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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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Scammers abusing stolen photos of Harry Cleck

Thu May 23, 2019 9:39 pm

These pictures are in a lot of profiles. You can find them used by all kinds of names.

I was hunted down by:

Same profile pic on this:

And another one linked to:

We talked for like 10 minutes on Instragram before he asked for Hangouts.

Now we have been talking for two hours. This is it:

Hello dear I am here now
Have you ever been in any internet relationship before
What type man would you like to have as your partner
As for me I am searching for a God fearing woman and a lover of kids who i will spend the rest of my life with
What I love ❤ most is when you can make my son happy and make him feel likes he has a mom again

Uhh, I like the way we are going
You are a kind woman
I never know there are people like you in the internet
On the internet I am glad to find a woman like you There
And I think I should follow up with you
Have ever heard of Yemen before
I came alongside with the US Army and other country army but I am a surgeon doctor by profession
Yemen is not a good place to be Yemen is an Arab country and there is well here
I have been in Yemen for one year and six months remaining six months for my contract to be up

What do you like to do in your free time
That cool, I love ❤going to beach a lot that is my best fun ever
And I like playing video games a lot
And I also spend time in reading
Are you always free for chatting

What is the time over there now
Can we always chat in the evening
I am here looking after some patients
I always play games with my iphone to keep me busy

You really make me feel like I am on top of the world right now
It really nice talking with you
You are very kind woman I must say
And I think my search is over
The way I feel for you I have never felt so for any woman since I lost my wife
I bet you are the woman of my dreams
Parmit me to come into your life
I promise I will make you the happiest woman in the world
You are a woman with a golden heart I must say
You are the type of woman I love ❤ to spend the rest of my life with
You are in my heart now

I pray that we will ever come any obstacle that come to our way together so that nothing can separate us
Falling in love with you is the most easiest thing that has ever happened to me
I want you to say you love ❤ me
I love you because you are very educated woman
I love you because you are so kind
I love you because you are a lovely woman
I pray as time goes on we will understand ourselves better
Your beauty can save the world

:D I don't think so. But hopefully I can save someone else from being scammed by posting this.


Photo on Instagram.










Sun Jun 02, 2019 9:39 am

Blocked him and he showed up again.


Still stuck in Yemen and now with a bad phone and no data access due to lack of phonecards. But still with a lot of money that needs to be send to me for security reasons. He has even made a couple of stunts to impress me. First singing (11 seconds of "Save Your Kisses For Me", by Brotherhood of Man") and then written to me personally on a board (name is blacked out and picture cropped a bit - top and right side - as it was too big)




Re: Scammers abusing stolen photos of Harry Cleck

Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:51 pm

Scammers Western Union & Moneygram Mule:

WU- 1,450 & MG- 1,000

First Name: Alesia

Middle name. L.

Last Name: H.

City............:::.... Sandy Spring
State: Georgia
Country: USA
You will send 1450 thru western union then 1000 Thru money gram

Re: Scammers abusing stolen photos of Harry Cleck

Sun Jun 16, 2019 5:29 pm

The Instagramaccount that I reported in my first post is gone. I just came across him as Dolan Gim Roberto.

Instagram: dolan_roberto330

started yesterday with these pictures:




Re: Scammers abusing stolen photos of Harry Cleck

Thu Aug 01, 2019 8:59 pm

It took some time before Dolan Roberto showed up again. Directly to Hangout this time:

I thought it might be an idea to share what they say when they realise that you don't believe the original story anymore. This is it:

Hello How are you do you still remember me
It's has been a long time now you gave me your email on instagram but I lost my phone
inside water when I went for drilling and I lost all my contact I managed to remember your email after some some months
(I hesitated and asked for pictures.)
No I don't have the Instagram any more I don't remember my login and I don't want to go into it again
It's has been a little while we chatted and I have left Instagram I know it will be difficult to recongnize me
I am an engineer spillage with oil and gas
I am from New Jersey but I am currently in New Mexico US highsea
I want us to continue and I want us to be together
I just can't sleep because my heart has a feeling for someone
Did you remember our chat now
("Yes.I blocked you. What do you want this time?")
Is this a format you are using to chase me away
Sorry I don't have ideal of what you are talking about
(I figured he wouldn't tell me. "Alright. Take care then".)
Have you been to Africa
(If he can lie, so can I.)
Really do you speak Africa language
And do you like black
It ok I have no idea on that I have not get there before
Yes I have heard of the south Africa and there are lots of White there
have you heard of the Nigerian?
I also heard of that I have chat with one of does Nigerian
You said you don't care if black or not,will you spend your life with black man
You are the one I need
You catch my soul on fire
You have said so many things that make me look like I am on top of the world
You have convince me that you love me a lot
You are a woman with a good heart
I wish I will have you
But unfortunately I don't think you will let me
(I was not going to spend more time on this since he refused to tell me who he was.
"Have a nice life! Take care. And be happy".)

Do you Know who is Dolan
That who I am and you have win ass I am going
("Why did you not contact me as him?")
Because I was scared you will block me instant
I care about you but you hot me
I swear with my life I love you
I have open up to you you can send me away now
There is no real man you can find on the internet
All are scammer
Trust me
It will happen if only you love him for who he really come out to be
Yes I think I am too young because I am 30
But you know age are just number and love is what the heart work for
Yes but for that you have to forgive me
I never thought I will be in love with you I swear
What I am scared of is that will you accept me now after all I have done to you
I am the only child of my parents and I lost both when I was 12
Please just tell me the truth will you let me stay or go, I don't like to get hurt
I Know that what I am whishing for is bigger than me but I feel something might happen
I have hurt you a lot by lying to you
Are you gone now
Hope you have forgiven me for all that I have done against you
Please I am begging you I will remain loyal to you
I have a picture of a friend of mine we are both age mate he came across the same situation like we are now, and they got married
(He sent me a picture from an article about a young Nigerian man who had been married to a much older woman for 6 years.)
Yes sweetie you have to trust me now I give up on every trick and I remain loyal to you you have me all ok
is it still the bad boy or is he good now
Ohh is it because I said I have no mom no dad any more, see let me tell you I have a future all I need is just some cash to start up a business I have a lot of land in which I can invest business just that I need some money to do that, and that why I am doing all this but I know one day I will have a breakthrough
I know I am young but I Know what I am capable of doing
And I can tell you that I am willing to respect you in any angle
I am truly tired of lying
I am Larry by name from Nigeria
No I am also hear to love and respect you
You have to believe me please I am telling you the truth about me now
I swear with my life if I am lying again I will never get what I need in life
I have given up in lying
Please act like that sweet lady I know
I have a future and I will live a good life you are not my creator so you don't have the right to say o don't have a future I have lived a good life I have my own building and I will never surfer in life
No man or woman has the right over me because he that created me is bigger than he that lives in the world
You should look for a man in the social media that you will spend the rest of your life with but I still tell you this no one is perfect
I know that things that I will say will never convince you but I know that they are all for real
You may say I have no future with you but I Know I am good
Every man has break the law but they do that for some purpose
I have lied to you but that doesn't make me not a human
So many people has make a mistake that are bigger than mine but they are still accepted to be good
I have lied to you but that will not still make me a perfect one
I Know what you and I are so different but I still tell you this different people still live together
I am younger than you but so many people live thier lives without what people say about them but they accept happiness because they don't care
I will leave just like you want me to
But I believe that one day I will meet the one that will help me correct my mistake
Yes I Will, thanks for your time my dear

Then he left me alone for three weeks now without me blocking him. He is still active in this account. I don't recommend to play this game though. I was just curious while being on vacation.

67392354_2348629958590803_1997695452371222528_n.jpg (17.71 KiB) Viewed 2681 times

Re: Scammers abusing stolen photos of Harry Cleck

Sat Dec 07, 2019 2:04 am

It has been quiet since July 27th but suddenly Jefftori Hubs

texts me on Hangouts November 1st:

Him: hello how are you doing
Me: Excuse me?
Him: hello it me larry
from Nigeria remember me
Me: I remember you. Just don’t remember who you were before Certainly not as you have changed your name again
Him: do you remember dolan
Me: Oh yeah. How can I possibly forget that song?
Him: how are you doing
sorry for my late respond my Phone is having problems
I just decide to write to you today
I am sorry if I disturbe you at work
I have been thinking that maybe by now you must have forgive me and forget all the lie I told you
Me: So creating a new account with a brand new name should fix that?
Him: I lost my old phone and I brought out my second phone and the email I have inside carry my Nick name
please don't be offended
I decided to use the email because I also have some of my friends to communicate with
please this should not get you upset
I have been having much difficulties since I get into school to be fully graduated things are very hard for me
I have no one to goto I am on my final year
Me: School? How old are you?
Him: yes please don't be surprised a friend of mine promise me a good job and there are papers I need that I don't have that why I go back to school to complete my final year
I sold my farmland regarding to that
and I have been working on how to make things better
but most of my mate are still in the university here, please don't look at it strange ok
please I know this will sound strage to you but please I really need your help I am begging you please I want you to also assist me in my way to success I don't want to drop out of school again
I was burn 1994 may 5th
please look at my situation and help me please
I am very honest with you believe me
I don't even have a good phone now and it will be going off soon
I know it will be very hard to believe strangers like me
but I am telling you the truth
I have been very honest with you ever since I told you I am from Nigeria
please accept my request please
my phone is going off soon
please believe me I am very honest with you
you never give me a chance to explain my self to you better
I always wanted to be your friend
(This ends the conversation. The next day this comes:)
hello good morning madam how was your night
Me: Call me madam one more time and I will never ever answer you again.
Him: sorry for that don't be upset
please I will message you in the evening I many classes to attend today
(In the evening he texts again. He is very sorry about everything)
I think it is the right time you know more about me
if you wish to I will tell you everything about my self
I know you don't trust me but trust does not come one day it grow gradually gradually
I am from delta state Nigeria
I am from a village call okpare in ughelli south local government area
I school in Edwin Clark university
my full name is ubolor James Larry
please you can ask me any question I am willin to tell you the story of my life
I lost my parents when I was very young my dad died in war front he was army and my mother died when I was 6 years old
I manage to train my self from the secondary school to the university but I drop out of school because I don't have any support, but the reason why i decide to go back to school is that a friend of mine tokd me that he wilk help me get a job if I can graduate
now everything is becoming hard again but I am so worried because I don't want to drop out of school again
Me: And you want me to help you with some cash?
Him: I will be very grateful if you can help me
I never plan to do anything bad or anything that will hurt other people everthing I am passing through is out of my bad experience
I am telling you the truth about my self and please take my condition to others because this is my true story
please if you can help me with anything please help me I am beging you please help me I need it
a friend of mine introduced me to this business but I have never made it one day because it is not my calling
please if you still have me in mind please forgive me I have decided to change from my old ways please accept the new me...that will encourage me the more
I know I offened you very much but please know that if there is no offense there will be no forgiveness

A few days later he thinks I am in a better mood. He sends me a picture of himself.

I am the one on black top
the other one is my friend at school
the way I stop the scam business it was surprise to me even my friend still call me for it but I still keep saying no
I am not here to convince you for anything but I just want to be close to you
thanks a lot for your kindness
most people will troll you to go to tell that they hate black
but you are a woman with a golding and lovely heart I wish you will find a good man who will enjoy and spend a good time with you
you are a lovely woman
you are every man's dream but they don't know it
I am too poor and too young to have you if I have the chance I will love you with no end
I will always remain here with you
talking with you always makes me feel comfortable
wish you are the only type of woman in the world
please forgive me the way I talk to you
wish you could send me a picture of you
you have to trust me please I am not lying to you in any way
can I give you a video call so you can see where I live
Please just tell me if you don't need me as a friend just tell me and I will live
I never knew I was a distraction to you
Sorry for the disturb I will live just tell me to

I never told him to leave but I have not heard from him since.
78407247_557395025044304_1934779326855643136_n.jpg (20.21 KiB) Viewed 1846 times
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