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This section deals specifically with online romance scams.
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Sat Sep 17, 2016 11:06 pm

split from viewtopic.php?f=6&t=50138 where the fake site used in scam is reported.

Fake profile used on Facebook:

Henry Clement - active since April 23
Lives in Manchester, United Kingdom
From Manchester, United Kingdom

Stolen picture used:

henry.jpg (6.48 KiB) Viewed 1264 times

The picture used is reported online for being used in romance scams since 2013 with the email address

Sat Sep 17, 2016 11:37 pm

Stolen pictures from the same gallery are used with another fake site reported in the same topic mentioned above - viewtopic.php?f=6&t=50138, LIGHT WORLD EXPRESS COURIER SERVICE.

Scammer details;

Henry Lewis
15 King Richard St Coventry CV2 4FU, UK.

Fake profile used on Facebook:

Henry Lewis - profile registered 17 hours ago
Studied at Univercity of Oxford,London,United Kingdom
Went to Oxford High School
Lives in Manchester, United Kingdom
From London, United Kingdom

Stolen picture used:



Thu Sep 22, 2016 4:27 pm

The same email address is used online with another set of stolen pictures - see viewtopic.php?f=11&t=51147.

Mon Sep 26, 2016 3:46 pm

Posted on the behalf of the victim:

Henry Clement demand money because of penalty and insurance for the hidden money in gift pack
He told me His gift is hold on in Malaysia
I asked about the place where is his gift phone number and address
He sent phone number +60165037342
He told me to call in person and ask its address

Henry Clement's mobile number : +447724387996

I received text messages from 006 6016 5037342

First message : Good day Madam this is from gworldexpress post malaysia ur packge is on hold here by our authorities u r advice to make sum payment of $1.500 charges pls check ur Email track then get back to us thks

Email address the scammer used:

Second message : Madam will have receivd your payment today by 3pm tomorrow we'll deliver your parcel to your address. thanks

Third message : Madam on the process of releasing your parcel to you as will told you the Authorities of inland Revenue said that you have to pay the sum of $15.500 and Vat so check your email and get back to us

Re: - Henry Clement

Mon Sep 26, 2016 4:25 pm

Friend of a victim online complaint - ... -and-money (excerpts):

She met a man named Henry Clement. Off of Facebook. He befriended her and offered her a job first looking for homes saying that you to buy homes in the town that she lives in so she said all I got a job and as a friend on Facebook alright I know this person was a recommendation from somebody else so that she started looking around next thing you know he started going out on a romantic all even though my best friend is married he started saying things about helping her family giving her family lots of money and stuff like that she's started feeling like maybe this guy really care. Obviously he does not and that was the skin okay so we found a way to get to her and then he started feeling well I sent you a package the package is in Malia ( Malaysia) got all your information stuff and she said she told him don't send me anything I don't want anything from you I don't know you I'm married and he said he's too late is too late it's already on its way I need your information because I spent all my all the stuff in a jewelry iPad money he didn't tell her Money at first when he told her earlier so she got panicky and she sent over all the information her birth records or passport drivers License ID the whole shebang little bit you know that they were getting information so they could run the scam on her. Then a few days later a company called euro British global courier service based out of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia said they received the package in customs took it. When they scanned it through the scanner they found money in the package so they said that it was against the law of course it's against the law and my friend does not did not know that there was money she didn't even know about the what was in the package they emailed her a true blue looking contract and they have a website the whole works they have it all set up for it to look it up OK and they said this is your tracking number this is where its at but... The customer says you need to pay so much such and such amount of money and you need to pay it now they said this is how you do it and she started panicking because they told her that she could get in trouble the police international police to custom the whole world of course they're going to work on things like that especially when you're not even you don't understand what's going on in OK. So of course she started panicking animals (asked) a lot of money she did not have the money she could not tell her husband because her husband would just basically disowned her, we do not want that guy she's happily married okay but now this is the thing that she said they said one of mouth so she sends at him out and they say okay I will give it to customs now the Customs has the package will take the money to the package in the package will be released to an agent and the agent will bring the package to you in the United States. That seems very fishy already. She did not tell me any of this because she was scared and embarrassed okay so finally they started extorting more money from her, he said that he sent his drivers license his credit card in the package so she has to pay for it she he's working on her and she's like okay okay okay well I do hes like here's my friends you can call see if they can help out of course they're all the same group of people it's a big scam she didn't know when she finally told me I'm like oh my god what have you done we have got to find it I investigated and new was a scam my shoulder everything about what was going on she still didn't believe me she wanted to believe this person online did not even know the person never seen his face he said they Skype but she never seen what I look like ok the picture and in the website does not look like him his name is Henry Clement locate on skype it's Henry Clement when I put him in Skype he has over 20 different Skype address On facebook it is Henry Clement 9256 / 52 or Facebook / 9256 what is Henry Clement he says he's from New York City he is not okay I'm telling you its not the same people.I am sorry because I am very angry because she has spent over $15,000 and they still keep harassing her to this day I have reported it to the IC 3 international crime for the FBI that's got a report we're waiting on something we've got so much evidence and they still keep calling me that so many phone numbers I've tracked this guy all over the place. Sometimes they truly think that they are above everybody else and they think they're smarter than everybody else because they can keep harassing and keep forcing the way they do it is they force you to get mad and and and beat on you a little bit then all the sudden a nice and then they beat on you all the text in the emails that my friend has is really bad and it makes me upset that people go through this. I just want to say watch out they're out there international fraud parcel package.
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