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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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David Chao - aka Harold

Sat Nov 09, 2019 3:52 pm

Submitted On: 2019-11-03
What site/app did you first meet the scammer on?: paktor/whatsapp
What phone number(s) did the scammer use?: +444718342535
Briefly explain what happened during the scam. :
David Chao has transformed to 'Harold' at whatsapp
He said that he is the boss of a civil engineering company.
He said he is 38 years old, unmarried
He chats from Monday to Friday, but will often disappear on Saturdays and Sundays.




David cheung - Coffee Meets Bagel

Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:18 am

What site/app did you first meet the scammer on?: Coffee Meets Bagel
What phone number(s) did the scammer use?: ‪+447405029260 Number billable as mobile
Country or destination United Kingdom
City or exchange location
Original network provider Lycamobile UK Limted

Profile used: David; 39 years old; Architect; Manchester College
Briefly explain what happened during the scam. :
He first asked me for a wechat number at CMB, but I don't have. Instead, he messaged me from Whatsapp.

The key core of his messages:
My name is David cheung, I I was born in XXX but I grew up in Uk, am single work as an architect in my own company.
I live alone here in Uk but my mom lives in XXX. I lost my dad few years ago I do come to see my mom three times in a year because she’s living with an house help and she’s is suffering from leukemia.
I would love to relocate back to XXX but I want to meet a serious woman so I can start a new life with her.

My purpose for contacting you is to see if we can have the opportunity of becoming friends that can grow to maybe the stage of a relationship which can end up in marriage, i Amnot a flirt or into games, i was raised decently by my parents

I usually wake up at 6am, I live the house by 7am to get to the construction site. This is because I am currently supervising a construction project. Normal days when I am working on just designs I can work from home. I am self employed, I registered a construction firm, but I do not have fixed staff only contract staff when I have to handle construction projects. I make use of sub contractors and other artisans.

We didn't chat very often because he claimed to be busy because of the nature of his work. I googled around and found the above similar scams so I believe that he is a scam.





Re: Mason Chao - instagram

Wed Jan 15, 2020 4:04 pm


You are correct he is a scammer, abusing stolen photos. Stop! all contact with him. Do not reply to any of his messages.
Do you have an email address for him?

Please follow the following topic to protect yourself: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=26504

Valentine's Day is coming up, and scammers will be pushing harder to press victims for cash. Please read this topic too:

David cheung - Coffee Meets Bagel

Tue Mar 10, 2020 7:09 pm

Seems he has added a new profile details that he's staying in Phoenix, Arizona based on CMB. But later told me he recently moved to Scotsdale.
Found him in CMB too.
His story is that he just took over his late dad's company as Cheung Constructions. The only son of the family.
Studied Masters and degree in Imperial College, UK.
His office address stated at 3133 W Frye Rd, Chandler.
Dad passed away from illness and mum is in Hong Kong being ill from cancer.

Told me that he will be going on a project meeting in Oban Scotland to build a dam.
I managed to talk to him on the phone eventhough i insisted to see him on video conference. It's sure sign that he's fake when he made excuses avoiding the video conference. His voice sounded unintelligent.

He linked with me in LINE. I played along for a while asking for photos and checked the timing of his daily life (drive to work etc) and flight to Oban. It was timed perfectly that something you think that he's telling the truth. It was impressive how far scammers can go.

If video conferencing is not possible, ask for photos tactfully to see he is faking it. But i am impressed the amount of photos he has from that owner.






Re: Mason Chao - instagram

Tue Mar 10, 2020 7:43 pm

Thank you for the update, my_kimstatic.

Most of the scammers store entire portfolios with pictures of the same person ready to be used if needed. Helps if that real owner of the pictures is posting his pictures on an online profile where he has a lot of followers.

Can you please add here the email address he was using with you and also some of the messages he went, where he introduced himself? Be sure you remove your own name (if mentioned) before posting.

He will use the same copy-pasted messages with others as well and some of the potential victims might find those messages posted here before believing his fake stores.

Re: Mason Chao - instagram

Tue Mar 10, 2020 8:14 pm

Hi firefly,
I have been searching the owner of the pictures actually but even with google's image reverse can't find it.
We met in the coffee and bagel app. Unfortunately i deleted his chat and reported in coffee and bagel few days ago. I made a mistake giving him my id in LINE instead of asking it from him first. In LINE, i can't get his id or phone number. Only his name in the profile as David cheung.
Only after a few days, I realised he was faking himself so I just bait him for more almost 2 weeks being needy and requested as many photos and his activities of the day as possible.

Here are some of his quotes that i manage to collect in our conversations in LINE.

"Well, for me, I tend to trust and believe ppl for who they say they're, sometimes I don't have the time and energy for that, not until now."

"But I will advice we keep this conversation between the both of us, I don't well with friends"

"Well i think the life is in stages. And things happen at some time in our life and it seems all hope is lost. But we have to stay woke and fight for what is right and the person we truly want to be. I just want to leave my life and be happy"

"Cheung constructions is still young. We're growing and will grow bigger than Y2K engineering"

"I always wanted to be an architect. But my parents didn't agree and I needed up going for what they needed. My dad owe a company cheung constructions and his plan was for me to continue from where he stopped. I love my parents but they made some drastic decisions against my will. Maybe they know best at then."

Mason Cheung - instagram

Sat Jun 20, 2020 4:24 am

I've received a message yesterday on instagram and it was from a guy named Mason Cheung. I'm really not comfortable with his account cause it's too fancy, I've tried to search his photo on Google and cant find any match. And as I passed by this page I saw the conversations are similar and the way his bio has been described just some alterations maybe in some facts but it's almost the same. I wanted to get more photos to see if he can cope up with his acts.

Mason Cheung - instagram

Sat Jun 20, 2020 4:38 am

Mason Cheung ig: _chia12

Mason Cheung - instagram

Sat Jun 20, 2020 11:51 am

8ricka, Thanks for the added information. The one you are talking to is a scammer, so read this and follow the instructions. Do not play with him by continuing to talk. viewtopic.php?f=20&t=26504

WhatsApp +447541257785

Re: Mason Cheung - instagram

Sat Jun 20, 2020 1:40 pm

Just want everyone to be aware of this. Here are some of his message

I am from Singapore born and raised in London

I am currently in Manchester, I have not been to Singapore for a long time, I only visited with my parents as a kid

I am an independent contractor I execute contract for oil exploration

I was searching for an old friend when I saw your profile sorry I messaged you

Do you have other app like WhatsApp

I am not married I am single how about you

i execute contracts for oil exploration, sure i love my work because it makes me to travel

i am the only child of my parents, unfortunately my father is dead my mother is in a nursing home in Manchester because she is sick

i want to be able to have a good relationship with you, we can share both our happiness and sad moments

currently i am still on holidays but i am pursuing a contract, i am hopeful it will be approved, as soon as it is approved i will resume immediately i want you to wish me luck and pray also for me

sure, i really want to have a serious relationship with you if you will allow me

And so on.. it's just yesterday we started to exchange messages but I got a hunch in the first place a d tried to see if he's real.

Thanks to this forum it helped a lot..





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