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scammers abusing stolen photos of Pere Granados

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scammers abusing stolen photos of Pere Granados

Unread postby MidnightM » Sun May 12, 2019 10:52 pm


This is his side of the conversation:

Ok,this is little about me i am fredrick by name from California United state ,i am an independent business man ,i am into buying and selling of copper and cable wires in and out of US

I need some one who will love my daughter and I for who we are and we will love she and her family back in Los Angeles

I am working on some work
I am trying to win a contract
I am seeking to supply one of the Chinese telecommunication
I have written to them i have. Proved to them that i will not let them down i have been into this business for long and i have never failed my business client
I pray to get this job because i applied for three contracts none has called me for the contract
My dear can we talk later
I am not happy now
I don't work on contract below $30 million
That is why i work with big firm
So that is why on my part i don't want to fail the company in my delivery
Honey i truly love and i don't want you to hurt me please
I am just telling you because i have a soft heart and very emotional
I always look at your photo my love
Kyle birth is in two weeks time
So what will you get her a birthday gift?
She is just 13
You are a mom you can figure out

I just received a call now honey and guest what?
I am happy right now
Yeah after everything the contract worth $40 million dollars
I have written back to them now
Honey i am speechless right now but all i have to say right now is that i love you
I have calculated it everything should be about $10 to 15 million dollars then both the shipment and the distribution will cost about $20 million dollars
The contract is to take place in Turkey, Instabul

Will you marry me honey ?will you be my life partner i will always protect you in all way and take care of you my love ,because your family is my family now ,honey i love you very much ,honey please say yes to me please honey

I went for a meeting with them
My goods has arrived tomorrow i will go for clearance at the seaport
I was asked to come on Monday for clearance
(The picture of him "at hospital" arrives)
.Too much stress honey
The custom here are to bad
I have to sell the goods
Now i got a new contract in china ,i will go there in four days time
I just auction the goods for $25million
The buying company promised to pay me tomorrow then i will be leaving for china for the new contract
But the job there will not cost much time
The custom officer here are charging me too high

The buying company has paid me the money today they paid in cash .
Yeah but i wanted to deposit it i don't know what is wrong with their banking system here
So i was thinking of sending it to kyle through a shipment but kyle is too young for that so i am thinking of what to do because i have to leave for China by Thursday or Friday
I was thinking of sending it to you but first i have to take permission from you because a husband needs the wife permission before doing anything
I know we have not meet but i truly trust you my love
Honey i truly trust you and i know you can't hurt me or mislead me
Once i leave China i will come to you then we will leave for Los Angeles together
Honey i have discussed with the shipping company okay and they assured me the delivery process is safe and secure and the parcel will be delivered to you okay
All i need from you now is your full name ,telephone number,address,email address
With this i will register okay honey
I trust you with my life that you can't hurt me okay
As you can see that is the money and i have packaged everything once you send me the details first thing in the morning i will register as a parcel and then leave for China to carry out the job there
(the picture is widely used in scams, see the last one)
Honey ,i want you to know that love is trust and trust is lov i have both for you and i don't want you to let me down because i truly do love you
Before now if you can remember i told you i respect you and as a man i seek first your permission
(I refused to have the money sent to me.)
No need to argue okay i shared it with you because i was free with you
If kyle was matured enough to handle it i would have sent it to her i swear
I don't like arguing with the woman i love before now i don't have time for women but ever since i met you my life is not the same
Honey i truly want to stand in the Alter and tell you yes i do love you and kiss you because i want to marry you my love
If you know then please trust me and help me because i don't want to lose the China contract please
I will come to you okay once i am done there we will be together forever because you are my angel and you are my world my priority always fall on you and kyle because you are the only important thing to me right now
I dream of you in the day ,in the night ,that when i sleep is you when ,i dream is you anything i do is just you because i love you and trusted you very much so please don't treat me this way because if you hurt me i will not forgive myself not to talk of forgiving you
(I was not happy with this.)
Honey please be calm and see the future that i bring for our kids and our unborn kids i know you will have beautiful kids for me
Ok will you be happy if i lose everything?
Will you smile to see that you were the one who refused to help me ?
Will you be able to sleep when i can't sleep at all ?
Honey you know why because you are my soul mate ,my love ,my world
Honey i love you and if you do you will trust me please and know that i can't hurt you okay
Honey if you truly love me and wants my happiness ,send me the information first thing in the morning i will register it then i will travel to china please i promised kyle we will back early
(No, I refused to take his money)
I don't like this let change the topic okay
Honey yeah i know but you should know you used the wrong word and i felt the pain
But it ok
I never yelled at you but the word you used really hurt me
I thought i found some one who truly loves me
you shouldn't have treated me this way
You really made feel bad today
My dear i forget things easily because no one is perfect
And i know very well that i love you
Honey you mean so much to me
Honey i have tomorrow to leave for china
So i want to take the risk i will register the parcel with kyles name and my contact address
How about that ?
Honey i trust the company okay
Honey can i ask of something from you?
Can i register it with your email address so that you can communicate with company when they arrive there you can go pick it up then take kyle with you till i return okay
Kyle can't write to them very well compare to you
Send me your email address again okay because since i met you i have to leave that site and the email is not saved on my phone

(This is what an argument sounds like. It is basically the same, every time they don't get what they want:)

I have to go and register the parcel now i don't have much time the Chinese company has called
Honey i can't treat you bad okay
Honey i truly love you and you mean so much to me
My dear no man is perfect okay everyone has his or her own way of thinking if i did you wrong i am sorry okay
I truly love you okay
Honey you are upset with me maybe we can talk tomorrow
I don't like seeing upset because of me
I am sorry about yesterday okay but i have forgotten about it and i was worried about you
Honey learn to forgive
I truly love you and you are the perfect woman for me
Every one has his or her own way of reasoning and i am sorry
We don't have to quarrel and even if we do we will work it out because no home is stable
Honey before God and you i am truly sorry
Contact the company ,they will give you all required information you need to know
Honey everything is okay the company is safe and secure and i trust them okay honey
Hello honey how was your night and how are you doing today?how is our kid doing?i am off to the airport now i will write you once i arrive China please honey make help me and talk to the company ,i know we have not met i know i have upset you but honey i love you and i trust you very much honey and i love you with all my heart body and soul
Honey but before leaving i pleaded with you to right them ,honey why
Honey that package is my life savings ,honey write to them now please my love
My parcel and you mean alot to me but i am calm now
You will make the best mom at all cost kyle will always love you and i will be 100%assured she will be safe with you
Honey you contact them now
Honey this package worth a lot you contact them to know about the arrival
Why are they delaying ?
Write to them and ask them what is holding them back?
I am f***ing worried right now
How is illegal its my f***ing money and i have never lied to you
You make me understand what is going on but all you are saying is different
What is the major problem

(The problem is that the company is fake. This came from

Dear madam Kyle thanks for your immediate response , this is to inform you that everything concerning your package registered by Mr Fredrick Wilberforce has been processed ok we assure you safe and secure delivery because our delivery agent are safe and reliable , as soon as we get to our headquarters in Indonesia our agent will inform you more about your package this is a diplomatic courier service ok madam we guaranteed you safe delivery.....

Thanks for your Mrs Kyle Wilberforce..

This is SBO_Couriers Service..

Operating Manager
Dennis Richard.
(Next mail)

Dear madam Kyle Wilberforce , sequel to your package that is currently in indonesia International Airport( jakarta) due for Los Angeles California United States, your parcel appraised value is over ( 900,000.00 ) without value added tax, your parcel is not allowed to leave indonesia International Airport( jakarta) at the customs authority synthesis is subject Los Angeles California United States custom control, your package was registered as a particular parcel and value more than (10,000.00 ) should have a value added tax remittance fee receipt. we are waiting for the value added tax, so we will send your package to you as soon as possible, as soon as our office in Indonesia confirm your payment is made, your value added tax receipt to process and your package will be sent to your address established in Los Angeles California United States , you must draw attention to the payment which has to be accurate to avoid sending money twice, VAT attracts the sum of 10000 euro( 10000 euro ) our delivery agent will deliver the package to your address in Los Angeles , we implore your indulgence to remit value added tax ok madam please contact the company for a payment information.

Thanks for your patronage Mrs Kyle Wilberforce.

This is SBO_Courier Service
Operating Manager
Dennis Richard

( I offered to pay the taxes. Next mail:)

Dear madam Kyle Wilberforce you are here by inform to make the payment tomorrow and scan the payment slip to the company email address so that your package can be delivered to you immediately ok madam please make the payment to our branch in istanbul Turkey to the above account details ok madam Kyle Wilberforce.

Account details below ....................






IBAN NO:.....TR54 0004 6001 5003 6000 295xxxx


Thanks for your patronage Mrs Kyle Wilberforce

This is SBO_Courier Service

Operating Manager
k Conteh

These are some of the photos I got. He has several pictures of this little girl too. Among them a video of her. He frequently asked for photos of me and my kids.







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Re: scammers abusing stolen photos of Pere Granados

Unread postby Big Al » Mon May 13, 2019 5:37 pm

Account details below ....................

Bank Name: La CaixaBank
Account Type: EURO
Account Name: Osariemen Kennedy O.
Account Number. 2100644721010008XXXX
IBAN No. ES07 2100 6447 2101 0008XXXX
Bank Address: 3098 PLAZA MAJOR, 24 08500 VIC BARCELONA SPAIN....

Thank for your patronage Mrs Kyle Wilberforce

This is SBO_Couriers Service Limited

Operating Manage
Dennis Richard
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