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How to Report Stolen Funds Transferred to Binance

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How to Report Stolen Funds Transferred to Binance

Unread postby firefly » Sat Jul 23, 2022 10:17 pm

If you’ve fallen victim to cyber theft, fraud, or scams and your stolen funds have been transferred to a Binance account, please contact Binance Support immediately with the following information:

A detailed description of how and when the event happened;
A list of all the blockchain transactions involved in the process (with clickable links);
A signed NDA or a statement where you’ll agree to abide by non-disclosure standards from Binance.

If there is substantial evidence that suggests the funds were indeed stolen, Binance will temporarily freeze the assets.

During the process, you must provide us with a police report within 24 hours after contacting us. From this point, Binance will work directly with law enforcement officials to handle the stolen funds and work to resolve your case.
Help yourself by helping others - report your scammer here.
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