woman. I do not know if you watched this movie, but if not, i advise you to watch. Every time i cry when i watch this movie.
What about music... I guess i'm a little old fashioned, but i love listening to Kim Wilde. Favorite songs are "You came", "You keep me hangin on". These are old songs, but i like her voice.
If you do not mind, now i want to write a little bit about what kind of person i would like to meet.
For starters, he should not be rich, because i think that all rich people are spoiled by money. Also, he should not be too handsome, because i think that such men have an overestimated self-esteem. My ideal is an ordinary man who lives not only for his own sake. He must be a little knight within himself to perform feats for the sake of his beloved woman. I'm not talking about the feats that would be a threat to his life... I mean giving flowers to his beloved woman - i think this is also a feat, because flowers always delight a woman's heart. I do not look for a man who would be young and handsome. It’s more important for me that my man is beautiful inside himself. Let him be 70 or vice versa 20, age is not important for me. It is more important for me that my man knows how to care and love. Bradley i don’t know whether i should tell you about it now, but i want you to know that i am serious about our acquaintance in you. No, i do not rush you reciprocate. And i don’t even know what kind of relationship will develop between us. But i want you to know that my heart is free and that i like you.
if you do not mind, let me ask you a question. I wonder what is the ideal of your woman? What should it be? I mean her beauty. What beauty is more important for you... Inner spiritual or should it just be beautiful outside? And another very important question for me, which i am a little ashamed of... If you would like to have sex with a woman, what should she be? (i mean her figure (full or thin), and then she should dominate the bed or not? Damn it, i am ashamed to ask such personal questions, but i will thank you if you answer me.
Oh my god, it's been over two hours since i write this letter to you. Hey, i hope you don't get tired of reading my writings? This turned out to be a very long letter, but i hope that you will read to the end and try to answer my questions. I will be waiting for your answer. Sincerely, your new friend Diana.


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