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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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scammers abusing stolen photos of Carl B.

Sat May 26, 2012 5:10 pm


the man in the picture is CARL B. from modelmayhem

on hover spot:

Male, 47 Years Old
From Los Angeles, CA

Am Seeking For A Serious Relationship

I am a young and mature Man. My friends and colleagues say that I am reliable, communicative and responsible. I am always in a good mood. I have got a good sense of humor. I never argue. I always try to see only positive sides in each event. I am a family-oriented Man.


Hello Angel...How are you doing?I'm new on here and to the entire online dating stuff.. I glanced through your profile and i think we have somethings common. if you wouldn't mind, kindly get back to me at.....t=a=y=e=.=d=a=v=i=e=s= AT y=a==h=o=o= dot c=o=m...I will tell you more about me when i hear from you there
Here again taye.davies at ya hoo .com
email me to i will surely reply..


Sat May 26, 2012 5:14 pm

Received: from [] canada **
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 17:10:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: Taye Davies <>

Hello,Thanks for your message am really Happy to hear back from you again...I live in California,LA...I am 46years old....I am Divorced......,I suffered heartbreak from my ex, I didn't know she was sleeping with my best friend ,in fact , she run away with my best friend to Africa , since about 5 yrs ago and ever since I decided not to go into a relationship. Now I feel I should try to meet that special someone out there who could really be the one for me which is why I am on this site but this time I am trying to be very careful. I got only 1 child....I am an Artworks Dealer and am self employed,I am very easy going,communicative,easy going,outspoken,I am also a very Romantic type,love to cuddle,hold hands while walking,I'm trustworthy so far as people tell me may be I'm just laid back,lol...I also tend to have a good heart with so much of love to give and to receive.I am the only child of my late parents..I lost them in a car accident when i was 20years... I love watching Movies,Television,listening to Music,Reading,Writing poems,Swimming and playing Basketball.Now I guess a question will come on your mind (Why is he still Single) isn't it....., I seek for a complete honest woman,who will come home to me,love me,adore me,a strong woman with a strong heart who will want our relationship to last forever,a compassionate woman,one with good heart and know how to handle matters,I want a lover not a fighter,lol...Hmmmm I guess enough is being said about me.Why don't you tell me more about yourself..


**this email address appears also in other baiting site and the ip is from nigeria.
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