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Unread postby daisy » Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:55 pm

Christopher Mario - Instagram

Thank you for your giving me the opportunity to communicate with you further. I am going to fill this message with info about me....hope you are not bored, I believe the best way to explain myself and my intentions is to write as much as I can, I believe this will give you a better understanding about the person I am.

Ok sorry babe please get well soon I will wait for you no matter what
Wooow that’s so nice my baby I’m so so happy to hear this I was worried because I didn’t hear from you anymore

can you please help me to top-up my airtime
I understand love and even if it’s not cold I won’t allow you to walk out just to buy airtime babes
I can’t allow you do that my love
Okay babe I understand babe and it’s not good to stay alone, I’m so happy and glad to meet you because i really seek for a real woman in my life at this point in time and i die slowly in loneliness, We weren't created to be alone, Everybody needs a companion, every man needs a woman and every woman needs a man by her side.

I am happy you are a serious person because that is what i want, am not in for jokes and don't want to waste any more of my time because we are not getting younger but getting older by the day

So you can even stay one whole day to talk to me?You can chat me anytime
We need to plan our future
You don’t seems interested maybe you found someone already
: No one is forcing anything
: How can you wake up and not chat with me or even greet me

Okay babe that’s nice I am traveling to Italy for work this weekend so you will tell me things to buy for you
Okay babe I will let you know okay?
I want you to know that I really like you and I want to shower you with love and care to show you I truly care about you
Okay welcome back home I will be leaving this weekend babe

Good morning babe and how was your night? I should be leaving tomorrow but I’m busy with my sim roaming because I want to be able to be using this number to be reaching you while I’m awayj8
Honey it’s this night there’s no flight for tomorrow love except I but ticket for next week and I will resume my work at the job site next week so I decided to buy ticket for tonight
Thanks baby I will let you know and things I will buy and how to send them

Fine thanks love I’m going for shopping for my Daugter and for my material for my work and also get to things that I promised you also
Hello babe I’m back from shopping and by tomorrow I will go send those things I bought for you

Hello babe please send me your details tomorrow first thing in the morning I’m
Going to send the parcel
I will tell you the details they will need tomorrow when I get there where I wanna send it
I told sarah my daughter about you already


Number billable as mobile number
Country or destination South Africa
City or exchange location
Original network provider* MTN
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Unread postby daisy » Fri Jul 05, 2019 12:19 pm
We contacting you to inform you that your parcel from Mr Christopher Antonio has arrived on the 5/07/2019 and you are required to pay the sum of €1,000 which is R15,000 for clearance fee due to the quantity and weight of the parcel.

Please ensure that the money is paid before the end of day to enable us do the delivery as soon as possible

We will deliver your Parcel immediately after the payment. Your ID will required for proper identification when the parcel arrive to your provided home address.

Delivery Agent Account Na****4988
Bank: Nedbank Bank
Branch Code: 106012

Contact No: 0218262794

Kindly email the proof of payment after payment

REF: CM001

Kindly forward the proof of payment immediately after payment





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