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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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Tue Jul 16, 2019 12:41 am

My dear !
How are you, my sweetheart?
I am OK, just a little bit tired. I am already in Moscow and
the city is so noisy. I don’t really feel comfortable here.
But well, I came here on purpose. So it is Ok.
I have very good news for you. I’ve got my visa at last.
So this is done now. I have my passport for going abroad with
the visa inside.
The only thing left is a ticket. I already know the airport
I should go to. And I even went to the cash department of the
airport to check about the ticket. They offered me the ticket
on July, 21th.
Mosсow (svo) – Chicago.
And the price is rather reasonable. It will cost $976.
Unfortunately, there is a problem. I have only $600 and
I still need $376. I really don’t know what to do. I have to
pay for it soon not to be sold to someone else. So I have to ask
you if you can help me with this. Will you be able to send me $376?
I told you that I sold my fur coat to pay for visa and ticket.
But the money was not enough. I sold my fur tree for $900.
I have spent $240 for all the papers with the visa. And $60
I spent for my trip to Moscow. That is why I ask you to help
me and send me $376.
As soon as I buy the ticket I will immediately leave for you.
And in some days I will be in your arms already. Think on this.
Dear, I really have no one to rely on and I have only you who
could help me in this situation. You know I will give you the
money back as soon as I will be able to work in your country.
So this is no going to be a problem. I will give it back to you
by all means. This is the only thing left now before we could
be together.
I really hope that you will help me and we will be together at
last. I am sure you want it the same way I do.
So, please, write me your thoughts on this and when you will be
able to send the money. I can’t stay here for long in Moscow and
also the ticket could be sold to another person if I don’t pay
for it shortly.
You can send money to my name (DARYA KOLOTUKHINA) by any office
Western Union and I will get it without any
problems in Moscow.
My sweetheart, I need you and I hope you too need me.
I love you very much.
And I miss you badly.

My dear !!!
Yes, I understand that asked you for help though told you that
had all the money for the trip. But please, understand my problem.
I have has sold a fur coat. But this money is not enough for the
ticket. I don’t know where to take the money. I hope only for you.
Nobody can help me here. I don’t know anybody here in Moscow.
I didn’t know I had to buy a two way ticket. $976 is a cost for
the ticket there and the return ticket. Your government asks to
have a return ticket for the case my visa is inspired or I am not
able to enter the University. They do it because they are afraid
of the immigrants. When I checked the cost of the ticket they told
me the cost only of the one ticket. Do you understand now why
I don’t have enough money for the ticket?
I am still in Moscow. And I have spent lots of money already to
stay here. Everything is very expensive here and my money is
limited. Please, understand my worries and help me.
I have already paid part of the money for ticket not to be sold
to another person. I have left 300 dollars that is why I ask you
to send me money. I ask you to send me only $376. 976 dollars is
a very reasonable price. And if I don’t pay the whole sum of the
money for the ticket then I will loose all the money that I paid
for my ticket to be reserved.
The other problem is that my visa is given to me only for 2 months
except of 3 months. I don’t know why they did it. But that was
the decision of your Embassy. And they even didn’t explain me the
reason. And I can’t wait. That is why I should come as soon as
possible and enter the University. If I have my visa for longer
time then I could stay here for more time and try to save money.
But I have no time.
I ask you to help me but don’t ask you for a present! I will come,
enter the University and give you the money back. I will work and
will be able to give you it back. I don’t want you to think that
I want to use you just to move to your country.
I hope that you will understand me and will send me the money.
There is only thing left before we meet. There is only little step
left. So please, think and send me the money. It is only 376
dollars. I don’t think it is much for the opportunity to be happy.
I think we will be able to be happy with you. But you should do
this so we could meet with you. ..
I have sent you a list of paper with my your and my names.
But why don’t you want to believe me? I have sent you also the
copy of my passport. Why don’t you still believe me?
I am going to try and prove again that I am real.
I am going to attach you the copy of my visa. And I want you to
understand that I have only serious intentions and I am really
going to come to you. I don’t play any games. I am going to
get your money in Moscow with my passport ( I have sent it
already in my previous letters ) and with my visa. If I am
not real I would not be able to get the money!
And I really want to come to you.
Please, believe me and send me the money. .
I tried to prove you that I am real several times already.



Thu Jul 18, 2019 1:08 am

My darling ,
I already wrote to you some times I have no bank account.
You understand me?
I am so tired to be in Moscow. Everything is very expensive here.
And I save money on everything. I do it for us. I want us to be
together and to be happy. I want to come to you and that is why
I am ready to overcome all the difficulties. But I need your help.
There is only one step left – you to send me money. You even can’t
imagine what I have to do here to survive. I stay in a very cheap
hotel as I have no money to live in a good room. I live in one
place with people who have no place to stay in. I stayed even at
the airport some times to save money but the police paid attention
to me and I can’t stay there any more. People are so cruel.
No one can help me here. And you are my only hope. Do you understand
now why I don’t write to you often and don’t call you. If I have
a digital camera here I would show you the life here for you to
see what kind of difficulties I have here. I know that happiness
is not given so easily that is why I try to overcome all the
difficulties on my way. That is why I ask you to send me money
as soon as possible for the ticket. If you don’t help me, then
I will have to get back to my city. And I don’t want this as
I have spent so much forces and money already to get my visa.
There is only one step left to be in your arms and I don’t want
to stop here. And this is a step you should do. Now everything
depends on you. Please, try to understand me and send me money
for the ticket.
I want to tell you one story. I saw it on Tv. It was last year.
And I decided to write to you. There was one woman that She was
born in Russia and lived in Russia. But she is married and her
husband is from Italy , Rome . She told a story how they met.
They were corresponding for some time and then he invited her
to come to his place. She was concerned at first and didn’t
know to go or not. But then she decided it would be a good chance
for them to get to know each other. And she agreed. They did all
the paperwork together and he supported her in that and helped
her a lot. Ad at last she came to his place. She said it was so
beautiful and romantic. When they landed she saw him standing
near the airplane with flowers and balloons. There was also a
sign in his arms: “My waiting is over. I love you!!!” She said
it was so touching that she couldn’t stop crying for minutes.
They spent a great time together and She decided to stay with
him forever. They married And at last they were able to be together.
They come here sometimes as her parents live here in Russia.
And they are very happy together.
I like this story very much and I hope one day we will be able
to feel the same.
You can send money here(western union):
VTB 24
Pokrovka, 28 Stroenie 1
Moscow, 105062, Russia
my full name. DARYA KOLOTUKHINA.

Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:50 am

My darling !!!!
Why have not answered?
Please, understand that I can’t stay in Moscow for long time.
It is not my native city. I can stay in Moscow for more 7-8 days.
I am tired to stay in cheap hotels with the homeless people
or in the airport. I do it only for our future. Please, hurry
up with sending money so I can buy a ticket. My visa is issued
only for 2 months. I should leave already or all the money
would spend just useless. Please, try to understand my situation.
And send me the money as soon as possible. Just let me know
if you send the money. Should I wait or no?
I miss you badly... You even can't imagine how hard it is to be
here without you... I need you so much...And dream of our soon
I also dream of your tender and passional. I try to
imagine how it is to kiss your lips, your hands, your strong body.
I imagine how it is to make love to you...
I love you so much that even have a physical ache sometimes.
I need your strong touch.
I know this is only a dream but it will come true very soon.
Everything depends only on us. We just need to be patient and wait.
But how sweet will be our meeting at last.
I think I would kiss you till death. I am hungry for you, my sweetie.
Hungry for your kiss, for your body. I want you to hold me tightly
and to be with you forever.
Hope you are not scared with my feelings...
I do love you and need you a lot.

Mon Jul 22, 2019 11:33 pm

My darling !!!
Why have not answered?
I don’t know what to do. I am in a hopeless situation.
You haven’t sent me money for the ticket. And perhaps, I’ve
just did everything without any sense. You didn’t appreciate
my forces. It is very offensive. I have tears in my eyes.
I have spent so much time and forces to do all the paperwork
and to come to Moscow. I’ve got my visa. And when I needed just
your help, you couldn’t help me. I asked you for help as I thought
we could be more than just pen pals. My main purpose is to create
a family. I do love you. My visa is given only for 2 months,
such a pity. And I don’t think I will be ever able to get
another visa as I am not going to use this one. I am still
going to stay in Moscow. I have no more money to
stay here. You should send me money now or I will leave home.
Bitter truth is better than a sweet lie! Please, tell me will
you be able to send me money shortly?
I woke up today with such a strange feeling…I saw you in my
night dream. It was such a pleasure….I felt your touch, saw
your eyes.
I am going to tell you my dream now. I am sure you will like
it the same way I do.
There was a beautiful island with a white sand, blue water and
lots of green trees.
I was sitting near the water looking at the clear blue sky and
suddenly saw a plane.
When it landed I saw a wonderful man coming close to me. I was
a little scared and surprised to see a man. I was naked with
just a small towel on me. I was a little bit embarrassed.
But decided to wait and not run away. That was you though I had
not seen you before and didn’t know you. You came and asked me
if there were any people there except me on the island. I told
you that I was the only one and there was a house where you can
stay if were going to stay on the island for a while.
You agreed and we went to see the place.
In the evening we had dinner with champagne and talked a lot
and I felt how I started to fall in love with you. This way we
spent several days and then you had to leave back to your life
and work. And you left and I stayed on the island alone. Two
weeks passed. I missed you badly and often cried realizing that
I would never see you again.
One day I was lying on the sofa at home and suddenly heard
someone knocking my door. I was surprised and when I opened
the door I saw you. You looked at me attentively and the first
think you told me was :”I love you, baby!”
Then I woke up and had such a wonderful feeling. I dream to hear
these words from you in real one day.
So let me know what you think of this dream.
I miss you badly.

Fri Jul 26, 2019 11:36 pm

Honey ,
I have FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have found money for buying a ticket to come to you.
Soon I will be able to come to you. I have found money to buy
an air ticket. Now I need only to buy it and get into the plane.
And in some hours I will appear into your big and tender arms.
My acquaintance gave me money. I am so thankful to her.
Tomorrow She will send me of money to Moscow. I can buy the
ticket after that. I need your phone number. Please, write me
your phone number so I can call you if I can’t write to you.
Internet cafe doesn’t always work here in Moscow.As soon as
I know all the flight details I will call you and let you know
when and where you should meet me. Are you happy, my dear?
Soon I will meet you and will kiss you and hug you tightly.

Tue Jul 30, 2019 12:18 am

Darling !
I missed you badly... Every day I think of you and our soon
meeting and dream how sweet it would be to be with you at last.
My sweetheart, I have news not really good one. I decided to go
to the tourist agency to check if everything is alright with
my papers. I have the visa and the ticket. But it is not enough.
Well, everything is fine with my papers but it appeared that
I would have to have some money crossing the board. I am so tired
from all this bureaucratic system. I am having a student visa and
everyone who leaves for anothercountry having a student visa should
have some cash crossing the board. So I will have to prove at the
customs that I have some money with me. Your country is afraid
of immigrants. And also Russian people are not really popular
all over the world and they will check me any way at the customs.
I have 100 USD but this is not enough. I should have more 300-400
USD with me leaving the country. Dear, please, send me 200-250 USD.
As soon as you meetme at the airport I will give you the money back.
Please, understand me and my situation. There is so much already
done, so much time and forces and money spent on all the stuff.
So, please, send me this money. And then everything will be already
done. You can send me money to any office of Western Union or
MoneyGram in Moscow. You know that I am still in Moscow and
I am already so tired from this city and want to leave it so much.
Honey, I need you and want to bewith you as soon as possible.
You are the ray of light in my life. I want this all to be over
soon and to get into your arms already. Hope you still feel the
same about me and want me as much as I want you.
I love you!!!!!
With tenderness.

Darling !
I tried to call you. But please, understand me that I am in Moscow
and it is not so easy to do it. I tried to dial your number but it
didn’t connect you. I asked at the airport to give me some phone number
where you could call me. But they refused me. People are very bad in
Moscow and they are interested only in money. I will try again to call
you. But I am not sure I will be able to do it.
Please, understand that I should have money by all means. I already
have my visa and ticket to come to your country. But your government
has very strict rules for Russian citizens. They are afraid of
immigrants so they ask me to fill in the declaration and to write
the sum of money I am going to take with me to your country.
And if the sum of money is too small they will just not let me go
through the custom. They can check if I really have this money with me.
That is why I ask you to help me with the money. I feel shame to ask
you about it again. But no one can help me in this situation now that
is why I ask you about help. At they agency they told me that at
the customs they would check it for sure because of the student visa.
I will loose everything, my visa and my ticket. And also the money
that I have already spent for this. Please, understand me and the
forces I have spent for getting everything. It took me lots of
forces to get the visa and to find money for the ticket. It took
lots of forces to survive here in Moscow. I saved every rouble just
to stay here. I stayed at the cheap rooms for people who had no
money in Moscow. I didn’t stay at the hotel as I had no money for
that. I stayed even at the airport several times. I did that for you,
for coming to you.
I know that you have bills to pay. And that you don’t have extra
money. But please, send me part of the money. I will give it back
to you and will pay your bills. You will get the money back as soon
as you meet me at the airport. You will not loose anything.
I need this money only to cross the board. I don’t lie to you and
I have proved you already many times that I am real. I can’t do
anything any more. Now everything depends on you. If you really
want to see me, then you will send me money. If not, then not.
Please, trust me. And soon I will be in your arms.

Thu Aug 01, 2019 12:26 am

Darling !
I have no bank account. In Russia rich people have it only.
I am not rich and I have no an opportunity to have the account in
Bank. Therefore I ask you to send money through the Western Union
or MoneyGram!
I can't jump out of my pants. I tell you one more time that
I tried to call you but it didn't work out. But this is not my fault.
In Russia everything is wrong. And what is normal in other countries,
is not good here always. I will be not able to call you.
I almost don't have money to stay in Moscow. And soon this money
will be over too. And I will have no other choice just to go back
to my city. I already wrote to you – Such a pity as I will not use
my visa. I have spent so much money and forces to get it.
And it is so offensive to go back when only one step is left.
I told you many times that I needed money just to cross the board
That is it! When I come to you, I will immediately give you the money
back. You will not loose anything. I need this money just to show
at the customs. As soon as you meet me at the airport, I will give
you the money back. Please, trust me. I know that you have to pay
bills. And you can't afford it to spend extra money but I will
give you it back as soon you meet me at the airport. And if you
really want me to come, then send me this money. If you don't
then I will have to sell my ticket and go back to my city.
And everything I did was just a waist of time. Please, think on
this if you really want me to see. Everything is in your hands.

Thu Aug 01, 2019 6:33 pm

Email received:

Hi my new mate. I made a decision to become familiar with you a little bit closer. Don't really understand where to begin. Anyway, I am only 28 years, very gentle and positive, like theater, fine art and seeing movie films with my family. Stuff I cannot stand are rude men, politics and simply lies. For that reason, I plan to obtain a friend who I can certainly have confidence in and eventually form a sincere relationship with. Please write to me where do you live, what is your age, where exactly do you have a job at, things you love, what you have trust in and the best way you like to use your spare time? I'll be extremely happy to obtain some feedback from you soon.

If you are interested in me Please write ONLY to my personal e-mail:



Return-Path: <>
Received: from localhost (unknown [])
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2019 06:33:51
Message-ID: <8329DDA806A92C282EFCCFF51E6861A76D7FAB3B@unknown>
From: Womanf Mir <>
Subject: Hi my new mate.

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company
City: Bagac
Country of Origin: Philippines

The stolen picture received with the message is already reported here (May 18, 2019).

Tue Aug 06, 2019 1:57 am

Darling !
You don’t trust me. I am going back to my city. The life in Moscow is
very expensive to stay here for long time. You didn’t appreciate that.
It was very difficult to get visa and tickets and you just didn’t
appreciate all my forces. But I did it for you. I see no other way
just to get back to my city. I will wait for 3 more days and stay in
Moscow for the case you decide to send me money. If not, then I am
going back to my city and will not be able to come to you any more.
So it is up to you to decide if you want to see me or not.

Sat Oct 03, 2020 8:16 pm

Hello there Sweetie,
I thought i would get to know you a little better. Do not actually know where i you start. Anyhow, I'm 28 years of age, very gentle and upbeat, simply adore theatre, works of art and enjoying films with my family. Stuff I dislike are irritating guys, politics and simply deception. So, I would wish to discover somebody whom I can certainly rely on and eventually construct a sincere union with. Please write to me exactly where are you located, what's your age, the place do you work, what you like best, everything that you believe in and the best way you like to waste your spare time? I will be extremely happy to receive an answer from you shortly.


Return-Path: <>
Received: from minerva (unknown []) (using TLSv1.3 with cipher TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384 (256/256
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2020
From: Hottie Cookie <>
Subject: I want to be with you forever

Orig IP: | Orig ISP: Sibirskie Seti Ltd. | City: Prokop'yevsk | Country: Russian Federation

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