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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:07 pm

Hello my most fragile and beloved !!! How are you doing, how
is your work, my love? I really missed you, my joy !!! I immediately
felt better from the fact that you did not forget me and that you
really love me, my dear. After reading each of your letters, my
treasure, I will more and more recognize you, and from this my love
for you becomes stronger and stronger. I know that I found the person
I had dreamed of all my life — it’s you, my !
I feel very bad and very sad that you are not there, my love. And only
your letters comfort and reassure me, give me strength to go to work,
my joy. My love, I really want to come to you. True, I am very ashamed
to ask you for money, but I have no one to ask for help. This is our
common destiny, a common meeting and we should help each other for the
sake of a common future! I really want to see you and I want this to
happen as soon as possible dear, because I LOVE YOU!!!!
unfortunately I do not have a personal bank account. In Russia,
only rich people and public servants (police, doctors, teacher) have a
bank account. My friend is a teacher and she has her bank account.
I can write you her data, if you poison it will be a convenient option.
My dear, in my bank, where I pay utilities and government services,
there is a WorldRemit and MoneyGram money transfer department. The
bank told me that it is very fast and very reliable. My tiger, I
forgot to write you that after you send money, you will need to write
me a letter. When you send money, you will be given a secret code that
consists of numbers. When I receive the money, I will need this secret
code. And you have to write me your full name, surname and address,
then I can get money from you, my love. After this, our meeting will
be practically over! ;) We will be able to celebrate Christmas
together! How I want these happy moments to come soon! I believe that
all this will become a reality thanks to your help my tiger.
My angel, in order for you to send me money, you need my data to send money:

Name: Alina Vladimirovna
Surname: Tanaevskaya
country: Russia
City: Syzran
street: Gagarina 49 / 102

Honey, forgive me for creating so many problems with money for you,
I just really want to feel your strong and strong embrace. Thank you,
my dear, that you help us to meet. I love you very much, my !!!
I finish my letter, my love and I look forward to your letter my
love!!!! Write me soon, my joy, I am very worried.
Love youuuuu and kissssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

With love your Alina.


Mon Dec 17, 2018 11:04 pm

Hello my angel !!! How are you? I'm so happy you wrote to me. Forgive
me for not answering you. I did not have access to the Internet. How
are you doing my love? What did you do and how was your day off? I
hope you had a good mood and had a good time! ))))
I had a good day today. I got rid of work early today and decided to
write you an answer. I thought a lot about you and about our meeting.
How I dream to come to you at this time of Christmas. You say you have
good weather. It is very good. I have never seen how people live in
another country. And I want to see the world so much. See the sights
and how people live in another country. Because reading books,
watching TV about your country is one thing. And if you yourself are
present in this country and look from nutria, then I think that these
are different feelings! ))))
But my biggest desire is to come to you. Be near you, in your strong
and strong arms !!! I am very glad that this will happen soon! I thank
the fate that I found you! I love you and I dream that our meeting
will take place soon!
Thank you my dear, that you help me. I thank you so much for this.
You are a very kind and strong man. I'll never let you go. You are
only mine! I love you my love! It is a shame in front of you that I am
writing you problems with my arrival. But besides you there is no one
to help me and I have no one. You are my only man! I trust you very
much and I am very used to it. I do not know what will happen to me if
you leave me alone.
I wrote to you that I do not have a personal bank account,
that is why I am writing to you the bank data of my girlfriend. Ok?

Beneficiary: PLESHKOVA M.
Bank name: VTB 24 (PJSC)
account number (IBAN): RU 4081784002642400XXXX
Bank address: 35, Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow

My tiger, I really hope that you can send money in the coming days so
that I can be with you on Christmas.
Darling, now I will finish my letter and hope you will answer me soon!
I am waiting for a wonderful letter from you!!! Kisssssssssssss!!!!! ;)
Your princess Alina!!!


Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:08 am

Hello my dear, my beloved, my only ! How are you? Do you love
me as much as I love you !!!! Every minute of my life I think of you,
I remember you, I dream of you and I pray to God that he would bring
us together, that he would help us to see faster !!! Now I want to
live, love and be loved! Yes, I know that we need to know each other
more. But I want to say that people can write different things and be
very kind. People can get to know each other better when they live
together. Go through the difficulties! In this, people are known in
difficulties. I'm right? This is the most good and wise life
experience. So say everyone! )))
Thanks for your help my tiger. I really believe that you will be able
to transfer money today and I will rather begin to prepare documents.
;) my tiger, do not forget to send a copy of the receipt of sending
money. ok? It is necessary to track the flow of your money. I dream
that I will have time to come to you before Christmas. ;)
My days are beautiful, always a good mood, knowing that you love me,
that I have a loved one. but there is only one reason for which my
mood is deteriorating, this is what we are still not together! But
thanks to you, I can soon be with you. ;)
Dear , can you imagine what happened to me today? I did not
know what to do! Today I come home and see water on the floor! I do
not know what happened. I thought that I did not turn off the water in
the shower. But when I went inside the house, I saw that my
refrigerator broke down and water began to flow. I cleaned for a long
time and I had to clean out of turn! I was so bad, my food went bad.
Then I invited the repairman. He lured me some details. Now my
refrigerator is working properly! As I am glad that everything turned
out. And I did not have to pay the money, because I had a guarantee on
the refrigerator! ))))) You imagine? )))))) And how are your days? Are
you sick without me? I don’t even know what to do, I try to make my
days pass away from you faster, so that the day when we see each other
would become closer. Write to me, I love you very much and I will look
forward to your reply.

Your love Alina!




Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:01 am

Hello my sweet! How glad I am to read your letter. It is very strange
that the payment failed. I do not understand why this is so. I am
writing to you other data, maybe you can send money to this bank
Beneficiary Bank: PJSC VTB BANK, MOSCOW.
Beneficiary: TRUKHINA T.
account(IBAN): 4081784023442400XXXX

What can I tell you about this day. My day passes normally. I go to
work and do my business. But I feel that with every day my affairs are
getting better! And in this, I help you and your kind words. Your
letter is the light in my day and the beginning of my relationship.
I am glad to read your letter and lift my spirits. Thank you!
It's over, I miss you very much and at night I look at the sky and
think what you are doing at this time. I so want to be near you, to
cook you food, to bring order to the house. I am sure that this time
will fly quickly and soon we will be together and we will create new
realities. My angel, because when people see each other for the first
time, it is a different relationship and feeling. Yes, we know each
other for a long time and a lot, but I think we need time to get used
to our habits, relationships, words and speech. I think the most
difficult thing is getting used to our conversation. And I want to
tell you not to laugh when I speak English to you. I have a big
accent! )))))))))
But creating new feelings every day, making gifts, going for a walk
together, eating these are the most important things, where people
recognize the partner very well. I think that when I will be with you
we will be one strong family. We will build relationships, love and
surprise each other every day. How I dream that I should have a
meeting soon! I want to know a lot about you! )))))))
Now I will finish my letter and will wait for an answer from you. I
hope that our meeting will take place soon and I thank you very much
for your help! I love you!!!

Your princess Alina!

Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:51 pm

Hi my love. I am very happy that you wrote me the answer. But today is
December 20, and I'm still waiting for your promises. I love people
who make their promises on time. I expected you to send money. But
apparently, the sanctions of Western countries and the differences of
our authorities with the international system are to blame for all
this. if now we don’t succeed, then we’ll have to look for an
alternative way to get your money. You may have to use MoneyGram or
WorldRemit. I am very afraid that we will spend a lot of time each
time figuring out how to send money to a bank account.
To prepare the documents until December 27, I have 6 days left.
To come to you I must now prepare the documents. Every day we lose
precious time. I want to celebrate New Year with you. I love you my tiger.
Now I look forward to today's letter and I hope you can send money.
I do not know what will happen to me if you write another story and
refuse to help me. My heart is breaking. Today you have a chance to
prove your love and ward off bad thoughts.
Now I finish my letter and I will wait for an answer from you. I love
you and hope you can send money today.

Your Alina.



Sat Dec 22, 2018 8:38 pm

Hi my love. You did not write me the most crucial moment. If this was
a game for you, then you act in a foul manner. If you decide to run
away, find the courage to write the truth. I will not be offended and
hold a grudge against you.
Your Alina.

Mon Dec 24, 2018 8:58 pm

Hello my dear. How are you? Why you dont write me? Are you okay? I
want to wish you a Merry Christmas. Wish happiness and give your love
to others! You will be happy and joyful in this life. Go forward.
I will wait for an answer from you. I am your girl and nothing has changed our life!

Your Alina.

Tue Jan 08, 2019 9:44 pm

Hi my love. How are you? why did you stop answering me and writing
letters? What does this mean? Today is Christmas in Russia! I wish you
happiness and love on this bright holiday. I look forward to your reply!

Your Alina.
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