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Hello charming man! It could surprised u, but I request to read my letter. Take a read on my letter, please. Do you have notice why I am texting? I want to get together with you for a serious relationship. I’m Tatyana (friends call me Tanya). My age is 36 and I live in Russian Federation. I am alone and I don't have a relationship now. I am looking forward toa gentleman who takes an interest in starting a family. I DON’T WANT to play games, and send off nude images of mine. Just ignore my message if you 're interested in games and other vulgarity. I'm not interested in a very green man and very beggar partner. Do not dawdle time and effort to answer. I’ll get interested to learn something about u! How can I call you? What region are you from? I’m 36 years old, and you? I desireto be liked and respected by my future husband. So that he can allow me to see his inner world. I want very much u to be such a gentleman.I will hope that you will answer me. Tanyusya

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