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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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Mon Jul 22, 2019 11:30 pm

This is my second letter today, because now
I have just returned from the bank. I am very worried about us.
Therefore, I went to the bank today to find out everything well again.
I again tried to get a loan, but bank refused. And again they said that
banks don't give money to people who are leaving to live in another country.
They can't help me, therefore now all hope is only on you.
The bank kindly helped me and explained how you can send money.
You can send money online: on the website or in the app.
There are three of the most popular money transfer systems in Russia.
- ww
- ww
- ww
You just need to have a credit card, go to one of these sites and follow
instructions to send money. I was told that it is very easy!!! Don't forget
that you must send to city of Irkutsk, Russia.
Also on this site you can download the application to your phone and send money
from your phone.
Also, on the site you can find the location of nearest branch to you and go personally.
This is also very simple.
Bank employees also said that you need to have a passport or any document proving
your identity. You can send money in cash or use a credit card. You have data of
my passport (I attached a copy of my passport again, if you didn't save it).
Here is information that can also be used to transfer money.
My full name is ANNA NODIYA.
You must send money to Irkutsk, Russia.
You know that I live in the village (Moty) near Irkutsk and there are no banks here,
so I ask you to send money to Irkutsk (city near my village).
Here are addresses of branches in Irkutsk where I can get your money:
Bank Uralsib
664003, Russia, Irkutsk region, Irkutsk, Gorkogo street 42
664047, Russia, Irkutsk region, Irkutsk, Deputatskaya street 32
AO KB Poidem (Zolotaya Korona), Irkutsk, Russia.
Now you understand that it is very simple. It doesn’t take much time.
Once I saw on TV how one astronaut (Armstrong) said phrase - "One giant leap for mankind".
If you rephrase these words in our relationship - one small step of yours can connect us!
I hope that this information will help you.
Now I will go home and pray. I hope that God will hear my prayers. And if he hears,
you will surely help me and we will be together...

Second Fake Passport:

Thu Jul 25, 2019 1:32 am

I see God didn't hear me and you didn't help me.
This is very disappointing. I was very sad to check my mail today.
Do you not feel sorry for me. Why do you treat me like a woman of
the second grade. I haven't done you any harm. Yes, many Russian
women were deceiving, but understand main thing that I differ from them.
PLEASE, HELP ME. I am desperate, you are my last chance to change my life.
Do you have no human compassion for another's grief?
And do you not want to help me?
You are very unfair if you think that I want to deceive you!
I already have sent you naked photos to prove my sincerity.
Did you get these photos? I attached them again.
Just imagine what is a risk for me, but I did it for you!
Yesterday, employees at the bank said that in your country
it is not large amount. And I don’t understand why you refuse me.
Understand main thing! - I don't ask to give! I ask in debt.
I will give you money back!
I will come to you! I PROMISE! I get not just a visa,
but a residence permit! I can work and will get citizenship of your country!
Just imagine that one your small step will save PERSON! HELP ME!
Trust your heart. I'm sure it tells you - help this unfortunate girl change
her life and be happy together. Your deed will be appreciated in heaven.
I'm sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you believe in God, then help. Because He sees that my thoughts are pure.
With sad regret in my heart I finish my letter.
I want to say only this words - SAVE ME! HELP ME!
your Anna.

6 more Semi-Nude photos that are not post-able were sent along with the plea.

Sat Jul 27, 2019 12:14 am

Hello my dear !
Today I walked alone in the forest for a long time.
I was very lonely, so I thought a lot about you. About your life there.
What are you doing there? Where are you? How do you spend your weekend?
From these thoughts I felt sad, because I want to be with you.
We could have fun together. But while we can not do that.
But I continue to believe ... I believe in you and I believe that you can help me leave here.
Because I have no choice but to believe...
You are my last hope !!! Don't deceive my hope !!! Give me hope !!!
Please do everything to save me. Please give me money for the trip.
I am sure that you often ask yourself the question - why so many women want to leave Russia.
It's very simple - here is a very bad life. It is very difficult to live when men do not respect women.
When the state deceives you. It is very difficult to become someone here.
But there is another side. I am very ashamed of it. And it is very difficult to talk about it.
Many russian women use men to get money.
Believe me, I AM NOT SUCH! I sincerely want to come. And I will come!
I'm not the person who will take the time to steal your money.
For me, chance to leave Russia is much more important !!!
These 320 euros are nothing compared to having a new life. I will never trade a man for money !!!
But unfortunately, I feel your disbelief. I do not know how to prove to you my sincerity.
At night, I pray…. I write letters in the hope ...
I hope you will believe and help the little defenseless girl. I believe in you.
Your Anna.
P.S. here is a little video for you -
https:/ /

Broke the link. Could go to a porn video for all I know.




Tue Jul 30, 2019 12:16 am

Hi ,
I feel like a fool. I'm tired of sex games.
I will no longer send videos or naked photos.
I feel stupid. You refuse to help me.
I thought that you are a real man. But you are only a virtual player.
I'm sorry ... I really hoped for you and your help.
It is not good to be deceived. Believe me it is not very nice!
I was too frank with you. Now I regret it. You didn't like it !!
Today I learned that I had to pay for my documents in the next 3-5 days.
Or I will be refused entry to your country.
Therefore, if you don’t send me money, you will betray and deceive me.
Because a real man who wants to see me will do everything for this.
Especially since you have already seen my naked photos and video!
Which I did only for YOU! I see you don’t appreciate it!
It really humiliates me.
Only one conclusion - you only play and don’t want to see me.
This is very disappointing because I so much dreamed about us,
about our first meeting,
about our first sex. I imagined how we would be in my favorite pose 69.
I want everything in my life to come true! And didn't remain only a dream!
I dreamed that with you I would try my first anal sex.
Because I never had it. But you refuse to help me, so you don’t want all this.
I feel like a whore, because I made a naked photo and video.
But I will not do this anymore. I don't want humiliation.
I made these photos for the first time! And I did it only for YOU!!!
I hoped that you would help me come to you. I wanted to come so that all
our sexual dreams would come true. But now I understand that all this is useless!
No matter how many times I prove to you that i am real, you are always unhappy.
You are just playing with me. You hurt me!!!
I ask you one last time - fulfill my request.
Send me money for documents.
And I will do for you what you ask. But until you send money,
I will not do anything.
Send money and I believe in your sincerity!
Because TRUE MAN will find a way to get money for his woman!
If not, you don't consider me your woman.
I repeat that I have only 3-5 days to pay for my documents
I have to pay for these days!
Or I can never come to you !!!
320 euros or 360 dollars is not a large amount!
Do you feel sorry for money? I think that I am much more expensive !!!
Or do you think differently ??? That’s why you play with me?!
Understand the most important thing I am ready to share with you all your
difficulties. Not just sex. We will be together and I will help you in everything
I promise that you will have a delicious food and your home will be clean!
I will be for you the best woman in the world!
And I don't care that we are from different countries or that our age is different.
The main thing that we had a spiritual understanding.
Now the choice is yours! - Help and send me money or finish our correspondence,
if you really only play with me. Please don't mock me!
Tomorrow I will know for sure... If you believe me,
tomorrow you will go and send me money.
If not, this is game for you.
I don't want to write anymore.
I want to cry...



Tue Jul 30, 2019 5:17 am

First time here. Let me know if I'm doing this correctly or not.

I got emails from this person, too. It didn't take long for him/her to get right down to the money, but interestingly they did it while sending me very revealing photos of this model, whatever her name is...very pretty girl with a fabulous figure.

I'm still in contact with them today, having just gotten an email with more nude photos and a hint that "she" may be in need of money. So far no requests have been made, but I'll have my laugh when I get them.

I realize it's not a good idea to keep in touch with a scammer, but I would like to get that passport picture before I shut our communications down.

Any advice about this person/scammer?
BTW, the letter are word for word what I got from "her" when she first wrote.
Thank you Scam Survivors! I've been looking for your site for some time.


Tue Jul 30, 2019 11:30 am

I received the nude photos too but we do not post those here.
I'm not sure why you would want to stay in contact with the scammer just until you get the fake passport.
I'm still getting E-mails even though I've broken contact with "Her". Your best option is to stop all contact with the scammer. They have your real life information and as you can read from the posts they can get pretty nasty once you do not pay.

Thu Aug 01, 2019 12:47 am

Today I waiting for a letter from you with good news.
But you upset me again. I thought you would send me money today.
Why don' you not believe me? Why do you not help and send me money?
Do you really not want me to come to you?
Understand this is our only chance!!!
I must use it!!! Do you understand?
But I can't without your help...
Every night I fall asleep with thoughts of you.
Every night I ask God to help me.
But nothing changes... This is killing me.
I remind you that if I don't pay all my documents by the end of this week,
I will not be able to come to you.
Yesterday I made you some naked photos. I want you to see what you are giving
up when you don’t believe me and don’t send money. I want you to finally believe me!!!
I did it myself and no one saw these photos. I did it only for you!
Appreciate it and help me!!!
I hope now you're really want me, you want me to come to you.
Tell me what you would like and want.
I do dream about you very often and fantasize about What we would get up to in bed.
Now everything depends on you.
If you send money by the end of the week I will make you the happiest man in the world.
If you don't help, I will be sure that you only deceived me.
The choice is yours...

More nude photos not posted.

Sat Aug 03, 2019 12:23 am

Today I am very sad to write a letter to you.
I am very sorry that you don't hear and don't believe me.
I wrote to you if I didn't pay for my documents by the end
of this week,
my documents will be returned and I will never come to you.
You didn't send me money…you don't want me to come to you…
Understand! - if I don't pay today(Friday) or tomorrow(Saturday),
I can never be with you !!!
Why are you doing this? Why ignore my request?
Tell me truth, will you send money?
I will be waiting for your letter.
I hope your letter will be with good news.
Do not kill me! I am a woman and I want happiness!!!
Give me happiness!!! Give me good news!!! Be my angel!
Do a good deed and you will be proud of yourself all your life!
You will see my eyes when I arrive. My eyes will shine happiness!
You will enjoy it when you meet me at the airport!
Without your help, my life will turn into hell.
Only in your power to change it.
You are my only hope.


Fri Aug 09, 2019 1:12 am

, How was your day?
Today I spent all day searching for money.
But luck is not on my side.
My friends don't have that kind of money.
All my friends are married and have children.
Banks still refuse to give me a loan because I am leaving Russia.
But I have some good news!
I was given extra time. Now I can pay for my documents by August 15
I have long tried to persuade them and they agreed.
Tell me, please! Can you help me and send me money by August 15?
I can swear on Bible that I’m not deceiving you.
Please, trust me!
Ask your friends for money if you haven't.
I will give them this money.
I swear! I have no other choice...
I can ask only you. When I arrive, I agree to be your slave.
I will fulfill all your dreams!
Please take me out of here. I will not give you any trouble.
I will work. I can pay for myself.
I am ready for any job. I can wash dishes. To clean the premises.
Any! Just don't refuse me. Help me!!!
After death of my grandfather, you are most close person for me.
I trust you completely!
Today I attached photo with my grandfather and my friends.
They work with me at school. I don’t often communicate with them,
because they have children and families.
Therefore, I repeat that you are the closest man to me.
And I hope for your help.
Tell me the truth - will you help me?
Will you save me will you have time to send money before August 15?
Yours Anna.



Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:49 am

Dear !!!
Today I saw you in a dream. I dreamed about our first meeting.
It was at the airport.
You were holding flowers and a sign with my name in your hands.
I often think about you, so I dream about our first meeting.
I didn’t want to wake up. I was very happy.
And I didn’t believe that it was my beautiful dream when opened
my eyes. How do you imagine our first meeting?
What will we do on our first day?
On this day, I want to give myself to you. Tell me your dreams….
What you want? What are your wishes?
I want to fulfill all your dreams! I must know and I must be ready!
Or it will be your little or big surprise?
I already have a surprise for you. I will not talk about it.
Believe me, my gift will please you! You will really like it,
I promise!
But, for some reason, I still feel distrust from you.
Most likely, because you never helped me.
Today I will give you another proof that I am real!
I took you a photo with your name and date!
Maybe this will help me ...
And you finally believe and send me money.
I remind you that I have a deadline.
If I don’t pay for my visa before August 15,
I will be denied a visa and I will never be able to come to
your country. Do you understand?
Give me joy - tell me that you will have time to help and send
me money before August 15. I really hope for a miracle!
I hope for you! You are my MIRACLE!
Don’t disappoint me. Fulfill my one request.
My powers are on the wane. I hope for your male support and
faith in our future. Our fate is in your hand.
With love Anna.

I can’t write a big letter today.
I only ask a few questions (I am waiting for your honest answers!!!) -
1 - Do you really want to see me?
2 - Will you help me?
3 - Will you send me money?
4 - Can you send money until August 15 (it will be Thursday)?
5 - Do you promise to have time to send money before August 15?
Answer all my questions! Answer me honestly.

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