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I am a big constructor worker, and i am specialized in building of complexes and other business too, and i always have workers to work for me on it when ever they are contracts, and that's what i am doing here in gorge.
I will be staying for a long time as i see because i am planing on relocating here to start a new life.
And do more business, because i have a business proposal in Namibia, and will soon be going to work on the business once the management call for me.

I have got no kids. I am 69 years old.
I want to buy a house in cape town.
I have not been there before
i have been so busy working on here

I am having some problem and its making me finding it hard to come online and talk with you.
I am not doing well because my machine that i am using for all most the important work here has gotten problem
I am really feeling bad concerning the problem with my machine

It's going to cost me 12,000 pounds to get the machine fix and i have only got 10,000 and still short 2,000 pounds to get it done, and that's why i am really down now Honey.

I don't have a South Africa account of my own i will have to ask one of my workers to give me an account so i can give it to you.
Honey i have decided to ask the man that's going to work on it once the payment is made to provide me an account and he said he will have to give it to me in the morning as soon as you are ready to make the payment.
So i will have to get it from him tomorrow morning, once you are ready to make payment tomorrow morning
He already let me know he will give it to me in the morning tomorrow so i will have to send you in the morning once he send it to me.
I will have to sleep now i am really worried with the machine problem now

Honey here is the engineer thats going to come fix the machine wife
account, he gave it me now.

Capitec Bank

Name: L J****
Account number :143126****
Branch code:470010

Put this number as reference, 0659414728

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