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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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Scammers abusing stolen photos of Ashley Sage Ellison

Mon Jan 07, 2019 7:37 pm

Did you receive my message and attached pictures?
Kyle Bright <> Today at 13:15
Message body
Hello dear, how are you? Hope you are feeling good. Please i want to
know if you have read the message with some of my pictures that i sent
to you? I am not happy as you have not responded back.

Could you please get back to me by confirming to me whether you
received the message or not because there is something very urgent and
important which i will like to discuss with you and besides, I will
attached more of my pictures to enable you see who i am if you so
wish. Kindly help me respond back as am waiting.
Kyle Bright Malik

Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:33 am

Hello my dear, I am happy to receive your reply, so sorry you did
not get my previous message as you said, didn't know what happened but
i did send you the message.So how are you today? Well, before i
proceed, let me introduce myself first. My name is Kylie Bright Malik,
my Mother Merkel Muller Malik is a German while my Father Engr Haruna
Ahmed Malik is from Libya, but i lost both of them during the war that
happened in my country Libya years back, I am their only child.

I personally don't want to remember this again because it was indeed a
traumatic experience., I have to forget it because i must move on with
my life, this is the the reason i needed a serious man who will help
me because i have a bright future

I was fortunate to be among those that was evacuated by the Benin
Government when they came to Libya to evacuate their citizens during
the war in 2011. But presently i am living in Badagry Lagos Nigeria,
it is a border very close to Cotonou.

That war in my country Libya really shattered all my dreams in life. i
lost my parents who wanted the best for me and since then, i have not
put myself back again. It was indeed a traumatic experience which i
don't ever want to remember anymore.

So i have been living as an orphan since i found myself here in
Cotonou, I am 25 years of age. I have now made up my mind to move out
of this country.

I contacted you to know if i can come over to your country so that we
can meet each other because there is something very important which i
will like to discuss with you, it is a secret concerning my late
parents which i kept to myself all this years that i am living here, i
am ever ready to share the secret with you when i meet you in person
so that we can sit and talk how to go about it.

I really need to hear from you so that i can begin preparation.
Attached are my pictures, i decided to send these pictures for you to
see who I am,
I will send you more pictures if you so wish when i receive your response..
Thanks and God bless.
I remain

Kylie B Malik

Return-Path: <>
Received: from ( [])
From: Kyle Bright <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2019
Subject: Re: .....Attached are my pictures.....Please I will send you more if you so wish when i hear from you..




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Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:38 pm

Wow i am happy to read your email once again. Thank you for
appreciating me. But on a serious note, I am happy that you gave me
an attention, I got your contact through the grace of God as someone
who will help me out of my present situation.So right now, i really
need a matured man like you that have a good heart to be with and i
believe I have found the right man in you...

I will want to tell you that presently i am living in Badagry Lagos
Nigeria, it is a border very close to Cotonou, Republic of Benin and
since i have been living here, i have not been working, all my welfare
are being taken care of by the Government, you know what it means for
a young lady like me to live without parents since 2011, anyway i
thank God for his mercy as he still keeps me alive considering what i
went through in Libyan during the crisis.

But I'm tired of living here in this West African country, i really
need to move out of this country, i want to leave this African
countries completely because if i should continue living here in
Africa, i will be remembering my late parents and what i went through
in Libya, i have already made up my mind to live the rest of my lives
out of Africa.

I want to come to your country, so that we can meet each other and
talk face to face because there is a secret which i will like to
discuss with you concerning my late father, i want to see you face to
face before i can discuss it with you.

So my dear, I have a lot of my pictures to send you that you will like
to see, but i will like to know if you will take me serious and will
be able to assist me?.

Anyway, all that i want right now is a serious minded man who will be
honest and sincere to me and ready to assist me. So can i have you as
a friend and can you help to ensure that i come over to your country
for us to meet each other.

I wait for your response. Attached are more of my pictures again and i
will send more if need be when i hear from you.
Have a lovely day...
Sincerely yours,
Kylie B Malik


Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:32 am

My dear, I have just read your message. Thank you for promising to
assist me come over to your country.. What i will want you to know is
that i am single, i am not in any relationship here, i have been
living here alone and as an orphan, i am not the type of girl that run
after men, i am unique and a principled person, i do not mess around,
rather i respect my body so much.

I know the type of family i came from, if it is not the war in my
country Libya years back that made me to be an orphan for now, i would
have known where i will be by now, anyway, i have put what had
happened to me behind so that i can forge ahead because i still have a
very huge amount of money which i am to inherit once i am legally

So you must be rest assured that you have meet the right girl for you
and besides the investments I inherited from my late father is huge. I
really want to come over so that we can meet each other and by then i
will have the full confident enough to share it with you in details, I
am presently living at 19 Kent Crescent Badagry Lagos, Nigeria

What i am looking forward to is to obtain my International passport,
so that i can come over to be with you, I really want to come to meet
you to enable us be together and discuss face to face, I do not want
to die in depression here when I have brighter future waiting for me
through my inheritance.

But my darling, i will humbly want you to answer below questions.

Please Are you single?
Do you live alone??
What is you full Name?
What is your work?

Please am sorry to ask those questions but i really want to hear from
you so that we can talk on how i will come over. Also I will want you
to send me your own pictures so that I will know who am dealing with.
Attached are more of my pictures for you.. i would want to know
sincerely if you are my man for real or you are here to play and dump
Thanks as i wait for your reply

Many hugs and kisses
Kylie B Malik.




Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:45 pm

My beloved, Thank you for giving me a true information about you.
Since you are single and childless at the moment, that has made
everything easy for us. My heart have been telling me that you are the
right man for me and certainly am following my heart now which is to
be with you. There are many men here dying to have me but I cannot
because my mind is no longer here in Africa. I am going to keep you
busy with my beautiful body when i come over to USA. Just prepare and
bear that in mind

But right now what is in my mind is how i will get the $650 required
by the Immigration woman here. The woman wants to use the money to
secured every required documentations that can give me the legal right
to obtain the international passport legitimately as the rightful
citizen without any problems.As i already told you that i am not yet
the citizen of the country and i will not move out of this country
without an international passport

So $650 is the money the Immigration woman charged to get me an
international passport as the citizen of the country, but the woman
made me to understand that if i can be able to give her $300 first, so
that she can start work and when the passport is out, then i will give
her the balance of 350$ to pick up the passport.

So my darling, i am urgently in need of $300 to give to the woman
first so that she can start work and when my passport is ready, then
you will send the balance of $350 to enable me go and pick up the
passport. Or will you want to pay the $650 at once so we can do it
once and for all?. I do not know if you will be able to help me though
you have promised already to help me get the passport and everything.

Please do not let this my ambition and dream to fade away, i really
want to join you in your country as quickly as possible before I die
of depression here. My dear, you will surely enjoy my body, i want to
feel your body as well, i want to talk to you face to face, I want to
have sex with you all the time, you will surely benefit greatly from
me, you will surely be happy to live with me because i am a unique

In all honesty, I am a good girl, sexy looking, Honest, Humble,
lovable, cheerful, smart, intelligent, truthful and above all have the
fear of God. You will surely be proud of me and you will be very happy
to have me because i must always obey your order and also be
submissive to you.

Please can you be able to send the $300 to me so that i can give it to
the woman to enable her start work? I'm even afraid to ask for
financial help from you because you will say that we just knew
ourselves, but if you really wish in you heart to help me, i know you
will do and God will bless you for your kindness in future, i swear.

So i will be expecting your message so that i will know what to
do.Attached are more of my pics for you.

Thanks and God bless.
Many luv and kisses.
Kylie B Malik.




Mon Jan 14, 2019 3:43 am

My luv,

I have just read your message. I will go to the immigration woman by
tomorrow to ask her to give me the information and the means the money
will be sent to her. You know I have no identification here and as
such I cannot receive the money by myself. I will reach you again by
tomorrow after hearing from the woman with the details.
Till tomorrow. Many Kisses to you.


Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:48 pm

My Luv,

Good morning.Thank you for your understanding. I have gone to the
Immigration woman and she gave be the below name and address for you
to send the money to through either Western Union or RIA money
transfer only. Don't send through Moneygram please as she told me


First name: PETERS
Surname: MICHAEL
City: Lagos
Country: Nigeria
Address: Lagos-Nigeria

Once you send the money, then you will send me the Sender's name, the
Sender's address, the MTCN, these are the info needed to pick up the
money here or you can scan the payment slip and send to me as

Anyway, it is God's doing for us to found ourselves online, i know
that our meeting is
purely divine intervention, so my dear, i beg of you, please do not
ever break my heart because i have already told the woman about you
and i have also informed her confidently that you are sending money,
so do not disappoint me.

I will be waiting for your message.
Thanks very much for supporting me. I will not disappoint you.
Do have a lovely day,


Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:09 am

My Luv,

Sorry for my delay in reply. I went to the Immigration woman to ask
her to give me bank account to receive the money as you said. You know
I do not have any identity here to open a bank account or receive
money. So she gave me the below bank account details:


My Luv, once you send the money, send me the transfer slip as
attachment so that I can send it to the woman to pick up the money to
immediately commence work on the passport.

Thank you so much for your support by accepting to love me and
assisting me come out of this country. I surely will reward you back
with love, happiness and my inheritance from my late father.

I am waiting for your response tomorrow with the transfer slip

Many kisses and caresses from me

Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:20 am

Ok my Luv, am waiting for the payment teller. Have a nice day. With much Love


Thu Jan 17, 2019 11:19 pm

My dear, I got your message. Why did the transfer to the bank account
failed? What did they say the fault is? Because I need to tell the
woman the reason for the failure before she can help me look for
another bank account or another means. Please reply to me today so i
can go to meet the woman. I am waiting.

My Luv,

I have not had your reply to my today's first message. Any way, I went
to the woman and told her about the failure with the bank account she
gave me to give to you. She now said that if you can send through
Walmart to Walmart in the USA there, that she can give me a name to
give you. Please let me know as soon as you read this message so that
I can let her know. Am waiting. Thank my Luv,
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