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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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Fri Jul 12, 2019 7:31 pm

Email received:

Du hattest mich sehr erfreut, wenn du diesen Brief bis zum Ende lesen wirst, da ich mich so lange nicht einlassen konnte dir zu schreiben. Ich schreibe den Mannern erste niemals.
Mein Name ist Tatyana Ich bin vierunddreiBig Mein Alter ist 34 und ich bin aus Russland. Ich bin eine ehrliche und gutige Frau. Ich strebe nur dauerhafte Beziehungen, die auf Liebe und Vertrauen gegrundet sind.
Ich bin ein Facharzt fur Zahnheilkunde und ich habe 2 Hochschulabschlussdiplome auf dem Gebiet Zahnmedizin. Ich arbeitete und bekam die Praxis auch in anderen Landern.
Ich verbringe viel Zeit an der Arbeitsstelle und ich bemuhe mich fur berufliche Weiterentwicklung, aber jetzt verstehe ich, dass ich einzelstehend nicht mehr sein mochte und ich traume sehr einen wurdigen und rechten Mann finden, mit dem wir eine feste Familie schaffen konnten und sehr glucklich zu sein.
Wenn du eine aufrichtige und nette Frau suchst, so ist es moglich und schone Beziehungen aufbauen konnen.
Ich schicke dir mein Foto. Ich hoffe, dass dir mein Au?ere gefallen wird und du mir die Ruckantwort schicken wirst.
Wenn du findest mich beachtenswert, werde ich sehr glucklich sein deinen Brief zu bekommen. Erzahle, bitte, etwas von dir, deine Begeisterungen, Hobby, Traume.
Ich will mit dir besser kennenlernen.
Ich wollte sagen, dass ich mochte keine Spiele spielen und ich verstehe die Bitten nicht die sex Bilder abzuschicken oder die Bitten des intimen Charakters
Wenn du gerade diese Sachen willst, bitte, sende mir kein Brief ehelose Mann bist und ernste Beziehungen mochtest finden, bin ich sehr froh uber unseren Korrespondenz! Ich benutze diese Adresse .!
Ich werde erwartungsvoll auf deine Ruckmeldung warten.
Grussen Tatyana.

/ (translation)

You have been very pleased if you will read this letter to the end, because I could not commit to writing you that long. I never write to the men first.
My name is Tatyana I am 34 years old My age is 34 and I am from Russia. I am a honest and good-tempered woman. I only strive for lasting relationships based on love and trust.
I am a Dentistry Specialist and I have 2 Degree Dentistry Diplomas. I worked and got the practice in other countries too.
I spend a lot of time at the job and I am striving for professional development, but now I understand that I would not like to be single anymore and I dream to find a worthy and right man with whom we could create a solid family and be very happy too his.
If you are looking for a sincere and nice woman, it is possible and you can build beautiful relationships.
I send you my photo. I hope you like my appearance and you will send me the feedback.
If you find me noteworthy, I will be very happy to get your letter. Tell me, please, something from you, your enthusiasm, hobby, dreams.
I want to get to know you better.
I wanted to say that I do not like to play games and I do not understand the requests to send the sex pictures or the requests of the intimate character
f you just want this stuff, please, do not send me a letter, I am a married man and I would like to have serious relationships, I am very happy about our correspondence! I am using this address!
I will wait expectantly for your feedback.
Greet Tatyana.


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From: Tanya <>
Subject: waiting for your letter
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2019 15:35:27

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Originating ISP: Cambodian Singmeng Telemedia Co., Ltd
City: Phnom Penh
Country of Origin: Cambodia

Stolen picture received with the message:


The image is stolen from the real owner social profile. Her name is not Tatyana.

Fri Sep 06, 2019 9:52 pm

Email received:

Hello my new friend ,.
I encountered your electronic mail on your homeland dating page. For a long time I did not dare to correspond to you.
What do you think of the woman who sends a letter to you ahead? Can you imagine this? In ordinary life, I am more shy.
I am Svetlana. I live in Russia and my age is 34 years old. my specialization is a dentist of the uttermost qualification and it is a work in a large partial clinic in my town. I am busy most of the time as many clients rely on me. Periodically I conduct complicated surgery to entire recover the jaw after an emergency. I possess 3 records for advanced education of a dental practice in other nations. I labored insistenly and hence could not build durable relations. At the moment I decided to find a man who will be sincere with me and provide me all the attention and tenderness.
My last relationship ended 1 year ago and all along I attempted to create a partner on the Internet. Nevertheless I greeted only perverts who needs barely sexual intercourse and naked snapshots. I wish that you are not such a man and you are only concerned about a long-term relationship. When you are not ready for this, then I beg you not to reply my letter. Ok?
If you react me, in this case in my following mail I am going to relate you more about myself. In your letter, I ask you to relate me where you inhabit, the name of your city and your interests. I sincerely desire to learn more about you. It is not a question that I will every time reply you and tell you a lot about
my life. I am forwarding you my photo and wish you like me. write to me at this address !!
Expecting for the second mail as quickly as possible, Svetlana


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Message-ID: <>
Reply-To: Sveta <>
From: Sveta <>
Subject: super love
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2019 17:16:33

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Originating ISP: Consolidated Telephone Company
City: Hyannis
Country of Origin: United States

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